EverQuote Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE EverQuote Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


EverQuote is a company that promises to provide you with no-obligation and fast online auto insurance quotes in less than two minutes for free. This allows paying as little as possible. According to the official website, they research a lot of different insurance companies, such as Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, Travelers, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual, as well as match you with prequalified providers depending on your needs, and provide you with competitive rates for comparison. You will have to enter your information, and they will do the rest. In addition, EverQuote offers free Android and iOS applications that claim to assist you to become a better driver and track your trips. Can this company really help you to save time and money? What differentiates EverQuote from other websites of the kind? What factors should be kept in mind? Let's take a deep look at the features of EverQuote to help you make a right decision.

EverQuote offers lead generation service, so its independent agents can help you by providing many quotes through the carriers they represent. It has a great lead generation website that is responsible for gathering a consumer's information and passing it to businesses or individuals that can meet the consumer's needs. This website is especially widely used by the insurance industry, as well as industries like lending and financial services. EverQuote gathers 42 pieces of personal information, including status, driving history, and insurance requirements. It delivers these leads to maximum three agents in your area. Agents can filter the company's leads by risk profiles like homeowner status, insurance status, driver age, accidents, SUI and SR-22, tickets, and credit rating.

Customer Reviews - Does EverQuote Really Work?

As soon as you start driving, the app uses onboard sensors and GPS to track your distance and your driving performance. EverDrive displays all your previous drives and breaks down your driving into a score of 0-100, depending on five components: phone use, harsh acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, and cornering. Based on your driving habits and your score, the company provides personalized tips on improving your driving. You will also have an opportunity to compete with others on the leader boards, earn achievements, and benefit from contests. The EverDrive app will allow you to review your performance and view your past drives.

EverQuote's EverDrive app has more than 130 total reviews with 4-star ratings on Google Play and iTunes. Most users appreciate its ability to improve their driving habits and its ease of use. However, there are some complaints concerning EverDrive's tendency to quickly empty the phone's battery and its accuracy from time to time (tracking activity when not driving). Still, the majority of customer reviews appear to have a positive character. The users like the application very much and claim that it is really efficient. One man writes that he used EverQuote for leads many times. He was completely satisfied with great leads very time. In his first run-around he received 106 leads. According to this customer, these people know their job well. They are very helpful and professional. They care about their customers' needs first of all, then about earning money. They do meet their customers' expectations to the highest standard.

Another client of the company was very thrilled to see innovations offered by young people, so he asked for car insurance quotes. They required some of my information saying that it would be secure. They kept their word and did not share my info with anyone. The man told them his address and everything about his car, as well as the company in which he was insured at that period of time. This is a nice company, to his mind, and this man would certainly recommend them to his family and friends. it would be a wise decision to take a look at the actual reviews of people who have dealt with EverQuote.

"Ever Quote promises to shop all of the companies for reasonable price for auto insurance. It is very beneficial for me because I don't have to go to each company and to enter my information over and over again. This is really true! I am pleased that I cooperate with this company and I would recommend it to my friends."

"I liked my experience of working for Everquote. It is a dream of each employer! They offer efficient management, the decision-making process is efficient and logical. What is prioritized in the company is satisfaction of each customer's needs. I had an ability to track performance, which makes the job really satisfying! The company is expanding quickly, so it can be surprising to see new faces in the office each week."

"I have been working at the company full-time for over a year and I have been very satisfied with EverQuote. The staff is very supportive and fast-paced. Employees interact with each other at all levels and are sincerely interested in assisting fellow and serving the company. Almost everything is data based, so the prioritization of the company is very clear. Everyone has a good sense of direction. I have got many good friends."

My Final Summary

EverQuote is associated with the mostly positive customer feedback, as well as positive reputation with independent agents. The company can boast its main advantage that it has been in business for many years already and has enough experience to provide worthy services. It seems that it is one of the best auto insurance lead generation websites available on the modern market. You should be aware of the fact that you could be contacted by about three agents as soon as you apply for the company's services. This can be annoying a little bit. By the way, those agents may represent many of the same insurance carriers. Most customers don't seem to be unpleasantly surprised by these issues.

If should be remembered that, even though EverQuote promises that you will be "prequalified" after providing your information, this mainly relates to selecting an agent for you. This specialist is looking for drivers. This does not mean that you are approved for auto coverage, or that the agents will improve your current auto insurance program. It should be also kept in mind that independent agents cannot change the rates quoted by their carriers. It means that an auto quote with Allstate (one of the companies advertised by EverQuote) from Agent A will be the same from Agent B. Changing agents will not save you money. Taking into account all pros and cons of this auto insurable company, I do recommend EverQuote.

EverQuote Pricing and Rates

The company offers 100% originally sourced auto insurance leads with the real-time delivery to fit the individual needs of every customer. Prices vary depending on lead type and eligibility for different subsidy programs. You can get exclusive leads and pause leads. There is free training and consultation. The company does not provide pricing details, so you are advised to contact their customer service to get more information on the issue.