EveryPlate Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


EveryPlate is a new brand that offers a meal kit service at reasonable prices, so that you can get a wide variety of meals for just $4.99 per serving on a weekly basis. The company will gladly provide you with pre-portioned components that are easy to prepare into filling meals. The official website claims that their goal is to give you access to convenient, high-quality and flavorful dishes without the necessity to become a gourmet chef. The service was founded in 2018 in the USA. Today, they deliver unique meal kits across the continental United States. We talked to the company's representative who told us that the competitive pricing of the service makes each meal up to 30% cheaper than the traditional meal kit. Is this meal kit subscription brand right for you? Is it as budget-friendly as claimed by the company? Let's try to find out answers to these questions and we will start from checking how EveryPlate works.

The official website of the service is streamlined; it offers two meal plans. Each plan includes three meals per week with two or four servings. The meals you have ordered will arrive in an insulated box that includes all the ingredients you need for each meal, except for pantry items like pepper salt. The ingredients are placed into an in-box organizer accompanied with the recipe cards containing step-by-step cooking instructions. You will have your own account, where you can change your subscription details including your delivery day, weekly servings, and address. You may skip weeks without getting charged but remember to make these adjustments up to five days before your scheduled delivery date. EveryPlate claims that their recipes are simple, so you won't need much time to cook them. Nevertheless, you will need to use some basic kitchen tools. According to the site, each dinner is expected to take about 30 minutes to cook. To get the freshest ingredients you are suggested to make every recipe within a week. Remember to store your products in the refrigerator.

Customer Reviews - Does EveryPlate Really Work?

Before we discuss what real customers of the service think about it let us take a look at the meal options available on the official website. At present, EveryPlate offers five meals a week, one of which is a premium meal that costs $3 more per serving. Four other meals are at a standard pricing. We conducted a thorough research and found out that the meals available during the week include the following items: chicken fajitas with savory sour cream, skillet apple pork chops with green beans and sweet potatoes, Swedish piquant meatballs with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots, Dijon-butter steak with green salad and herby potatoes (premium meal), tomato sauce and chicken sausage. As it was already mentioned, you can choose to get two or four servings of 3 meals in a weekly basis. Speaking about their ingredients, it should be noted that the EveryPlate rep we talked to told us that their suppliers may vary by region and week. The company's priority when choosing the ingredients is ensuring that they have high quality. The brand also offers recipes for vegetarians. However, there is no guarantee that they are always available. Remember to cook the means you receive within one week of delivery.

Does EveryPlate really offer low-budget but at the same time high-quality meal kits? To find an answer to this question, we decided to take a look at reviews from customers. These people rank the service with four stars. According to the Facebook page of the company, EveryPlate comments from the customers show that the service is affordable, the food is delicious, and the company is responsible. The staff delivers fresh and high-quality ingredients on a regular and timely manner. A few people mentioned that they would like to have more meal options to choose from each week, but they were ready to sacrifice the variety for the low prices. Vegetarians are happy with the fact that the service offers food for them as well. Many people said that all the meals they had so far were delicious. One single claims that one meal kit can feed him for six days, which is not bad at all for $50 per week. Another customer reported that she was absolutely happy with the service but her only complaint was the lack of choices and variety. According to her words, it would be nice to have lower carb meals. At the same time, she was happy to have so much pork, since she loved meat.

Customer reviews available on Trustpilot told similar things about meal quality and variety. Most people reported that they were satisfied with the size of portions, while some of them said they were too small. However, the subscribers of the company were pleased with the variety of the ingredients for the price. Few individuals four that many recipes contained repetitive components. According to the experience of one reviewer, many of his recipes contained potatoes. He says he likes potatoes but he wanted to see more variety in choices. The man confesses, though, that he has enjoyed all the meals he received. He is planning to order more. There were no incidences when the clients received spoiled products but there were cases when they requested a refund for other reasons. EveryPlate managed to solve the problems quickly in these situations.

One woman reports in her testimonial that she is happy there is no more "what's for dinner" questions in her family. Everything is included in food kits and the recipes are very easy, so you can prepare dinner quickly. The woman also confessed that now her husband and daughter cook for themselves, so she is going to continue with the program. Another subscriber called EveryPlate service excellent because it completely meets the needs of her family. She says that she started using this service recently by opting to do two servings, three meals per week. The cost of all these weakly means is $40 only. The woman says that she chooses from different meals and sometimes even skips the week. She emphasizes that it is important to check the account before 6 p.m. on Friday. The woman feels pleased with the fact that some of the dishes can feed more than two people. The recipes are easy to follow and all you need is some butter and cooking oil. The meals come with all the necessary ingredients, which can be consumed even by children. The customer highly recommends the service for people who are on a budget, have no time for cooking and need easy delicious meals. Here are some more testimonials we managed to find online.

"We have tried Blue Plate and Hello Fresh but when we tried EveryPlate, we were amazed with the ease of preparing meals. The previous two meal kit took too much time to make meals. Besides, the instructions were quite complicated. EveryPlate has become our favorite because their food requires exactly as much time as it is said on the label. Besides, we liked all of their recipes. Prices are also reasonable."

"My husband is very picky and doesn't always eat what is cook for him but since I have been receiving EveryPlate meals he likes everything I have made for him. By the way, due to this great service my son learnt how to cook for himself. I am the happiest mother and wife. Thank you, EveryPlate!"

"EveryPlate is a fantastic meal-delivery service. Every meal we received has been very delicious and enough for my husband. The portions are quite large, so I sometimes share one meal with my husband. The recipes are easy to follow. The meals are fats and the prices are unbeatable. By the way, the vegetables and meat are always fresh."

My Final Summary

From our thorough research, we can say with confidence that EveryPlate is really a budget-friendly meal kit service that takes an important place in the industry. A lot of people are satisfied with it for many reasons such as high quality of the ingredients, low pricing per serving, ease of recipes and fast. In fact, you might pay more money when buying all of these ingredients separately at the grocery store. This makes the EveryPlate meal plan very appealing for those who tend to have groceries spoil before they can eat them and those who live alone. At the same time, these meal kits can be suitable for those who love to cook, experiment with new recipes or look for ways to add variety to their culinary habits. EveryPlate is a good option for people who have no opportunity to go shopping regularly because of their business or physical disabilities. Overall, the customer reviews seem to show that the company delivers on what it promises. Their meal kits have such a high quality that they can be consumed by children as well.

One of the drawbacks of the service is that the company limits its offerings to five meals a week. They focus on recipes with simple ingredients, which can be a disadvantage for some and an advantage for others. Nevertheless, absolutely all customers are happy that the meals take little time to cook. So, if you want to get in and out of the kitchen quickly with no need to think much while preparing a meal, EveryPlate is a perfect solution for you. This service is not only simple to use but you can also pause it whenever you need. This will actually save you money. We would recommend you to stop your search on this meal subscription service. You will not regret.

Where To Buy EveryPlate In Stores?

EveryPlate's pricing is simple: $4.99 per serving, plus $8.99 shipping per box. So, the two-serving box will cost you $38.93 per month, while the four-serving option will cost $68.87. You will also be enrolled in an auto-renewing subscription service and get weekly deliveries. Remember that you can pause your delivery any time through your account. If you want to contact the company to ask your questions, you can do so by calling them at (973) 210-4915 or chat through their website.