CEP Compression Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

CEP Compression

If you are an athlete, you probably know that cycling running and other endurance sports can be a real stress to your body, and if you are reading this review, you have probably looking for some products that would be able to provide you with a competitive edge and reduce painful sensations. You have come to the right place because CEP Compression garments are able to significantly improve oxygenation to your muscles and your blood circulation to increase your endurance, boost your performance, and reduce your recovery time. Are these claims real or fiction? Let's answer these questions by looking at the data and customer testimonials. All CEP compression products are scientifically tested and Oko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that they can be trusted.

What makes CEP Compression Garments special is a physiologically ideal compression profile and advanced, precisely incorporated stitching. In this way, these items can increase your endurance, improve your athletic performance, and reduce your recovery time. The garments can be worn before, during, or after workouts. According to the manufacturer, their compression sportswear effectively reduces the risk of receiving injuries such as calf cramps, shin splints, pulled muscles, and Achilles issues. At the same time, these garments will quickly wicking away undesired moisture from your skin. Compared to the competition, CEP products are made with the use of two different proprietary technologies to improve comfort and enhance performance. The first one is known as Additus+ System. It combines functionality and compression for different sports activities. Recovering+ System provides the fastest recovery times and the superior comfort.

Customer Reviews - Does CEP Compression Really Work?

The company behind the sportswear, CEP Compression, is based out of Layton, UT. It holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There have been no complaints over the past several years. Medi, CEP's parent company, has been in business for more than 60 years already, which means that they have enough experience to product high-rate products. However, this parent company is located outside the U.S.; thus, it is not listed with the BBB. Generally, CEP compression products appear to feature positive online customer reputation. The clients' reviews can be found not only on the official website of the company but also on a number of other websites on the Internet. During our research, we have encountered few complaints about the company's garments. Some of them cited that they did not last long; that they have an unfashionable loo or that they can become uncomfortable and hot in warmer weather. As a specialist, I think that it depends on various factors. As an athlete you need to have several garments of the same type to change them depending on weather and sort of activity.

Many runners have been using CEP compression socks and calf sleeves for a long period of time and report to be very satisfied with the purchase. If you want to experience the same benefits, you may be interested in testing a pair too. According to the customer reviews, these garments seem to reduce muscle soreness, provide enough support, and improve recovery time. Nowadays, a ton of runners are wearing CEP Calf Compression Sleeves and socks including Chris Solinsky and Paula Radcliffe. It is very easy to wear calf compression sleeves and to use them for a workout, a run, and for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. These prove to be effective even for highly damaging runs like the race. Before buying compression sleeves or socks, though, you will need to provide the company with a measurement of your calf at its widest (in inches). This will allow you to receive the garments customized to your leg size. Many customers report that their initial reaction when they put them on is that they are really tight. You may get the feeling that your lower legs are hugged by the compression sleeves, but usually this is a very pleasant feeling. This will make you feel more aware of your body when you are running. Wearing the calf sleeves most runners feel like they are performing better than usual. This mental feeling is very important for achieving good results. Thus, CEP compression garments can make you feel stronger and faster. Let us take a look at the performance of sportsmen who have tried this sportswear in real life.

"I have a pair of CEP Compression Sleeves and a pair of their socks. I am satisfied with both of these garments. They work fantastically and have even improved my performance significantly. I started running better and my knees and hips haven't had any issues since. My calves don't kill me anymore after each run! I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about buying from this company because it was new to me, but after reading many positive reviews about their compression socks, I decided to give them a try too. I don't regret."

"As a competitive sponsored runner I am often given the opportunity to test different kinds of equipment and sportswear. This time I had to test CEP Compression sleeves. In general, I am a strong believer that compression socks and sleeves play an important role in proper recovery. I virtually valued the sleeves of this company as highly effective. Their quality is superior - very dense materials with amazing craftsmanship. The material holds tight where it is needed and stretches in the necessary places. If you are serious about sports, be sure these sleeves are an absolute must."

"I bought my CEP Compression CEP Men's Running Compression Socks about a month ago and I really like them. Three months ago I was diagnosed with a DVT even though I got into running last year. My leg swelled up after any moderate activity and I felt very uncomfortable. But my new compression socks changed the situation to better. Now I can run up to 12 miles a week again. I like the level of compression; it feels firm and comfortable when running recovery. I do recommend these socks to every runner!"

My Final Summary

As it was already mentioned, compression garments have become very popular over the last several years. Because of this, more and more companied start manufacturing these items each year. Unlike other companies, Medi, CEP's parent company, has been making compression garments for several decades of years, so it can be trusted in terms of professionalism and quality. With this in mind, remember some important details before placing your order. Compression wear improves arterial blood flow as well as increases oxygenation and circulation. It means improved performance.

According to numerous positive reviews from real customers, they are highly pleased with the company's compression wear, its functionality and quality. Many people report experiencing improved performance in running and other sports activities. There are very few customer complaints about CEP compression garments online. Another great advantage is that the company offers a 6-month guarantee on all their products. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can recommend CEP Compression sportswear to buying and using.

CEP Compression Pricing and Rates

As the company offers a wide variety of garments, these may vary in price. For example, you can buy CEP Men's Running Compression Socks for $24.95 - $99.56 depending on the type and sizing. This sportswear can be purchased either through the official website of the company or from a number of reputable retail stores like Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Zappos.com, and more. All CEP compression purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, their products include a 6-month compression guarantee. It means that if they do not provide the necessary level of compression, you can have your garment replace by the company for free.