DampRid Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


DampRid is a moisture absorber that belongs to the line of several moisture absorbent products manufactured by a reputable and well-known company with the same name. The DampRid FG50T is unique among other dehumidifier products with its features. It is non-renewable, non-electric, and non-refillable. You do not need to plug this product in like a thermo-electric, compressor based, or full size desiccant dehumidifier. As it reaches capacity it is thrown away. This product can't be refilled or "renewed" like renewable moisture absorbers. To use it, you will need to remove the tub's plastic lid and put it in the area that you are going to dehumidify. When it reaches capacity and cannot remove moisture from the air any longer you will need to throw it away.

Another product from the company, DampRid Refill Bag, freshens the air and removes excess moisture. It is used to easily refill Moisture Absorbers from DampRid or any other non-electric moisture absorbers. The product comes in the form of crystals responsible for removing excess moisture from the air and musty odors in the house. The product is ideal for bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms, basements, stored boats, storage rooms, RVs, and campers, since it can create optimal humidity levels. The product has a number of advantages. It is easy to pour and the bag has a re-closable pouch. Crystals work by attracting and trapping excess moisture associated with musty odors. The product also helps to prevents moisture damage. DampRid is made in America, which is a positive feature about it. Let us take a closer look at how DampRid works and what actual users of the product think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does DampRid Really Work?

The principle of work of DampRid is quite easy. When all crystals have dissolved in the Refillable Moisture Absorber container, you will need to empty liquid into toilet. Shake the bag while holding it closed. Only then open the bag by tearing or cutting and pour the crystals into the refillable container. There is a great number of customers' testimonials about DampRid on third-party websites online. Most users like the product for its ability to eliminate excess moisture and musty odors. As far as it is known, excessive moisture can damage clothes, furniture, and household things. The crystals can effectively absorb moisture in recreational vehicles, closets, rooms and everywhere else. Damp Rid Refill Bag perfectly works with any brand of non-electric moisture absorber. It features a recloseable pouch that keeps air out keeping the formula fresh longer. This product effectively prevents mildew, mold, and musty odors. Damp Rid Refill Bag is a good option for homes where dehumidifiers and air conditioners are not practical. It can help you to protect plants from damage too. The customers are also pleased with the reasonable price of the product.

One woman reports that she purchased DampRid refill kit for her two-pack containers of the same brand. She bought them on Amazon too. The customer confesses that she originally anticipated that she would need to change out the material every few months, but she was amazed with the fact that she hasn't even had to change it after six months. The original material exceeded her expectations and she uses the stuff to control moisture levels in a freezer based fermentation chamber. Before buying it she was constantly fighting mold problems, moisture buildup, and other issues related to high humidity. After she started to use DampRid she forgot about all those problems. What's more, the woman has got at least six month's use from the original container, so one bag can easily last more than a year, even with near daily use. Another reason why she likes the product is that it is not overpriced. Of course, it costs a bit more than other chemical stuff but you get a bag that hasn't been exposed to the air. The little containers are a good value. The customer recommends this product to everyone who is looking for a way to keep control of the moisture in their house.

Another young lady writes in her testimonial that she lives in a small apartment that does not have a window in the bathroom. The ceiling exhaust fan is not working properly, thus, there is poor ventilation. All this led to high humidity and an unpleasant problem when water condensation accumulated on the ceiling and walls, dripping down and turning brown over time. Whenever the young lady cleaned the bathroom she had to scrub the ceiling and walls. The dried drips were hard to remove, and she was worried about negative impact of mold on her health. She bought DampRid product having some doubts about its effectiveness. She came from the desert and moved to California, so the problem of high humidity was new to her. So, she just poured the white crystals in the plastic container. Water collected in the container, while the brown drips stopped appearing on the walls. The woman could not believe that something cheap managed to solve her big problem. She felt happy. The young lady adds that she has lost track of how often she replaces the crystals. They are really long-lasting. There are no more brown drips on the ceiling and walls of her bathroom any longer. This product does work. Here are some more customer reviews about DampRid online.

"At first, I was skeptical that DampRid would succeed to remove the musty odor from my basement. Everyone who was walking down the stairs could notice that awful smell, but now it is away! I have recently bought this product in a larger bucket and in small 32oz. refillable pails. I have read that the scented version did not appeal to some people, so I also bought the unscented one. I wish the company had a decorative container."

"We bought a rather old house in the Phoenix area and we had some terrible rainstorms in the summer. As a result, an unpleasant damp smell appeared under the counters in the kitchen. I decided to try DampRid and was not mistaken. This product does remove the bad smell and excess of dampness in my kitchen. All I did was just put the granules in. I used the original container and filler. I am a happy house owner now."

"I have been having moisture and humidity issues for over a year now after my air conditioner broke. As I am saving for a new one I am currently using DampRid. This dehumidifier makes a huge difference in my closets and bathroom. It prevents mildew from forming on my walls and ceiling. I recommend DampRid even if you have air conditioning. It really works."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about DampRid, this is a good disposable moisture absorber that has a great number of advantages. The first one is its price. The most obvious advantage of using a disposable moisture absorber is price. It is twenty times cheaper than some top rated compressor based dehumidifiers. The thing for you to remember, though, is that DampRid has a limited capacity, so it is recommended for mild humidity issues in small spaces. If the room you need to dehumidify is large, you may need a full size dehumidifier. The second advantage of this product is its ease of use. It is disposable, so you don't need to worry about inputting any settings or plugging it in. all you will need to do is to remove its plastic lid and place it in the area you need to have dehumidified. When it reaches capacity you will need to toss it in the trash. The fact that DampRid doesn't need to be plugged in makes it versatile. You can use it for a car, office or truck.

This type of moisture absorber is also an effective product, based on the customer reviews available online. The customers claim, that it saves them a ton of money on using a full size compressor based dehumidifier. Before usage, you are advised to follow all the recommendation to use it in the right way and achieve better results. When used correctly, the product eliminates excess moisture and effectively prevents the formation of mildew and mold, as well as unpleasant odors associated with these conditions. DampRid is very easy to refill. You can buy Damp Rid Refill Bag from the manufacturer or retail stores online. If you have any problems with excess moisture in your house, DampRid can be a great option for you to try. Based on our research, we do recommend this product to usage all year round.

DampRid Pricing and Rates

You can purchase the product itself and containers from the official website of the manufacturer, as well as from many different retail stores. The prices may vary from store to store, though. For example, Amazon sells DampRid FG30K Moisture Absorber Refill (42-Ounce) at the price of $3.98 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.