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Cash Call

You have probably seen a late night commercial for Cash Call and, if you are reading this review, you may be considering it as an option for your next personal loan, refinance, mortgage, or small business loan. The company claims to use innovative technologies that help to make the loan process fast and easy. Is getting a loan through this company really simple and worthy? We uncovered a number of facts that will help you make the right decision. Actually, Cash Call is a lender that provides three major products. The first one is Cash Call Mortgage. It specializes in low-interest mortgage loans that have no application fees or deposits. These are associated with streamlined processes and promise to save time and money of their customers. You can take 10, 15, and 30-year fixed rate mortgages, HARP loans, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), and Jumbo loans.

The second service is called Cash Call Consumer. It offers unsecured loans from $2,600 to $25K that can be linked to your checking account within 24 hours. The company also provides Homeowner Consumer Loans which are perfect for homeowners who need larger amounts of money - from $26K to $100K. Finally, Cash Call Micro Business Loans allow you to get from $3,500 to $50K and can be funded even the same day. These are targeted at small proprietorships and companies. If you want to apply for a Cash Call Mortgage loan, you will need to fill in an online form. Their representative will contact you to start the process. When applying for a Business loan or Cash Call Consumer, you may receive instant approval. Consumer loans will require proof of income, statement of an active bank account, and proof that you are more than 21 years old (e.g. state-issued ID or driver's license). For LendVantage and Cash Call Business loans, you will need to have a personal credit rating of 500+ and being in business for more than two months.

Customer Reviews - Does Cash Call Really Work?

In general, Cash Call seems to have a good online customer reputation. The users of the company appreciate its services and wonderful customer service. The representatives of the company are always willing to help, consulting customers in detail over the phone. The staff acts like a support staff. However, there are some complaints concerning high interest rates, long mortgage closing timelines and additional fees. As a matter of fact, this information is not acknowledged. It is important to mention that the company has been the defendant in a few court cases related to high interest rates in 2014. Cash Call was acknowledged to lead a legal loan servicing. The company is not rated with the Better Business Bureau at present. There is a reason for this fact: "This business has no rating because BBB file information is being updated and/or reviewed."

There is a great number of user reviews on the company's services, most of which appear to have a positive character. One customer writes that he desperately needed money and was trying to borrow it from his parents and friends but in vain. Then he tried to get money from a number of loan companies but was also denied. Cash Call washis last chance and he succeeded. The man was glad that the company doesn't analyze why he wanted the money and didn't waste his time. They were fast and efficient in the process of providing money. All the employees were well-educated. They clearly understood the man's needs and worked very professionally. The whole process was not scary at all. On the contrary, it was straightforward and simple. The man recommends making sure that you use the service for a short period of time, because the longer you drag it out, the more money you will need to pay.

Another customer says that after trying many different ways to get money to pay off his debts he finally got approved at Cash Call. He was a bit hesitant to take the loan at first because his credit score was bad. However, that did not stop the man from there and he applied for a loan. The entire process was straightforward and easy. The whole amount of money was in his bank within a short period of time. This was a real relief for him. He is very grateful to Cash Call. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

"I have done a few refinances with different companies, including Heidi Mcgillicuddy and Bart Kolber but still I had some complaints. Then I tried CashCall and realized that this company was the most professional and knowledgeable I have ever dealt with. I was pleased at the ease of the process and how fast the loan closed. My email and phone calls were returned quickly, even into the late evening. The company went above my expectations. I think that the negative reviews about this company were written by fake employees. The staff is outstanding and helpful."

"I called the representatives of Cashcall in the morning and the next day I had my money. Thank you for such a fast reaction. The process was really fast and the staff was very friendly. Their services are definitely worth trying. I couldn't even think that taking care of my daughter's tuition would be so simple. I have a little left to pay off and I will go to visit my daughter who studies in another city at culinary school! I am grateful for positive experience!"

"I had a good experience with Cash Call and its staff. Their representatives have always been kind and attentive to me. I do appreciate it. I had no problems doing the online banking as my representative John was always ready to help me. He explained every step to me. This is my second loan and I am satisfied with both of them. I will definitely tell my friends about this company. Thank you very much."

My Final Summary

Cash Call is the company that deserves your attention if you are looking to take a loan. The company offers mortgages, consumer loans, and business loans. Looking for a short-term lender, try to avoid high interest loans. Cash Call won't subject you to very high fees, unlike some other lenders where fees may reach 30% of your total loan amount. Most customers of this company are satisfied with the amount of interest rates. That is why; don't be afraid of taking out a personal or business loan with this company. And if you do, try to pay it off as quickly as possible. In this way, you will avoid additional fees and penalties.

If you are going to take out a Cash Call mortgage, be aware of the fact that they are mainly targeted toward individuals with good credit. If you have anything lower, you may need to look elsewhere or be subjected to high interest rates. If you want to take a Cash Call Micro Business Loan, remember that your origination fee will be based on your loan amount. Cash Call can boast good online customer reputation, which is why I strongly recommend taking any kind of loan from this company.

Cash Call Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, Cash Call offers a number of different loans, thus, their pricing and rates also vary. Mortgage APRs vary between 2.99% and 4.148%, in addition to a $495 lender fee. Cash Call Consumer APRs can range between 35% and 139% based on the total amount borrowed. Repayment terms are from 47 to 120 months. All Cash Call Consumer loans come with a $75 loan fee. APRs of Homeowner Consumer Loans range between 24% and 44%, and come with 180-month repayment terms. APRs of Cash Call Micro Business Loans depend on your credit rating and range between 24% and 149%. There is also an origination fee between 5% and 10%.