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Bissell Symphony

Bissell Symphony is specially constructed foot vacuum that allows cleaning superior hard floor in one easy step. According to the company's official website, the product features a steam mop that simplifies the process. But it does not mean that this machine is designed for hard floors only, it can perfectly cope with carpets of any type. The Bissell Symphony is manufactured by Bissell Homecare, Inc., a well-known company based out of Walker, MI. It has been in business for about 140 years and has gained great reputation in the country and abroad. The company holds a C-rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is associated with positive customer reviews but has some complaints, most of which relate to warranty issues, quality of the products, and customer service.

The Bissell Symphony is an all-in-one vacuum that also features a steam mop to keep your floors barefoot clean. It is convenient to use and works fast. The device works using only water to sanitize and clean, which prevents you from using harsh chemicals. If you need to vacuum the carpet, you will simply need to remove the Easy Release Mop Pad Tray. In general, ordering a Bissell Symphony you are supposes to get the following: the hard floor cleaner, two (1 soft, 1 scrubby) Microfiber Mop Pads and a Water cup. You will be provided with three ways of cleaning: high steam, cyclonic vacuum, and low steam. There are also some additional features including a Dry Tank Technology that keeps your dirt retention tank clean and dry, five-way adjustable handle, and Easy Release Mop Pad Tray.

Customer Reviews - Does Bissell Symphony Really Work?

There are numerous user reviews on this vacuum cleaner online. Some of them are negative, but the bigger part of testimonials carry a positive character. Thus, people say that this is a great device not only for hard floors (wood/tile) but also for carpeted surfaces. This machine is able to save a lot of your time which you can spend with your family. The vacuum does a good job of picking up dirt, hair, as well as cleans up the sticky messes on hard floors. The Bissell Symphony makes floors that feel clean and fresh. Any dirt problem will be solved. Some people even report that the system works better than anticipated. It is effective for a dirty tile floor, however, it should be swept first. Then you can attach a special mop to the vacuum to make your floor shining. Bissell Symphony works just super even with bits of cat food stuck to the floor. The steamer is able to heat up really fast. A small amount of water will be enough to clean a medium-sized house. You don't need to refill it constantly like a carpet cleaner.

Bissell Symphony is also suitable for laminated floors, even if they have too much dirt and grime on them. One user reports that he was truly impressed with the power of the vacuum's suction. It managed to pick up 95% of the items on the extremely dirty floor. If you notice that the unit pushes a small pebble around on the floor, pull it backwards, and it will pick up the particles left behind. The steam unit works well too. It can cope with sticky grime in the kitchen. If the grime is stuck to the tile. You can sprayed a little Tilex on the area and let it soak for twenty seconds. Then just run the steam mop over it again. Your floors will be super clean, even laminate floors. From most testimonials, I think that Bissell Symphony is a great investment for you to make. A lot of users say that they have recommended the unit to their friends. I found some complaints on the product, for instance, that the steam unit stopped working after a few months of use. I think that the users used tap water instead of distilled water. This is a mistake. Read the directions on maintenance carefully before starting using the unit. This product is expected to last at least 10 years. It is high time to read the actual reviews of real users of this machine. Here are some of them.

"I have over 2,000 sq ft of a mostly white tile floor in my house. In addition, I have two long-haired cats. So you can imagine how my floors look like after a few days. However, the Bissell Symphony perfectly cleans this dirt. It has just rocked my tile floor! It used to take between four to six hours to vacuum my floor with my previous vacuum cleaner, but Symphony needs less than one and a half hours. It mops and vacuums my floor to a shining clean. I am not scared to clean my floors any more. Before buying this unit, I was thinking about selling my large home and buying a small condo. But now I'm not. I am happy with my new vacuum!"

"Bissell Symphony is the most unbelievable cleaning product I have ever owned. I have spent a lot of money trying other units of the kind. I wish I had one many years ago. If you love barefoot clean floors you must get one too. It is easy to use even for partly disabled people (like my wife). The first time I used it, I was amazed at how fast it was picking up all the dirt and buildup on our tile floors! What I don't like about the product is that I have to wash the mop heads thoroughly to remove the filth from them. The floors look much better after cleaning with this vacuum."

"I have been looking for a worthy vacuum cleaner for a while. I had a Swiffer vacuum but it didn't have a mop. Finally, I found the BissellSymphony online and I love it dearly. It has made the cleaning of my house much faster and more efficient. I read the directions carefully before using it for the first time. Once I got started I was amazed. The unit is lightweight and can vacuum my apartment in just twenty minutes. It is so convenient to use! Now, I mop my tile floors every single day. I also like the quality of this machine."

My Final Summary

I can undoubtedly recommend Bissell Symphony to buying and using. It offers a great number of advantages. This is the only household device that can vacuum and steam mop simultaneously. In addition, it kills harmful bacteria, which can be especially important for people with little children. The company behind the product has been in business for about 140 years, which means that they have enough experience in the field. The company offers a 60-day refund policy and three-year warranty. The vacuum can really boast its supreme performance. The machine is suitable for both hard floors and carpeted floors.

The Bissell Symphony seems to have a positive online reputation. It allows you to clean your floors relatively quickly, at the same time killing harmful bacteria and other contaminants such as salmonella and E. coli. The only disadvantage of the Bissell Symphony is that it should only be used on sealed surfaces. It means that it can be not good for old porous tile surfaces. I found this vacuum cleaner to work well, that is why you should not be afraid of buying this product.

Where To Buy Bissell Symphony In Stores?

The Bissell Symphony is available from the official website, as well as such retail stores as Walmart and HSN. The manufacturer sells it for four payments of $49.95, or one single payment of $199.80, plus shipping. You will also receive free bonuses including Bissel Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner and two Microfiber Mop Pads with Microban antimicrobial protection.