Coffee Meets Bagel Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a new dating app that intends to improve the modern search for a special person via using a matching system. It focuses on singles who appreciate romantic messaging. It is not just another dating site, but it is claimed to take a significant position on the market of online dating websites. This one seems to be a love-match website for an individual of any age and gender. Let's take a look at what Coffee Meets Bagel offers and how it differentiates itself from other sites of the kind. The founders of the website claim that the key to their success is winning over female users. It is a well-known fact that female users of traditional dating websites are often bombarded by disgusting messages from strangers. The problem is that in case of a traditional dating site people are treated like pieces of information, new users need to complete quizzes and questionnaires in order to get an opportunity to start looking for potential dates.

Looking for matches is not as difficult as you can imagine. There is a huge database of profiles that can be filtered by such categories as age, gender, marital status, etc. Searching for potential matches is similar to shopping on Amazon. Coffee Meets Bagel really stands out from other websites. Instead of creating requiring quizzes upon signing up, this site is based on three guiding principles. First, your dating life should remain private until you decide to tell others. Second, your friends can be helpful for your dates. Third, meeting good people doesn't have to be complicated or strange. How can these principles be used in the real life? These principles helped the website's creators to make a high-quality dating service for singles. To better understand whether it works and what beneficial features it offers, let's take a look at the reviews left online by real users of the site.

Customer Reviews - Does Coffee Meets Bagel Really Work?

Coffee Meets Bagel was presented to the market by one Shark Tank investor and seems to be liked by many female singles. Many users reported that because you only receive one match a day, you appreciate that match more and consider it more seriously. A lot of members re pleased with the feeling of mutual consent because both people have to "like" each other before starting any relationship. What the clients like most about the website are the people they meet. They are real ones and they are not so jaded like the ones on other sites such as Thus, one woman writes that she feels like the other dating websites are just big hook up sites. Coffee Meets Bagel is not like that at all. These are real people who use the website and their accounts at least once a day. Some reviewers of the app stated that this is a great website for supplemental dating options; one match a day appears to be quite enough to fill their social calendar. However, other users are dissatisfied with the fact that there are not enough people signed up for the site within their area to find interesting matches.

The users of the website mention that it is very easy to use Coffee Meets Bagel. Signing up for the site takes only a minute because, because you are not required to take loathsome personality quizzes. It simply connects to your Facebook profile. So, you don't need to waste your time on describing your match preferences. The connection is secret, which means that no of your friends on Facebook will see that you have joined this dating site. Coffee Meets Bagel works by finding potential matches among your friend connections on Facebook. You won't be offered a person you are already Facebook friends with, but it will be a person with whom you have a mutual connection. The website's system searches for someone you have the most common interests with, someone who shares similar social ties with you. So, it ensures that you will have something to talk about on your dates. Every day, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a single match for you and you have 24 hours to check their profile information and either "like" or "pass" on your match. If you "like" each other, you will be led to a private chat line that expires in a week. This method helps to save female users from an overload of undesired messages. Let's read real users' reviews about the website.

"I just signed up for Coffee Meets Bagel, and I have been very serious about it. Actually I was looking for a long-term serious relationship. I have tried other apps, but I was disappointed with people there. The things are quite different with this website. It is so exciting to meet nice men every day; I am so pleased so far! I am sure I will find someone who really matches me."

"I am completely satisfied with CoffeeMeets Bagel. Every day I am offered a new match and I must admit, each of those men deserves attention. Unfortunately, I was getting "passed" a lot. I am going to continue my search until I find the one. I am really happy I am using this service."

"I found Coffee Meets bagel website after using okc for a few years. What I like about this site the most is the people. There are authentic guys only, no trolling creepy guys. I did not have to answer numerous questions like on Okc. I do recommend this website to all of my friends who are looking for a love of their life."

My Final Summary

Coffee Meets Bagel appears to be a reputable dating website, as, despite its young age, it has gained a great number of users. Google's app store offers more than 500 reviews on the site. The majority of singles using the app are pleased with it so much. Mobile dating is on its rise at present. One needs just one minute to sign up for the site, and then it automatically pulls all of your pics from Facebook. It is very convenient. This is a great app if you are looking for someone special in your area. But, if you wish to meet singles from big cities, this app may not be the right place for you. Besides, their blog has wonderful date stories and ideas to spark your imagination. The service is free, so there are no charges when deactivating your account. But before doing so, think, maybe you are losing your chance to meet your match? I do recommend Coffee Meets Bagel to all singles.

Coffee Meets Bagel Pricing and Rates

If you want to sign up for the website, you will need to download the corresponding app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Their service is free, but premium features can be unlocked with the help of virtual currency in the form of "coffee beans". Each bean equals about two cents. The premium features available on the site include Open Sesame. It costs 95 beans (under 50 cents) and serves to unlock the identity of any mutual friends between your current Bagel and you. If you missed a Bagel, Rematch will provide you with another chance. This feature can be ordered for 295 beans (under $1.50). It also increases your chances of meeting your love by 8 times! Another feature, Mirror Mirror, can be bought for 600 beans (under $3.00). It discloses your ranking and score across the whole website. It is only available after 10 Bagels. You can get these beans in a few ways! You can buy coffee beans in bulk through your membership area. 3,000 coffee beans cost $24.99, 2,000 coffee beans are priced at $23.99, while 100 coffee beans can be bought for $1.99. You can also earn coffee beans by uploading photos (16 coffee beans each), by recommending the site (150 coffee beans for 15 invited friends or 3,000 beans for 30 invites sent), and by filling out your profile (three beans per bit of information, such as height, personality, and interests).