Doc Socks Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Doc Socks

Doc Socks are compression socks that come in one size but fit all sizes and promise to reduce swelling, prevent plantar fasciitis, and relieve pain in those who are often on feet. These socks use seven compression zones in order to keep your foot in the right position and improve blood circulation. According to the official website of the manufacturer, the design of the socks was created by a leading podiatrist. The site provides details on the history of these socks but we will not focus on it in this review. If you are thinking about buying these socks, you probably want to get a better understanding of how they work and whether there is any science behind them. With this information, you will know if these socks are suitable for you or not. In this review, we will address those two areas and we will start with how Doc Socks work.

As it was already mentioned, these socks have seven compression areas, but there are also three levels of compression amid these zones. The manufacturer's website shows all of these seven zones including Upper heel, Back of ankle, Lower heel, Front underfoot, Mid-underfoot, Top of the foot and Front of ankle. All of these areas are highly important for your foot's mobility when you walk, stand up or sit down. Compression in these areas promotes foot health by reducing pain points and increasing blood circulation through additional support. Since Doc Socks have a universal fit, you will not need to worry about selecting the right size. These socks perfectly stretch out to conform to the size and shape of your foot. Further we will find out what science says about compression socks and the technology behind them. We'll stop on real customer reviews and the socks' pricing.

Customer Reviews - Does Doc Socks Really Work?

It is difficult to believe that socks can improve blood circulation and support your feet. No matter how skeptical you may be, science can back up the effectiveness of compression socks. According to numerous studies compression socks do not only promote blood circulation but also relieve aches and reduce swelling. Let's take a look at what happens when you are wearing a pair of compression socks. They can keep your legs from getting achy and tired. They can also reduce swelling in your ankles and feet as well as treat varicose and spider veins. There is evidence that compression socks may stop you from feeling dizzy or light-headed when you stand up. Since the blood keeps circulating, it simply cannot pool in your veins and form a clot.

The advantage of Doc Socks is that they go around your ankle and foot. The company's site presents enough evidence to prove that compression socks can reduce swelling and increase blood flow. These socks can even prevent plantar fasciitis, an unpleasant condition that appears in the area where connective tissue gets close to your heel. According to WebMD, in order to alleviate this condition you need to have more rest and to take a pain medication. Based on this information, compression socks can help to cure plantar fasciitis; but you will also need to have more rest and stick to your doctor's recommendations. To deal with your plantar fascia you may also use heel cups and shoe inserts, as they will keep your foot's arch in a proper shape reducing plantar fascia stress. According to the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, it is a good idea to do different exercises to strengthen your plantar fascia.

Doc Socks have a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites with the average rating of four stars. The majority of users are pleased with their purchase and love their compression socks very much. These socks fit well under another pair of socks. In addition, they provide the right amount of compression. You can stand on your feet for hours without any discomfort or pain. On the contrary, these socks relieve pain and fatigue. One woman reports that she got three pairs of Doc Socks for her husband and her. Her hubby wears one pair, the woman has the other, and their son-in-law uses the third pair. The woman says these socks help a lot even when you are not moving. She has a bad arthritic knee and she puts on a sock even at night. It effectively relieves the pain and the woman can sleep well. Her husband has a bad back and he says that Doc Socks help him. And her son-in-law likes the socks too. He is on his feet all day long. The woman is thinking of buying more of these socks as Christmas gifts for her family. They come in assorted patterns and colors.

Another customer agrees that Doc Socks really work. At first, she was skeptical because she believed that socks were nothing more but socks. But she was interested in the ideology behind these socks and decided to invest her money into one pair to check out whether they differed from traditional socks. The woman was surprised at the effects and soon got another pair. Another wearer says in her testimonial that she was self-confined to bed when she got Doc Socks. She didn't give the socks the credit they deserved. I thought the changes were due to other things that I wanted to do. Now the customer is sure that if it weren't for the socks, she would not have gotten up. Of course, the socks didn't take away her scoliosis, but them enabled her to move around without pain. They didn't treat her fibromyalgia, but they reduced her fatigue. The woman is sure that her new socks have been beneficial for her diabetes because she lost weight with more activity. She does not have high blood pressure any more. Her cholesterol levels have improved. So she stopped taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicine. Here are some more real customers' testimonials found online.

"I suffer from MS and I have had feet issues for two years already. The doctors have prescribed me many different medications, but nothing really worked. This is just a part of the disease I have. Within the last several weeks, the numbness, tingling, and pain have increased. My best friend bought Doc Socks for me and I gave them a try. As soon as I put them on, I felt relief. With my MS, even 10% relief is a real progress for me. Now I can walk more outdoors and sleep better at night. I am so thankful to my best friend and your company!"

"My feet were often cold and painful, so when I saw an ad for Doc Socks I thought I needed to try them. That was a great decision. I have been wearing these socks every day for three months and now I have positive results. I don't suffer from pain anymore. My socks have survived many visits to the washing machine. What I really like about these socks is that they are open toe, which allows me to wear my flip-flops. I also put on a regular sock over the Doc Socks and I always feel comfortable."

"Doc Socks work well for me. I first saw them on Facebook and decided to buy them for myself. They helped me to considerably reduce my hip problems that occur after sitting for a long time. No more numbness or pain! Now I can sit for 45 minutes while driving home and barely feel any pain. It sounds like magic but it is reality. I am going to keep wearing these socks and I plan to buy another pair soon."

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research, research on plantar fasciitis and comparable products available online, we are sure that Doc Socks have more advantages than disadvantages. First, these compression socks are really effective in reducing swelling and promoting blood circulation, which is especially important if you are on your feet all day long. Second, they have high quality and are made of durable materials. The company offers a refund policy, so you can return them in case you are not pleased with your purchase. The shipping cost is about $8 or less, which means there is no risk. There is enough scientific evidence to back up the claim that that compression socks can prevent plantar fasciitis. However, you will also need to choose the right shoes and use shoe inserts. Doc Socks are also associated with a great number of positive customers' testimonials, which indicates that the product does work. The wearers of these socks say they are worth the money they cost. With all these advantages, I would recommend Doc Socks to all people who need pain relief and just feel comfortable doing their daily activities.

Where To Buy Doc Socks In Stores?

These magic socks can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer. At the time of publishing this review, Doc Socks have the following pricing. Two pairs are priced at $52, three pairs can be ordered for $69, five pairs cost $95 and seven pairs are priced at $119. When ordering the product you will be offered an additional 10% off your purchase. There is a note on the site saying that you can return your socks within 30 days if you don't like them. You will need to send the socks with your name, phone number, order number, and address, and an explanation why you are not satisfied with your socks. According to the fine print, your refund won't cover handling and shipping costs. Remember to send your socks in its original packaging and with the instructions that came with your socks. Amazon offers compression socks of other brands at prices ranging from $9.99 to $18.99.