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Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies Shorts is actually an online store selling different styles and sizes of high-quality clothing; however, it focuses on shorts for both men and women. The company offers a wide variety of products including the following categories: Outerwear and Jackets; Hoodies and Sweatshirts; Shirts and Flannels; Sport Shorts; Casual Shorts; Lounge and Sweatshorts; Swim Trunks. There are also such categories as Limited Availability; Headstrong X Chubbies; Pride Collection and Holiday 2019. To reduce your choice, you can filter all products available on the site by color, size, fabric and inseam. Final Sale allows you to save up to 50%. Buying in bundles can save you 10-20%. The company's name is Chubbies Shorts and its official website Millions of shoppers find Chubbies Shorts to be a very helpful source of apparel. They have shared their reviews on third-party websites to help potential customers understand which options are for them. They seem to be generally satisfied with the brand's true-to-size fit clothing and levels of customer service. Nevertheless, our team has scoured the internet to make a deep research on what exactly can the company bring to your threshold.

In addition to true-to-size fit clothing, you can also shop for swimsuits and beach wear on Chubbies Shorts. If you are interested in Chubbies Shorts clothing, check the list of the clothes offered by the store online. It is great to have access to true-to-size fit clothing at The store may have some exclusive pieces of clothing that are not available even at top fashion stores. To shop at this store you will need to create your own account. You will be able to see the complete list of the products available at the moment. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Chubbies customer support department by calling at their phone number (844) 278-3554 or by sending them an email at There is also a Live Chat that operates on Monday from 9am till 4pm, as well as from Tuesday to Friday from 9am till 5pm. The answers to the most frequent questions can be found in the articles from the company's help center.

Customer Reviews - Does Chubbies Shorts Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Chubbies Shorts found on third-party websites. Most customers are highly pleased with the company's products and the level of service. They also say that the prices on the site are rather reasonable. The shipping is fast and the purchases arrive in a timely manner. Let us take a look at what actual customers are writing about their experience of using the online store. One woman reports that she does most of her shopping for her husband and son at Chubbiest Shorts. The woman's husband likes the range of colors the store offers as well as the patterns of the clothing. But what makes this online store different for her family is that it offers a wide range of clothes for almost any body type. The woman ordered several shirts and two pairs of swimming trunks. The latter are made from a durable material that can last for a few years. It is great, as you don't have to buy new clothes over and over again. The shirts are just amazing and appeal to the woman's son due to the bright colors. He is proud of such nice clothes he has. The quality is very high. Besides, if you have any issues with your purchase, you can always return it or exchange for another product.

Another satisfied customer also had very positive experience with Chubbies Shorts. He likes the clothing he bought at this store a lot. He says the items he ordered have a lot of benefits. They are comfortable, pleasant to the touch and fit him well. They also look good on him. They are modern and stylish, and the man can wear the pieces of clothing for many different occasions. They are also affordable. What the customer likes about the store is that there are often many interesting items on sale. The only wish the customer has is for Chubbies Shorts to offer their pieces of clothing in more different colors. He also would like to have more additional pockets to hold phones. The man says it would be easier to manage the phone with such a perfect improvement. Nevertheless, he says he is a customer of this online store for life. One more male customer is happy that the store offers different types of shorts that can be worn day to day. Unlike the previous reviewer, this guy likes the color choice provided in the selection of shorts. Their shirts go well with all kinds of T-shirts and shirts he prefers to wear and he still receives a great number of compliments from women. He has already bought thirteen shorts from Chubbies Shorts because this is his favorite store selling shorts. He feels comfortable wearing them and he has a pride in what he wears. Other people like what the man wears too. The shorts bought from this store are made from the fabric that is light, soft but at the same time very durable. However, the customer wishes that the stitching would be even more stronger. Then he would be able to wear the same short all his life.

There are many other testimonials from people who have shopped at Chubbies Shorts. Most of them agree that this company has perfect customer service and caring staff. Their products have high quality and look stylish. The store has everything you may need. Usually the shipping is pretty fast, even though sometimes delays may occur. In general, it is a good brand that puts smiles on customers' faces. Some people need their purchases right away, for example, for some special occasions. One woman reports that her experience of online shopping was decent and all of the clothes were of perfect quality. They looked just like on the picture. None of the items come damaged. The customer is sure that Chubbies Shorts is a wonderful brand of clothing. She enjoys every piece of her clothing and she hopes that she will soon order more items. Here are some more customer reviews found online.

"I like Chubbies Shorts and my shopping experience with this store. They offer awesome high-quality clothes and reasonable prices. There is a nice collection of swimwear for all members of the family. I like their patterns and designs. I enjoy navigating their online site too. It is easy to find whatever I am looking for, and there are discounts every day. All this makes this store a great place to shop from the comfort of my home. I would like to have better ways of contacting the company's customer service. The website's set up could have some updating, too."

"I had good experience with Chubbies Shorts. I like their clothes and the brand as a whole. There is a good selection of clothing of diverse styles for any occasion. It is not hard to find the necessary sizes and shipping is always timely. I like the reasonable prices and how their clothes fit. To my mind, the materials of the clothes could be sturdier. Overall they have very good quality. I had no issues with shrinkage. I am satisfied with the customer service and will certainly shop with this store again."

"I like every item I have ordered from Chubbies Shorts. It comes in the right size and well packaged. I like the style of the clothes too. They cut the items to lie on the human body the way they are supposed to. I appreciate that. Their clothes also feel pleasant and look good. I had a positive experience and I plan to shop more from this store in the future."

My Final Summary

Chubbies Shorts seems to be a worthy online store that offers a lot of different kinds of clothes and has good value on their products. The store is pretty large and contains a great selection of clothing to choose from. All categories of items are well organized on the site. The quality of the products is very high. They are made from light yet long-lasting fabric. The online store makes it very convenient for people to shop from the comfort of their house. The store focuses on shorts which are presented in many different styles and designs. The company also has great customer service. If you have any questions or concerns you may just call them and get the answers to all of your questions. The company's reps are all very pleasant and responsive, they are knowledgeable enough to help you in any issue associated with the store and their products. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it and get your money back. Most of the shoppers are pleased with their experience with Chubbies Shorts. The items they have purchased fit them well. They also ship really fast. Since more people like, we can certainly recommend this brand.

Chubbies Shorts Pricing and Rates

The online store offers a wide variety of shorts including casual shorts. These are shorts that can be worn everywhere since they are anti-microbial, water resistant, stretch, quick dry, and wrinkle free. Here are the prices of some models. The Amazing Races 6" cost $59.50. The Open Roads 6" and the Indies 6" have the same price. The Unplugged Shorts are made from rugged two-layer ripstop stretch fabric that is able to reflect moisture at the same time being incredibly lightweight. These shorts are ideal for fishing, camping, lounging or just walking in the town. The majority of models are priced at $59.50, including The Bare Grylls 6", The Greyt Outdoors 6", and The Bluenamis 6". 4" Stretch Originals are Original Elastic Waistband Short made from very comfortable stretch fabric. The following models cost $49.50 each: The Khakinators 4", The Staples 4", The Armadas 4", and The Achilles Teals 4". The Nightcaps 7" (Velour Lounge) are priced at $54.50. You can order The Roswells 7" for $44.50. The Couch Captains 7" cost $34.50. The Finger Foods 7" can be bought for $44.50. There are many ways to save money at For example, you can benefit from Chubbies Shorts coupons for discounts up to 20%. The company offers a money-back guarantee: Chubbies Shorts offers a great money-back guarantee on their products.