Flaviar Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Flaviar Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Flaviar dubs itself as a club for enthusiasts and spirit lovers, but one needs to add that it is a UK-based discovery commerce company that promises to let you discover awesome drinks in the company of your close people. On top of this, the company claims to be altering the way we eat, drink and taste by providing us with some of the best spirits from all over the world at lowered retail prices. This service is specially created for those who are tired of the traditional choices at their local liquor stores and want to expand their knowledge and palate. Flaviar seems to be a solid option addressing these needs. This commerce company promises to increase your knowledge of spirits and to impress your friends. It works by sending you a tasting pack each month. The pack consists of five 45ml bottles of premium spirits manufactured by the best beverage producers in the world, including Tequila, Rum, Whisky, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Grappa, and more. Each spirit is hand-selected by the Tasting Panel of the company and covers a different theme or category. Each pack comes with an accompanying card with the information about the liquors inside, such as brand name and its history, as well as related stories.

According to the official website, the whole process consists of three steps. At first, you will need to subscribe by choosing your subscription and enter your billing and personal information. After that you can enjoy high-quality drinks once per month. It is up to you to organize tasting parties or not but by doing so, you will undoubtedly impress your friends. Organizing your myBAR will allow you to rate and demonstrate the drinks you have tried or you want to taste. Flaviar says that their packs ship every 3rd Monday of the month and arrive at your threshold within 2-7 business days. If you sample liquor you want to buy, you can attend the Flaviar Deals page and buy it directly from there. Discovering new liquors is a nice experience, which is why the company offers a series of 7-day email courses to inform you even more. It is called the School of Spirits. You will get an opportunity to discover new spirits, study tips and tricks on how to do it correctly and even earn a Flaviar certificate.

Customer Reviews - Does Flaviar Really Work?

According to numerous customer reviews, Flaviar seems to be a good option for those who wish to discover new spirits, so the company invites everyone who has expendable income and wants to learn more about liquors from different parts of the world. The majority of the company’s customers agree that they give a wonderful opportunity to try out a lot of different spirits that one might not have access to in other ways. Besides, you are not required to make a big financial commitment and buy big full bottles. It should be remembered that you won't have control over the liquors you get each month, because it is Flaviar personnel who decide what to put into your pack. It appears that they favor whiskies, so if you don't like this type of liquor, you may treat your friends and relatives with it. In addition to whiskies you are expected to receive many other types of spirits. You will definitely like at least some of them. So, if you want to try their tasting packs and get an idea of what premium drinks are, hurry up to subscribe!

The majority of customer reviews about Flaviar appear to be very positive. People highly appreciated the drinks they receive every month and are always looking forward to their next purchases. There are some complaints too, though. The most common one cites lack of customizability and that flavor packs don't contain enough liquor for a few people. However, most customers are pleased with the amount of drinks they receive. Of course, this depends on how much one prefers to drink. This should be taken into consideration too. Remember that you will receive sample bottles, not big and full ones. This will help you to decide whether or not you would like to buy a full-size bottle. The most common compliments referenced high-quality and responsive customer service. The representatives of the company tend to quickly respond to any issues. The customers are pleased with the fact that bottles are always packaged nicely. Each bottle has pour indicators to let you know how much drink you are pouring. Let us take a look at what real customers of the company think about the experience they are having with it.

"Flaviar offers great service and a wide collection of rare whiskeys and other spirits. I highly appreciate this company and their service as I am able to try little-known whiskeys from different countries of the world. I sometimes use tasting packs as gifts for my friends. They are always happy to try some specific drinks. If I really like any drink I order the full bottle. However, their small bottles are enough to enjoy the taste of a liqueur."

"Flaviar is the best company with the best service on earth! I love their taste boxes very much, as they give me an opportunity to get a better idea of what I can buy. Shipping is fast and timely. Each pack contains a detailed explanation of the products inside. This is very helpful to me. They offer so many choices that I cannot find in the local liquor stores. I do recommend this company to my friends."

"I love Flaviar because they send me only good whiskey. My wife likes to try other drinks they offer. I signed up myself and my friend before Christmas last year and both of us received our tasting boxed just for Christmas. This was a lot of fun. We lined all of the bottles up, tasted the drinks and judged them. Then we picked a winner. Of course, it was whiskey. I ordered a full bottle of that whiskey the next time. Thank you for wonderful service!"

My Final Summary

Flaviar is a wonderful company that offers its customers new samples of spirits from all over the world. Most people who subscribed for their service appear to be satisfied both with the products they receive on a monthly basis and with the service. The company's sample boxes can be used as gifts for your relatives and friends because they are already well-packaged. If you really love any of the drinks, you may order a full bottle next time. It is very convenient.

Flaviar has an amazing customer service with kind and professional personnel who is always ready to help you if you face any issues or problems. They will answer all of your questions and resolve any of the difficulties you may face. Each pack comes with the information about the drinks it contains. Taking into account all pros and cons of this service, I highly recommend Flaviar to any whisky connoisseur!

Flaviar Pricing and Rates

The company offers different membership programs. Two-Month Test Flight costs $94.99, while Quarterly Subscription is worth $48.99 per quarter. You can buy Monthly Subscription for $40.99 per month. There are also different email courses of Flaviar School of Spirits which are priced as follows. Spirits Aficionado costs $228.99. Spirits Explorer is worth $97.99. Master of Spirits costs $399.99. Remember that your Flaviar membership will renew automatically, so if you want to stop getting tasting packs, just request cancellation after your last shipment. You can also buy individual Flaviar tasting packs for $41.99-$60.99. You don't need to sign up for a subscription. The company also offers 2, 4, or 6-month gift subscriptions. Cancelling your Flaviar membership within 14 days of signing up will provide you with a full refund.