Clarisonic Smart Profile Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Clarisonic Smart Profile Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Clarisonic Smart Profile

Clarisonic is a well-known company manufacturing different cleansing devices. It has been on the market for a few years and gained positive reputation among its customers. Despite a great number of available alternatives, there is still a lot of buzz around their original sonic facial cleansing brush. To make this research more objective and deeper our team of specialists has taken their original model for a try. Can those vibrating bristles really make winter-chapped and dry complexions glow? What differentiates this device from other cleansing brushes available on the market? How to make the right choice in order to get clean, radiant skin? To answer these and more questions, we will take a look at their newest model called the Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing Brush, and check how it stacks up against other devices of the kind.

According to Clarisonic, they used the Sonic Cleansing Smart Technology for the creating of the cleanser. Unlike cheaper, spinning alternatives, this is a hand-held device that features an oscillating head producing more than 300 movements per second. It perfectly works to loosen oil and dirt, as well as to remove impurities from your skin pores. The company also promises that the skin-cleansing brushes of the Clarisonic Smart Profile are able to remove oil and dirt six times better than you would do with your hands alone. As a result, you will receive radiant and soft skin. In addition, it is claimed that the removal of airborne pollutants and toxins from your skin acts as a wonderful anti-aging treatment. It also improves the performance of lotions and creams applied topically after the procedure. Let's take a closer look at the features of this powerful device.

Customer Reviews - Does Clarisonic Smart Profile Really Work?

Clarisonic's official website provides a lot of information about the Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush. It is the best of the six models and promises you to enjoy almost intuitive experience. There is a big advantage that the device is compatible with all Clarisonic brush heads from other models. It can be used on body, face, and even feet due to the large set of diverse accessories. It also stands out from the other models with several unique features. This device adjusts automatically as the brush head and handle can work together to provide cleansing duration and a vibration speed based on your use. It is not mentioned on the site how the brush figures out what is better for your skin. It can be assumed that it operates depending on the pressure applied by your hand. The second thing that makes the Clarisonic Smart Profile different from other models is that it offers a boost with a separate "Turbo" button that adds even more power for further customization. In addition, the design has an illuminated icon informing you how much charge the battery has, so you won't face its dying out in the middle of the session. The lighted icons will tell you when it is time to change your brush head. Thus, you will always be informed by the LED panel on the following issues: if Smart Action is engaged, the device's speed, whether it is time to change a brush-head and remaining battery life.

The Clarisonic Smart Profile can boast a great number of customer reviews online. The majority of the testimonials appear to have a positive character, even though they are located not only on the official website of the company. For example, Sephora's site gave the product an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars. The positive reviews make a point of all the bells and whistles provided by the device when compared to the lower-end models of the company. The customers also appreciate the fact that the device can be used in the shower. There are individual reports of more radiant skin, decreased acne, and that it is just fun to use. It was mentioned in one review that, as much as she loved her purchase, water tends to collect in the bottom of the device. There was on complaint about the poor connection with the magnetic charger. But to have a more objective picture of what the device is, let us take a look at the actual users' testimonials.

"I love my Clarisonic Smart Profile brush very much. I am 59 but I still want to look young and beautiful. That is why I purchased this device. With this bush my skin doesn't look dull any more. Now my skin is glowing, there are no more dead skin cells on my face! I benefit from this product a lot even though it works in a very gentle manner. I have sensitive skin but this device works well for it without causing any irritation. I have never had any problems with it. I would recommend this device to all of my friends."

"Clarisonic Smart Profile Smart Profile is the best of the devices I have used for my sin. I have been using it for a few years on a daily basis and I love it much more than the previous models on the company. It offers excellent features and is more effective in cleaning the skin than those I had used before. It cleans the skin perfectly and I feel really great after using it."

"Clarisonic Smart Profile is a powerful brush that brings impressive results. This cleansing brush is heavier than other devices of the kind (one unit weighs about 8 5/8 oz). It is comfortable to hold. There is a plastic cover that protects the brush head when the device is not used. It also has ventilation holes to keep it completely dry. It is very convenient that the controls for the cleansing brush are located on the handle. They are placed in such a way that you will not accidentally turn the brush off when using it. I would recommend it to my friends and relatives."

My Final Summary

Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush is easy to use. As soon as it is switched on, it starts delivering a 30-second pulsing massage. For the next two minutes, you will enjoy an all-over cleanse. Everything ends with another 30-second pulsing massage. It is recommended to start from the forehead when cleaning your face from pore-bound impurities. After 20 seconds switch to your nose and chin and after 20 more seconds decrease the power and clean of each of your cheeks for 10 seconds.

Even though the device has a high price tag, it appears that it is extremely effective, according to numerous positive customer reviewers. The real users seem to be overwhelmingly pleased with their purchases. The brand behind the product is reputable and offers sufficient warranties and high-quality of their products. There are no hidden fees, reports of poor customer service or anything of the kind. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the Clarisonic Smart Profile, I would recommend this device to usage.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Pricing and Rates

Clarisonic Smart Profile's cleansing brush can be bought from the official website for $265. It is also available on a number of online retail stores including Amazon. The customers claim to receive a 2oz. sample of Clarisonic's Refining Skin Polish, one Dynamic Facial Brush Head, a 1oz. sample of Clarisonic's Refreshing Gel, one Turbo Body Brush Head, one pLink Charger, one Drying Stand and one Wall Adapter. There are also additional brush head options for body, feet, sensitive or acne-prone skin. Brush heads should be changed out every 3-4 months. It will cost you from $27 to 35, depending on your selection.