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Flex Seal Liquid

Flex Seal Liquid is a kind of rubber that is applied on the surface as a liquid but it becomes solid when it dries. This substance can be used to seal almost everything to keep out sound, water, and other issues. Flex Seal Liquid is often called "liquid rubber in a can" because it starts as a liquid but then dries as a flexible, strong, rubber that seals out air, water, and moisture. Another benefit is that it prevents corrosion and rust, and stops noise and vibration. It is mildew, UV, and chemical resistant that it able to expand and contract, provides great adhesion and fast coverage, and can be painted any color. In this way, you can brush, dip, roll, or pour Flex Seal Liquid in order to coat and seal just about any material and items, including roofs, basements, gutters, tools, chimneys, sporting equipment, and more.

Flex Seal Liquid is food safe and non-hazardous, so you will be able to use it not far from animals and plants. You can use it to seal a pond with fish! This product has its own official website that is informative enough to understand the advantages of Flex Seal Liquid. The company behind the product is reputable and well-known in the country. They offer some other products including Flex Seal and Flex Shot. The company is called Swift Response, LLC and is based out of Weston, FL. There are dozens of positive reviews from consumers who have used their products. There are few complaints related to their business practices. Besides, you can see and hear a number of advertisements on TV and radio about Flex Seal Liquid? Let's find it more about this product.

Customer Reviews - Does Flex Seal Liquid Really Work?

What Is Flex Seal Liquid made from and how does it work. Another name of this substance is "pourable rubber", so you may simply guess what it is made from. There are many similar things used for your home improvement, especially in waterproofing applications and commercial roofing. Although it is more commonly named "rubber", the reality is that there are different kinds of this material. Each of them is formulated for specific purposes; for instance, harder rubber can be used for car tires, softer rubber is used for pencil erasers, etc. These liquid rubber products can be made using EPDM, another type of rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer M-class). A non-liquid form of EPDM rubber can be found at local hardware stores and is used in a number of applications, including insulation, landscaping, and even as liners in fish ponds. Even though Flex Seal Liquid can be classified as food safe by the FDA, but it should not be used for making things that deal with food.

As the manufacturer claims, Flex Seal Liquid is perfect for the following surfaces: glass, concrete, brick, masonry, stucco, wood, plastic, copper, tile, vinyl, fabrics, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic, metal, natural stones, aluminum, EIFS, foam asphalt, TPO, EPDM, PVC, CSPE Hypalon polyurethanes, and more. No matter what surface you are working with, it is recommended to scuff it beforehand using steel wool or sandpaper and then cleaning it of any oil, grease, and dirt. Flex Seal Liquid can be applied using any method - brushing or rolling. You can use sweeping motions to apply a few coats. You can also dipping the object into Flex Seal Liquid to coat the surface completely. Let the excess material to drip back into the can. The object should be hung in a vertical position. You can also pour Flex Liquid Seal onto the surface to fill holes, cracks, and other hard-to-reach areas. This kind of rubber dries within 6-12 hours. It can be reapplied if necessary. Flex Seal Liquid can be stored during 24 months, however, a skin may form on top. This rubber seems to be very useful but let us have a look at real customers reviews. I have to say that most users' testimonials are positive. Here are some of them.

"I purchased Flex Seal Liquid for my son who is satisfied with the application and durability of this substance. He used it instead of Rhino Lining that costs $1000. He covered his entire truck bed with this item. Actually, he used 1 and 3/4 gallons for the job. Now it can handle the hard knocks and looks very attractive, even better than Rhino Lining. I used Flex Seal to deal with the interior of my Honda Accord. Some plastic parts have deteriorated from the heat and sun over time. The plastic was coming off easily, including into my clothes which were spoilt as a result. I taped up the zone around this plastic and applied Flex Seal. The next day I could see the result. Those parts became hard and more attractive. It should be added that the liquid Flex Seal has better quality than the spray. The spray does not apply as evenly as they liquid and is not as durable as the liquid. I like this product and recommend it to everyone."

"I bought FlexSeal Liquid to paint the aluminum floor of a horse trailer. Its surface started pitting up. The first thing I liked about the product is that it was thicker than thought it would be. This rubber covered the floor evenly and created a good seal between aluminum flooring and under the rubber mats. So, I am sure that the floor will be well-protected from possible damage with horse urine. At present, it seems to work well. I am going to buy this liquid again for other issues around my house, farm and garage."

"Flex Seal Liquid really exceeded my expectations. It saved me $1,000.00! I was using it for a week and it seems to work just perfectly. Before using this product, you should read the prep instructions carefully. What I like about this rubber is that it does not need to be painted over. You can get the color you want. For better effect, let it dry for about three days. Do not hesitate to buy it for your house too."

My Final Summary

Flex Seal Liquid is associated with positive customer feedback on different websites. There are many advertisements of the product on TV and the radio. Although the exact formula is kept in secret, it seems to be really effective for almost all surfaces. The biggest difference of Flex Seal Liquid with other options, is its low cost. It costs only $89.99 per gallon, while other products of the kind are much more expensive. So, you can get it any moment for any type of project around your house, garage, car or farm. Flex Seal Liquid is easy to use and to apply. Besides, it dries within a day only and guarantees proper results.

Where To Buy Flex Seal Liquid In Stores?

Flex Seal Liquid comes in black, clear, white, and grey colors. It is priced depending on the size of a gallon. Large (16oz, enough for about 20sqft) costs $19.99, plus $9.95 shipping. Jumbo (32oz, enough for about 40sqft) costs $29.99, plus $9.95 shipping. 1 Gallon (enough for about 150sqft) costs $89.99, plus free shipping. No matter which option you will choose, you will get "free" cans of Flex Seal and Flex Shot for only $9.99 shipping. The company offer a 30-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you may ask for a refund by calling customer service at 844-484-2101.