CowBoom Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


CowBoom is an online retailer mainly selling pre-owned and refurbished electronics such as desktop computers, laptops, TV, tablets, audio gear, mobile and gaming devices, etc. The company has a professionally made official website It is based in Richfield, Minnesota, and is owned by big-box retailer Best Buy. CowBoom acts as their outlet for outdated and liquidated electronics such as the iPad 1. The website provides closeout prices on many different products. Initially the retailer entered the market under the name Dealtree, but then it was bought by Best Buy about five years ago. As a subsidiary of Best Buy, the company only sells items supplied from their diverse retail stores around the country, which never left the shelf in the first place or were returned by their owners. It is important to mention that if you need good deals on the greatest and latest gadgets and electronics, CowBoom is not the best option for you, as they specialize in older models.

The retailer offers some of the steepest discounts and lowest prices for their products, so that you are not obliged to continue looking for a better deal. Actually, the company provides up to 75% discounts on some items, for instance, on their Daily Deal products. It is claimed that each of their refurbished or pre-owned item on the website has been intensively screened for quality, and that it performs the original specifications of the manufacturer. Most customers are pleased with their purchases but there have been some complaints of getting damaged products or goods with missing parts, while some products did not match the description provided on the website. Nevertheless, the company has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are 55 complaints, 39 of which reference to service and products. Goods featured on CowBoom's website change every day and include auctions in addition to standard purchase options.

Customer Reviews - Does CowBoom Really Work?

There is a great variety of testimonials let by real customers of CowBoom on different websites. Most of these reviews appear to carry a positive character. People are satisfied with almost everything about this retailer - with the quality of their product, discounted prices and high-rate customer service. Their official website seems very easy-to-use and allows you not only to buy standard goods but also to participate in an auction. However, you can find a few complaints among customer. Thus, some of the clients report receiving damaged items or those with missing parts. A few people mentioned arrival of the products that did not match their description on the website. However, such complaints occur very seldom and the company seems to have an overall high rating among its users online.

One customer writes in his testimonial that he purchased a laptop from CowBoom website. It was a refurbished item but it was fine with the man because he had purchased many other refurbished products before. He bought this laptop at a very discounted price and it was generally in a good condition. It was as advertised on the website. The battery lasted for about an hour. There were no problems with the mouse. The laptop was not too worn. The only problem with the device was that the part of the plastic "grill" circulating air in the case by the fan was broken. This was the reason why the customer emailed the company's customer service. According to the staff, the computer was a gift to the company and it sat more than 15 days. As it was beyond the 15-day return limit, the company would not support it, but in general the representative of the customer service sounded to be very caring and kind. He recommended the man where he could have the computer repaired at a low cost and save money. so, the customer was pleased with the recommendation and the responsiveness of the staff. But let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left online. Here are some of them.

"I bought a pebble watch from the CowBoom website ten days ago and it was in good condition at first. But the next day it started to malfunction and, as it seemed to me, it was not the fault of mine. So, I wrote the customer service and explained the situation. They sent me a prepaid postage that I printed off and sent them back. Three days ago I received a brand new pebble watch! I was very pleased for such an exchange. Be sure that they will provide you with a new product if the one you bought from them doesn't work properly. My new watch is in excellent condition. This is the best company with the great customer service. I will certainly buy from them again."

"Cow Boom sells the items returned to Best Buy at discount pricing. There is nothing bad about this idea, to my mind, because not everyone can afford buying a completely new electronic item. Even though this company is run and maintained by Best Buy, in addition to used products they also offer new ones. Their website is easy-to-use and the customer service works quickly and professionally. Feel free to browse their website for good deals you have been looking for. I have ordered many things from them and I can say those were worthy items. It is so easy to buy what you like. I am satisfied with my "returned" but good products and love them. I have not had any problems with using these items. This website is a great way to save money."

"Cowboom is an awesome retailer that allows me to save my money. I just wanted to give this site a look but I found myself in love with it. I use it almost every week for buying something useful and I highly recommend this site to everyone. I rated it with four stars only because they may not have something for everyone. But this company really has great products. Thanks!"

My Final Summary

All items bought through CowBoom website come with a 15-day money back guarantee. It means that you can return the product you have bought within this period if you are not satisfied with it for any reason. Many of their items include free shipping, except for larger products. If you need to return an item, simply ship it back to the company. Be sure that your refund will be completely processed without any fees. Even though the retailer focuses on refurbished and pre-owned products, the company offers electronics protection plans via a third-party vendor called Consumer Priority Service.

CowBoom offers a great number of advantages. It provides good deals on discontinued and refurbished electronics. The retailer is backed by Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the country. It features a website that is easy to use and includes auctions and standard purchases. All products come with a 15-day money back guarantee. There are no fees for returns. The company provides protection plans via a third-party vendor. The retailer boasts an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. The only disadvantage of the company is that it is associated with mixed online reviews. Some people complain of getting damaged products or those with missing parts. Most customers appear to be pleased with the company, customer service and their website. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend CowBoom.

CowBoom Pricing and Rates

The retailer website is completely free to use. You will only pay money for what you are buying. Take into account that most products come with free shipping and a 15-day money back guarantee.