Evapo-Rust Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Evapo-Rust is a rust remover that promises to bring your rusty household items to new life again. It is easy to use so it can be used by almost anyone who needs to restore their rusted auto parts, steel tools, and household items. Evapo-Rust is very safe which makes it suitable for usage on any rusty item including grill grates, cast iron cookware, antiques, knives, and anything metal. It has an environmentally safe, non-toxic, water-based formula that is able to remove rust in a few minutes without any scrubbing. It is also reusable depending on the thickness of the rust but it can perfectly remove heavy rust. Since it is non-corrosive and non-toxic, it is absolutely safe on skin and eyes. The manufacturer of Evapo-Rust claims that the product has no bad odors or fumes, it is non-flammable and can be applied by simply pouring down it in most areas. The product contains no solvents, bases, acids, or other toxic ingredients, which makes it safe on other metals, PVC, plastic, Viton and even paints.

The manufacturer of Evapo-Rust carries the same name as the product itself. The official website is well-made and highly informative. It is claimed that the product has been subjected to extensive research to prove its effectiveness and safety. Evapo-Rust is a water-based rust remover that can do the job in just a few minutes with no need to scrub. The product is available in bottles of 32 oz., 1 Gallon, 3.5 Gallons, and 5 Gallons. One gallon is said to be able to remove up to 268 gr of dry rust, which is almost 1/2 a pound. In order to check whether it is really as effective as claimed by the manufacturer, let us take a look at what actual users of Rust Remover are saying about it online.

Customer Reviews - Does Evapo-Rust Really Work?

There is really numerous customers' testimonials about Evapo-Rust on third-party websites. The majority of users say that it is a truly effective and at the same time safe rust remover. Since it is based on water, it is non-toxic and can be used even by allergic people. It is also easy to use and can be applied by any person who wants to bring to a new condition their rusted things, auto parts, and anything of the kind. This reusable rust remover is available from many different online sellers and can be easily bought. It also has a reasonable price. People who take care of the environment appreciate the fact that this is an eco-friendly product. It is non-corrosive, biodegradable, safe on skin and eyes, it contains no bases, acids, solvents, or VOCs. So, Evapo-Rust can be used without any special equipment or gloves.

We have encountered some polarizing reviews for this stuff. Some people failed to have any positive results when using the product mainly because they used it incorrectly or on wrong surfaces. I think the results may actually vary depending on what you are using Evapo-Rust for. This product is highly effective for removing large amounts of rust from different metal parts and old arcade screws. Most customers are usually impressed with the effects! I will to admit that sometimes you may need to be patient. The product should be left for 2-12 hours on the rusty surface to soak it well. It may take 8-16 hours depending how the layer of rust you need to remove. If possible you can literally drop your rusty stuff into a bowl with this liquid and come back the next day to check the results and clean off the parts.

One woman reports in her review that she removed rust from her rusty screws in the way described higher. After using Evapo-Rust, the screws did not re-rust at all unlike when she just used apple cider vinegar. She also notes that she thoroughly rinsed and dried the screws after the procedure. In her opinion, the major draw of this product is that it is very safe for the human skin and can be easily washed off with some soap and water. Compared to the stuff like naval jelly and CLR, Evapo-Rust is very tame, and even if you get some of this liquid in your eyes you won't have any major issues. The woman is pleased with easy disposal. She recommends the stuff to everyone who needs something that works effectively and safely. But if you need fast results, this product is probably not for you. This product may require you to soak the items for a rather long period of time. It is also advised to follow the directions carefully.

Another customer writes in his testimonial that he usually doesn't do any reviews but Evapo-Rust is surprising and needs attention. The man was restoring a 1940's motorcycle with many old delicate parts that were very rusty. He tried different methods to remove rust - distilled water, vinegar, chemical strippers and sand - but only this product did the trick. Nothing else failed! It is not only safe to use but it is also reusable. The man purchased the gallon and used it multiple times. It still works. The man simply submerged the motorcycle parts and left them for a few hours. An hour later he saw that a lot of rust was gone and after five hours this stuff cleaned up everything he put into it. Evapo-Rust worked on aluminum, steel, and brass parts! All of them look like new now. The man just used a brush and some warm water to clean the parts up afterwards. They were easy to rinse. What is more, this stuff isn't expensive. The customer is happy that his 75-year old carburetor looks like new. The aluminum shines like before!

Another customer notes that before cleaning the part with Evapo-Rust one needs to degrease it first. Then the part can be dunked into the stuff for a day or overnight. After that the item should be thoroughly washed and brushed. Heavy rusted areas may need the same procedure again. Dunking a large part requires a lot of Evapo-Rust, but it is ok since the product is reasonably priced. Besides, it can be reused several times. There is a gel version that is effective too. It does not smell and is absolutely harmless. The customer says he has been using this product to remove rust areas on his car. It usually takes about 12 hours for it to do the job but it won't damage the plastic, paint, or rubber. The product is 100% legit. The man is happy with it. Further, there are some more actual users' testimonials dedicated to Evapo-Rust.

"My 350 ci Ford motor has been left uncovered for two years, so it was covered with rust but Evapo-Rust saved it. I covered it with the gel overnight and was amazed with the result in the morning. The motor and the flywheel looked. I could not believe that this was possible during one night only. I would spend many hours sanding and cleaning it on my own. Evapo-rust did the job in less than 24 hours without sanding and scraping. Besides, the stuff is useful for flowers, believe it or not. If you are using a liquid form, just pour it on the flower lawn after it has lost its ability to do the job and watch your flowers bloom. That's amazing. This is the best product for removing rust."

"I used Evapo-Rust to remove the rust from some antique tools of mine and it did a great job. It perfectly works with iron and steel. All I needed to do is to soak a heavy duty paper towel in the liquid and wrap it around the rusted tool. In fact, I wrapped it in plastic cling wrap to prevent the evaporation of the product. I left it rest for 8-12 hours, removes the wrap and rinse the tool with water. It is important to wipe it dry. If the rust is very deep you may need to use the second treatment. I have gotten some of this stuff on my hands and never had a problem, but still it is better to use gloves and googles."

"I am pleased with the effectiveness of Evapo-Rust for cleaning my tools. I took an small bucket, put some rusted tools into it, poured in the Evapo-Rust to cover the parts, mixed around with my hand and covered the bucket with the lid. I left all this for 12 hours. When I came back I was pleasantly surprised that most of the rust was all gone. I mixed everything around again and left it for another 12 hours. Afterwards, everything was absolutely free from rust. I re-bottled the Evapo-Rust to reuse it again in the future. The tools were easy to wash with water."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about Evapo-Rust, it is a worthy water-based rust remover that has a great number of advantages. It is safe for the human skin and eyes since it does not contain any acids. It is non-toxic and environmentally-safe. Some of the most common uses include cleaning toys, cast iron cookware, antiques, grill grates, tools, clocks, auto parts, sewing machines, and more. The product can remove a thin layer of fresh rust in just a few minutes without sanding or scrubbing, but if the rust is deep and old, it may need more time to do the job. The best way of using the liquid form of the product is to place rusty items into it overnight. The product is absolutely safe and does not require the use of any special equipment such as protective eyewear, gloves, or masks. It will not damage untrusted steel, PVC, plastic, Viton and most paints. Besides, this rust remover is reusable, so you can safe a significant amount of money. According to the manufacturer, one gallon of the product can de-rust up to 300 lbs. of steel. It is important to note that the majority of customers are happy with the product. Taking into account all pros and cons of Evapo-Rust. We would recommend this rust remover to usage.

Evapo-Rust Pricing and Rates

The brand offers a wide variety of products that can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer or from a number of retail stores available online. Here are some of their products sold on Amazon. The Original Super Safe Rust Remover by Evapo-Rust (32 oz) is priced at $7.67 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. Rust-Block by Evapo-Rust for keeping metal rust free (16oz) costs $7.86.

Evapo-Rust Gel that removes rust from most Ssurfaces (128oz) can be bought for $56.00. Evapo-rust 1 Gallon is priced at $24.00. You can order Evapo-Rust (Case of 4-1 Quart Bottles) for $36.62 instead of $38.95.