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Flame Broiler

The Flame Broiler is a chain of quick service restaurants in the United States of America. It was founded in Fullerton, California, in 1995. The claims to be a healthy alternative to many fast food restaurants. Since its establishing, the company has grown to more than 200 locations in seven states. There is an official website through which you can easily order whatever you wish. The menu of the restaurants is very simple and consists mainly of rice bowls. You can choose from steamed white or brown rice. They also offer vegetables (fresh-cut steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrots) and meats that are grilled over a char-broiler and served without skin and bones. There are many Flame Broiler restaurants across the country. Working hours of the restaurant are from Monday to Friday from 10:30 am till 11:00 pm, from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm on Saturday and from 11:00 am and from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm on Sunday. The company's business website is flamebroiler077.com and their phone number is (310) 208-0240. The headquarters are based at 10948 Weyburn Ave; Los Angeles, CA 90024; UCLA, Westwood.

The website offers the following categories of dishes: Bowls, Plates, Mini Bowls, Extras and Sides. Bowls include foods served over rice, with or without steamed vegetables, for instance Chicken Bowl (sauce-basted chicken), Beef Bowl (marinated angus beef), Half & Half Bowl (marinated angus beef and sauce-basted chicken) and Organic Tofu Bowl (vegetarian sauce-basted Organic Tofu). Plates are larger portions served over rice with sliced fresh orange and cabbage salad. These include Chicken-Plate, Half & Half Plate, Beef Plate and Organic Tofu Plate. Mini Bowls are small options served over rice. They are Chicken Mini, Beef Mini, Half & Half Mini and Tofu Mini. Extras are added to your bowl or plate and include chicken, white meat, beef and tofu. Sides are the same foods but they are served on the side. You may also have rice or vegetables on the side. To find out whether actual customers are happy with the menu and service at Flame Broiler, let us take a look at their testimonials online.

Customer Reviews - Does Flame Broiler Really Work?

There is a great number of customers' testimonials about the Flame Broiler available online. The majority of the customers are highly pleased with the quality and taste of food, the level of customer service and prices. They say it is very convenient to order their favorite and healthy food online. It is always fresh and tasty. One woman says she is a constant client of the restaurant and she finds its food to be really delicious. Their "rice bowl" menu is convenient and simple. Her favorite bowl includes a generous quantity of mixed steamed vegetables, flame broiler chicken and beef, as well as rice. The customer prefers brown rice over white rice not only because it is healthier also because it is tastier to her. She also loves to have fresh green onions on top of the dish. For a little extra, she can get white chicken meat. According tot he customer's review, she has been going to the restaurant for many years and the food there is constantly delicious. She adores their spicy sauces that can be added as condiments!

Another client of Flame Broiler says that this restaurant never disappoints her since it has really good and high-quality food, fast service and delivery, low prices. All food is well-balanced because each plate comes with rice, meat, vegetables, and some fruit on the side. It is worth mentioning that their sauce is just magic, it pairs well with the smoky meat. Whenever the woman comes to the restaurant, the line is always not long, and the servers try to put as much food as they can into your plate. On the other hand, one customer claims that there is huge amount of foot traffic at one of the Flame Broiler locations. It seems that food at this place is worth to cost a little more. It is really popular in the country. Despite great number of people, this place serves food pretty quickly, which lets the man stop by at lunch time and go back to work. There is nothing special about the food, but it keeps him full during several hours after lunch and never makes him sick. The customer prefers the Works Bowl because it has a high meat content. This restaurant is for everyone who enjoys a good portion size and doesn't like to have the usual amount of Teriyaki sauce to make a meal cheaper.

One female customer reports that her favorite spot for lunch is the Flame Broiler in Westwood. She is not sure whether the size of the portion is bigger now or whether it is an illusion because they have recently changed their bowl size. In any case, the woman likes the current bowl size and she always feels full after having lunch at the restaurant. It seems as if they have somewhat reduced their prices. They always have a great choice of foods for lunch! The only disadvantage of this place is that it is pretty loud, so it is not very pleasant to eat inside. Nevertheless, for $7 a bowl, this is a great restaurant for an individual who wants to eat somewhat healthy for a small amount of money. It is a great choice to have a bowl with brown rice, vegetables, chicken, beef and some green onions. The customer appreciates the grilled, smoky flavor of meats. She has no complaints about the veggies and rice. Of course, you are not expected to get the foods of high cuisine, but offering a meal for $10 this restaurant deserves all five stars. The service can be slow sometimes, though, but most clients don't mind.

"I have been eating at the Flame Broiler Westwood location for many years and the staff does a great job on their bowls with beef and chicken. I always ask for extra veggies and I am just crazy about their brown rice. I am especially grateful to the Manager/Owner Ms. Claudia Ceja. She is really professional and courteous. I had a not so good experience only once but it had nothing to do with Claudia or food quality. The people were kind to resolve the issue. I am generally happy with this restaurant and I will definitely continue eating there in the future."

"I often eat at Flame Broiler and this restaurant never disappoints me. I like their rice, teriyaki chicken, and vegetables. Last time I was at the Westwood location that shares the space with a donuts shop. The restaurant is very small, though, with just a few tables and chairs outside. I prefer to eat in Westwood where I can sit like a royal. It is a restaurant for people on a budget who like rice and meat. A mini bowl is only $5. I recommend Flame Broiler."

"I am a constant customer are Flame Broiler. Their food is so tasty, the rice is super delicious and I like the customer service too. But in this review I would like to talk about the cashier who was working at Westwood this morning! She was personable and very friendly. I was really surprised at how nice she was. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her name but I hope she will get a pay increase. I would definitely recommend this place for having lunch."

My Final Summary

Flame Broiler is a rice bowl restaurant chain that was founded in 1995, which means it has great experience in cooking nutritious and healthy food. There are locations in some states of the country including California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. Their food is delicious and cheap, which allows anyone to dive at one of these locations. The food is made very quickly and can be ordered for eating either at the restaurant or to be delivered to any desired destination. The delivery time is usually 30-45 minutes. The servers and cashiers are usually kind and attentive. There is one drawback about some of the locations. It is lack of space inside the restaurant, so you are advised to sit down at the table outside. According to the testimonials of actual eaters online, the Flame Broiler chain has a very high customer reputation. The customers are pleased with their food and bowl sizes, customer service and reasonable prices. This is a great place to go for people looking for healthy and cheap lunch. Taking into account all positives and negatives of this restaurant chain, we can recommend Flame Broiler.

Flame Broiler Pricing and Rates

You can order food by calling at the phone number (310) 208-0240 or online from the Flame Broiler business website flamebroiler077.com. You will need to enter your delivery address. Delivery fee is added to your order. The delivery time is usually 35-45 minutes. The menu of the restaurants includes Bowls. Chicken Bowl costs $7.35. Beef Bowl is priced at $7.85. Half & Half Bowl can be ordered for $7.85. Organic Tofu Bowl can be bought for $7.85. they will add some avocado for $1.35. The next category of foods is Plates. Chicken-Plate costs $9.25. Half & Half Plate is priced at $9.85. Beef Plate can be bought for $9.85. Organic Tofu Plate costs $9.85. here are the prices of Mini Bowls. You'll pay $5.50 for Chicken Mini. Beef Mini can be ordered for $5.75. Half & Half Mini costs $5.75. Tofu Mini is priced at $5.75. You may have some Extras. Thus, you can add Extra Chicken to your bowl or plate for $3.50. You can add Extra White Meat, Beef or Tofu for $3.75. There are also Sides in the menu. Side Chicken costs $4.25. You can have Side White Meat, Beef, or Tofu for $4.75. Side Rice or Side Vegetables will cost you $3.50.