Daily Harvest Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Daily Harvest

Modern people have little time to research, buy, and prepare healthy foods regularly. If you belong to them, Daily Harvest comes to help. It is a subscription service that provides healthy, pre-portioned food to your threshold on a weekly or monthly basis. We have reviewed the smoothies from this company and were pleasantly surprised. Their smoothies are tasty and healthy. Speaking about preparing these foods, everything is very simple. The smoothies from this company solved almost all of possible healthy food obstacles. If you wish to try those delicious healthy smoothies filled with nutritious components, continue reading this review about Daily Harvest. The food combinations from this company are developed by a chef and a nutritionist. Such famous people as Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow have used the service themselves. Why is it so popular? Probably the reason is that all of us live in a busy world where we find too little time on buying products, measuring them, preparing, and blending together to receive healthy foods. Daily Harvest offers well-balanced foods that come in the frozen form. As a result, you need almost no time on preparing tasty dishes. According to the company, their ingredients are picked at peak maturity, then they are instantly frozen to maintain their freshness and nutritious value. They come to your table without added sugar or preservatives. Believe it or not but frozen foods can be tasty and they include more than just beans. At present, the company delivers to 95% of the USA, but they are not shipping outside the continental states.

Customer Reviews - Does Daily Harvest Really Work?

Before we discuss what actual customers think about their experience of using Daily Harvest, let us find out how the service works. First, you will need to build your box by choosing the combination of superfood eats (overnight oats, smoothies, chia parfaits, sundaes, and soups). You can choose products depending on your likes and dislikes your dietary needs, and benefits of individual foods. Then your order is delivered to you. The pre-portioned cups are expected to arrive at your doorstep within a few days. They are ready to be placed into your freezer or to be prepared by blending together or heating up. You will get the instructions with your order. Just open the lid, pour a definite amount of liquid and soak, blend, or heat. The foods are meant to be dropped into the blender or onto the pan. After blending or heating them, drop them back into the same container. So, you save time not only on cooking but also on cleaning up.

During our research, we have encountered a great number of comments from actual customers of the service. Most of them like it a lot. Thus, one woman writes in her testimonial that Daily Harvest solved several problems for her. She wants to eat healthily and the company's smoothies are a great way to eat both healthy and tasty food. The products are also travel-friendly. The smoothies are already portioned for a single person, so you don't have to follow any specific recipe. This will prevent you from leftovers that are hard to consume later. According to this woman's words, Daily Harvest is a good choice for people who lack the necessary nutritional knowledge to eat correctly. This saves both time and money.

These smoothies are good for active people who go to the gym on a regular basis. If you do it in the mornings before work, you can quickly have a tasty smoothie just before your workout. Or you can take it with you, since it is easy to carry. The cup's lid has an opening for a straw. It is an ideal smoothie as making it won't take more than five minutes. You receive a full cup of vitamins and nutrients for a low price. Thus, one female customer reports that Daily Harvest sent her a box of smoothie every morning. The woman faced 30-second prep time and did not have to clean up any dishes except for the blender. She loved being able to carry her smoothie out the door and drink it either in the gym or on her way to work. Not to throw out many straws, the customer ordered a stainless steel straw to use it with the Daily Harvest smoothies without extra waste. By the way, she used to choose smoothie combinations that were new to her - mixes with unknown ingredients and leafy greens (like Pineapple + Matcha and Apple + Greens). The woman simply put the ingredients into the blender and received a tasty and healthy meal.

Other customers agree that the preparation of the foods could not have been easier. The instructions usually involve the necessity to throw the ingredients into the blender and to add some liquid before blending. It is a good way to improve your diet and enrich it with fresh well-balanced foods. At the same time you don't need to spend a lot of time on researching, grocery shopping, or doing the prep and cleanup. Of course, there is chance that not all of Daily Harvest mixes will appeal to you, but the smoothies are a safe place to start. You can order as many foods as you wish depending on your budget. If you cannot eat them immediately, you can put them into your freezer. Smoothies may become a good alternative to harmful food addicts. Thus, one woman says that she I subscribed to the service to get away from her Starbucks addiction and she succeeded. The service turned out to be very effective at keeping her full. To make her smoothies even tastier, the woman adds vanilla almond milk.

Another woman has just joined the program and says she loves it a lot. The company offers a wide variety of choices, from smoothies to breakfast to harvest bowls to soup and so much more! All of the ingredients are organic. They are easy to store in the freezer, prepare and eat! The woman likes overnight oats and the smoothies. Everything is flavorful but her favorite part of the membership is the awareness that she is getting fresh ingredients every time she makes an order. As you open the cup you see fresh ingredients that you can hardly buy separately from a store. But even if you do, you are bound to have leftover. The woman also loves having everything well-portioned, so nothing goes to waste. What's more all these foods are hand delivered to your door! The delivery service is perfect and the service itself is affordable and quick to make. Here are some more customer reviews available on third-party websites.

"I have been enjoying my Daily Harvest subscription for almost a year already. At present, I have two plans, one weekly and one monthly. This is the fastest way to have a tasty breakfast that is also healthy! I have found that I can stretch one cup of zucchini/yellow squash noodles into two lunches. It is easy to change your box contents and skip deliveries. There is a wide variety of options, so you can choose your favorites. Some people say that DH is too expensive but it does not come with shipping cost. The company ships your foods for free making it a great value!"

"Due to Daily Harvest I can eat healthy food that is plant-based and easy to prepare. When I am busy, I can reach for a smoothie or soup and it makes me feel satisfied for quite a long period of time. I don't feel hunger. My favourite harvest bowl is cauli + pesto and my favourite smoothie is mint + cacao. These dishes are ready in just a few minutes. There is no need to worry about ordering this food every week, instead I just set it and adjust depending on my preferences. I think this is a great investment. I do recommend it to all busy people!"

"I am really impressed with Daily Harvest. I just ordered food from them for the first time and I am truly pleased with the service. I am a mom of two children and I also work, so I don'9;t have much time for cooking. I am always on the go. I was happy to get a tasty smoothie in less than five minutes. It is convenient. By the way, my smoothies arrived on the expected delivery date in a frozen state. They came in the cups from which you can drink your smoothie. Just put in a straw and enjoy your smoothie on the go!"

My Final Summary

With everything we've learnt about Daily Harvest, this service seems to meet the needs of modern people who have a busy lifestyle. The company makes it extremely easy to cook and eat organic foods. This is something that should be appreciated. They offer a wide variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Daily Harvest is suitable for everyone who wants to live a long healthy life. It should be remembered that these meals are vegan. It means they contain no meat! Proteins found in these foods come from plant-based sources, but you can always add your own beef or chicken to your cup. These vegan frozen meals are delivered directly to your door, which is convenient. If you are still thinking whether the service is worth giving a try or not, you should weigh all advantages and disadvantages of Daily Harvest. Hopeful, this review was helpful for you. Personally, I would recommend trying Daily Harvest to all healthy eaters and busy people.

Daily Harvest Pricing and Rates

There are weekly and monthly deliveries. Choosing weekly deliveries, you can get 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups per week. The more you order the lower the price will be per cup. Ordering six cups a week, you'll need to pay $7.99 per cup (about $48 total) and buying twelve cups a week, you'll pay $7.49 per cup (about $90 total). More prices can be seen on the site. You can also choose a monthly option that involves 24 cups per month ($6.99 per cup, $167.76 total). Daily Harvest has rather reasonable prices when compared to the competition. Depending on the number of cups you order, one cup will cost you $6.99 - $7.75. One cup is enough for one or two people (if they are not big eaters).