Climb Cart Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Climb Cart

Climb Cart is a folding cart that features six wheels and can be used to climb up stairs comfortably and easily. The bottom base section of the cart can be opened for placing your things and moving on top. According to the manufacturer, it can be easily pulled upstairs or over curbs. Then you can secure it in place where you want. This design reduces the chance of getting a strain while making it safer and faster to transport items like office supplies, garden supplies, or furniture, home decor, and laundry. The six-wheel design allows you to literally climb upstairs with the help of this cart. You can take it anywhere you go due to its portability. You can use it mainly indoors, taking things up and down the stairs. It may come in handy when you are cleaning out your closet or using it around holidays.

Alternatively, the unit is lightweight and sturdy, which means you can take with you when shopping. Bring it whenever you need to move things. It can be kept at the office for transporting files up and down stairs. Another feature of the Climb Cart is that it folds flat easily, so when you are not using it, you can simply fold it up flatly and store it compactly. The wheelbase is still there but the rest of the cart is flat. This unit is claimed to be very strong, so that it can hold up to one hundred pounds. This allows using it for moving lots of heavy things, like office file boxes or holiday decorations from the attic. Before we move to the customer reviews about the product let us take a look at the manufacturer of the Climb Cart. As a matter of fact there is limited information about the company behind the product, so it is difficult to say how reputable it is.

Customer Reviews - Does Climb Cart Really Work?

Climb Cart is a new model of climbing carts that differentiates from the others with its six-wheel design. The latter allows it to traverse stairs and small obstacles with ease. The cart can be used on hard landscapes, uneven terrain, rocky landscapes, and stairs. Thus, there are three wheels on either side which work by rotating and grabbing whenever they come across a stair. As a result, you can pull the cart up with less effort. Physics and gravity are quite helpful, which makes it easier to move things up and down the stairs when compared, for example, to a standard cart. Besides, the compact size of the unit allows you to fold it and store it in a closet or car.

There are not so many customer reviews about the Climb Cart, but many of the available ones carry a negative character. The users report facing some downfalls when using the unit. First, while it does work as claimed by the company (in most cases), it does not replace a heavy-duty dolly. It has weight limit of one hundred pounds, which means that it is more suitable for laundry, smaller home jobs, or groceries. A regular dolly will be a perfect variant for heavier jobs. Second, according to the users, going upstairs with the Climb Cart is much easier than going downstairs. The job is almost impossible if the cart is full and heavy. You might end up bending over the cart in order to hold onto the handle, which increases the potential risk of straining your back. Third, due to the fact that it is a new product, the shipping times are usually longer than older designs available on popular commercial websites with two-day shipping options.

There is a number of complaints from buyers of the cart. They are not satisfied that it only holds 75 pounds. In fact, the company advertises that the Climb Cart could hold 100 pounds, but the customers found that this wasn't true. It appeared that 75 lbs is the maximum weight it can comfortably tow without technological issues. Advertising seems to be too idealized. The company wants to show the best of their product in the advertising stage but some customers found that the cart was not as perfect as claimed in their advertisement. Users found that the cart was not as easy to use as claimed by the manufacturer. Another complaint about the product deals with the handle. One buyer found that 60 lbs were the limit that the dolly could pull. With more weight the handle start bending. They also expressed their concern that the handle felt like it might break under the pressure. In any case, customers should be aware that the handle of the cart may feel less reinforced than expected.

There are some positive points about the Climb Cart too, though. It can be used by the elderly, since it is lightweight and is not suitable for heavy things. It makes lifting and moving items up the stairs easier for someone who is older. The older generation may acquire some more freedom. It is also said to be suitable for people with disabilities, as well as those who have trouble carrying things or walking. This cart can give them a new sense of mobility. The Climb Cart set includes the dolly, a bag to attach to the dolly, and a bungee cord. A deluxe set includes the cart itself, a deluxe waterproof bag, and a bungee cord. You can order a deluxe waterproof bag separately. The majority of customer reviews on third-party websites carry a negative character. Let us take a look at some of them.

"ClimbCart costs a lot of money but it is not worth it. It cannot even support the weight it is claimed to be able to lift. I think it is better to spend a few extra dollars on a better staircase. I regret having wasted my money. I work hard for a living and each dollar is of great value to me. This dishonest company is trying to make money on selling low-quality items."

"I wish I did not buy the Climbcart. In fact, I purchased it for my daughter to simplify her cleaning business a little bit but it was a disaster. The unit kept tilting to one side and all things would spill out. My daughter has tried different items on the cart but it kept tilting to one side even on a flat surface. Fortunately, I managed to return the item, probably because it looked new."

"Don't waste your money on Climb cart! I bought this cart to move 33 lb bags of dog food. The bungee cord is too weak, so that one bag fell off. I tried heavier bungee but this time the cart rack collapsed. Cart wheels get caught on stairs. I spent $49 for a dolly which I was going to use in the house but I am disappointed. Actually, it is a good idea but the cart is built with low-quality enough materials."

My Final Summary

The Climb Cart is associated with a number of concerns. The cart's six-wheel design seems good but it helps to move it only upstairs, not downstairs. The cart itself is somewhat higher off the ground than a normal dolly. It may mean that you will need to apply more effort to lift heavy things and place them onto the dolly. The wheels have a rubber cover, which is good, but the wheels often get caught on stairs. The cart itself is more expensive than the competition and appears to be made of low-quality materials. Most users report that it is not able to carry 100 pounds, as promised by the manufacturer. With all this in mind, I would not recommend buying the Climb Cart. There are many worthier alternatives for you to choose from.

Where To Buy Climb Cart In Stores?

You can buy the product either from the official website or from any of the retail stores. The cost of the Climb Cart on is $39.99. The shipping is free! The price of the unit on retail stores may differ a bit. Nothing is mentioned about money-back guarantee.