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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


ClubWPT is a poker room that requires subscription but has no deposits; all you will need to pay is a fixed subscription fee. It's important to be aware of different membership plans available at present, as well as of different account levels at the club and how to save money buying plans. Basic Membership is the first account status that is given to each account after registration and confirmation. So, all members become basic after signing-up. This status does not give a lot of privileges. It provides access to poker tables and a chance to join "play money" games. This status allows you to make a decision about getting a higher plan, as well as to get familiar with the poker room and to play the games. It is a good plan for a person who has never heard about the Club and wants to learn how to use the room before spending money for VIP upgrade. Basic Membership is free and has no time restrictions. You can retain this status for as long as you wish without any fees. The only drawback about this plan is that it has a lot of restrictions. You can't participate in tournaments with real money prizes. It means that you have no chance to win real money. The players who are here for money may find this plan useless. But if you don't have ambitions and you like playing "Play Chips'D" this plan is for you. In order to take part in serious games and win real money, you will need to upgrade your account to VIP level.

VIP Membership starts at $19.95 per month. It gives you access to all games of WPT Poker Club. This option is the best one for those who wish to win real money prizes. E club spends over $100 000 for their prizes each month. Let's take a look at the most valuable advantages of VIP Membership. You can take part in tourneys with high rewards. There is unlimited access to all tourneys with no need to spend money. All you will need to pay is the subscription fee. Having this account allows you to watch Full Commercial-Free World Poker Tour Season Episodes Online. You get access to special ClubWPT Savers Guide that provides various discounts on different products. This membership allows you to read online version of WPT magazine. You get access to all digital content and you can find different Wallpapers, Ringtones, Avatars and Screensavers, as well as other interesting things. The fee for VIP Membership is paid in the beginning of the period. This is a small sum of money and you don't have to spend any penny ever after. The official website of ClubWPT is It has been online since 2008. The owner of the site is Club Services, Inc. with the location in Irvine, California, USA.

Customer Reviews - Does ClubWPT Really Work?

ClubWPT is available to the USA players from the following states: Arizona, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington DC, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming. The players can benefit from the free basic Membership and a number of bonuses. ClubWPT offers you the chance to win real money from play-money poker games, but it is possible with VIP Membership only. It starts at $19.95 per month. This online poker website operates on a specific model that gives players access to unlimited poker tournaments and the chance to win prizes with no need to buy in every time. You are required to pay a monthly subscription fee. is a unique poker tournament site owned and operated by the World Poker Tour. The site is associated with a reputable brand and is a great destination for poker players. Let's find out how it works. This free-to-play poker website features a unique style of gaming where you need to compete in tournaments with a membership fee. Paying $24.95 per month, you will be able to play poker as much as you wish. You can use points to register for the tournaments. You will earn TPs (tournament points), which can be used to enter special event tournaments. The latter offer prizes that may be worth thousands of dollars. There is a 14-day free trial membership for ClubWPT VIP, but you need to enter your payment information beforehand. It is standard for any type of free trial subscription. Once you sign up, the club will ask for your credit card to join the VIP games. It is up to you to decide to give it or not. Most players find the chance of joining the ClubWPT VIP Program appealing because it costs less than $25 a month. There are not so many free-play poker websites out there that work on this model, so gives you a unique chance to have gaming experience.

ClubWPT is a good gambling start for a beginner, since it features an easy type of online poker model. You can really benefit from their website while paying a set amount of money every month for VIP membership). You don't have to worry about spending any more money and risking your own money on every buy-in. Besides, you get a good chance to earn good prizes. The ClubWPT website is highly praised by its users. Many online poker tournaments are available on the site. We have encountered not so many customer reviews about the club on third-party website, probably because people try to keep in secret their ways of getting money. However, the existing ones are quite positive. The players are satisfied with games and their winnings. They like the idea that they can play at ClubWPT for free, but if you want to win real-money prizes, you will need a VIP subscription. It costs $24.95 per month. ClubWPT is legal in 36 US states. Technically it isn't a gambling website because you pay a flat fee for a monthly subscription. Only after that you can win prizes, which doesn't fall under gambling law. It rather falls under sweepstakes law. Let us take a look at what actual players are saying.

"I am sorry to read all the negative reviews about ClubWPT claiming that it is rigged so you have to buy more "gold" with money. I have played for a month and have not spent a cent. I can say that I was lucky to earn a good sum of money. For this reason, I would recommend other players not to pay attention to negative testimonials, but to take chances to win some money. You can get real benefit from this room."

"ClubWPT is more that just a free online poker website. In comparison to other websites ( where most hands are won by flushes, on ClubWPT the majority of hands are won with high card, one pair, two pair. It often happens that some players have incredible luck. It is up to you to decide whether to use this website or not. For me it is a good way to get some additional money."

"What was important for me when I started playing on ClubWPT was that it was reputable. The first deposit bonus was 5000 Play Chips. The club has many different payment options including Mastercard, Discover, Visa. The site is easy to use on any mobile devices. I felt boring with a Basic Membership, so I switched to the VIP Membership and did not regret. Now I pay a fixed monthly fee and feel happy whenever I win some money."

My Final Summary

ClubWPT seems to be a trustworthy and absolutely legal poker room that has a number of advantages. Its no-download software allows to play poker almost immediately. There are easy billing methods with a checking account or credit cards. The VIP Membership is associated with a fixed monthly fee that is very low when compared to the similar websites. The monthly fee is only $24.95. This reduces any risks from your side. The program perfectly works on any mobile device. YOU MAY BE 100% sure that the company will stop charging you as soon as you cancel. There are some bonuses that can be appealing to many players. There are some drawbacks too. The Basic Membership does not allow the player to win any money. There are no promotions and the ring game traffic can be too low. To have a beneficial gaming experience you will need to subscribe for the VIP Membership. Probably, one of the greatest positive moments about this poker site is that it allows you to earn cash prizes from tournaments with no need to buy in to every event. This is the major selling point that attracts more and more players to ClubWPT with each month. One can play poker directly from a web browser or by downloading the software to any of your iOS or Android devices. Downloading does not take much time. It is easy to navigate and use. Taking into account all of these advantages and disadvantages, I can recommend ClubWPT.

ClubWPT Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, the Basic Membership is absolutely free but it does not allow you to win money. It's more about practice. The price for the VIP Membership starts at $19.95 per month. It gives you full access to all services and games of WPT Poker Club, as well as allows you to win real money prizes. ClubWPT spends more than $100 000 for cash and other prizes monthly. The price for VIP membership is very low and you will not have to pay any more finances while the subscription is active. There is good news that you can save some money while maintaining VIP status. To do this, you will need to buy several months of VIP subscription in advance. In this way, one-month VIP access will cost you $24.95. That's a good price since you get 100% access to all poker room offers. After the first month you will have to pay $24.95 again. Or you can opt for a Quarter subscription by paying $22.95 per month. Purchasing a one-year VIP membership you will pay $19.95 per month. This will allow to save you $60 per year. You can cancel your VIP subscription any time if you wish by calling at the phone: (702) 430-9706, or by sending a message to their e-mail: