Good2Go Auto Insurance Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Good2Go Auto Insurance Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go Auto Insurance is a relatively new insurance comparison engine that specializes in minimum coverage car insurance for a reasonable price. It also allows purchasing collision and comprehensive coverage if you wish. The company has been in business for more than 25 years, In order to get a quote through their official website, you will need to enter your vehicle information (model, make, ownership, annual mileage, primary use, etc.), zip code, and primary driver information (DOB, name, marital status, etc.). After that, you will need to fill in the quote, providing your current insurance carrier, desired coverage level, street address, additional vehicle, violations and possible accidents, additional driver information, and more. If you want to leave the website and your quote to come back later, you can then access by entering your quote number, last name, and zip code.

The website seems to be very easy to use. It has a straightforward quoting process. But how much value does this insurance company really provide? Let's try to answer this question by considering the following information. Good2Go Auto Insurance is a company where you can give your information to a licensed agent, and then the agent will shop around in search of the best auto policy to meet your needs. They will find the option at a reasonable price. Usually the whole process is fast and effortless. After that the company earns a commission off the sale of your policy. To better understand how Good2Go Auto Insurance works, it would be a wise idea to take a look at the testimonials left by real clients of the customer.

Customer Reviews - Does Good2Go Auto Insurance Really Work?

Overall, there are many online customer reviews for Good2Go Auto Insurance. Most of them carry a positive character; however, RipoffReport contains one complaint claiming that money was withdrawn from the account of a policyholder after their policy was cancelled. It is important to mention that the company is based out of Atlanta, GA, and holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are twelve closed complaints, most of which reference payment issues and difficulty cancelling policies. The company is powered by EverQuote, one more auto insurance lead generation company. Good2Go Auto Insurance is said to provide their customers with high-rate auto policy. It is necessary to emphasize that the company does business in only fifteen states. The company is covering all of their bases, so you can easily get a new auto quote in one of those states.

There are several similar options to Good2Go Auto Insurance available on the market, for example, the companies called Actually, it appears that has partnered with Good2Go. Such companies as Provide-Savings, Car-Insure,, may not provide convenient quotes as Good2Go Auto Insurance does. The company truly provides their customers with the desired service. A claims representative is available from Monday to Friday from 8a until 7:20p ET. If your claim is located outside of these hours, you will need to leave your information with the automated system and the company's representative will contact you later. Usually customers are satisfied with these business hours. It could be inconvenient for those who has had an accident during the weekend and needs immediate help. It should be remembered that by submitting your information through their official website, you will be bound to an arbitration agreement automatically.

As it was already mentioned, there are numerous customer reviews about Good2Go Auto Insurance. The majority of customers are very pleased with the services offered by the company, as well as by its official website. Thus, one user writes in his review that he has had great service. The man did not have to wait too long for assistance, and the agent, Victor, was professional and attentive. He explained the details thoroughly! The whole process was very speedy. According to his words, everyone should get a quote. The man is grateful for the wonderful work! Another customer also mentions Victor is his review. The client says that although the agent was alone on a busy Friday, he helped him very quickly and even found a multi-car discount decreased his monthly payment by half. But let us take a look at the actual customer reviews online.

"Stopped by Good 2 Go Auto Insurance a few days ago and asked the staff questions about my current policy terms. One of the agents took his time and explained everything from the very beginning to the very end. I am completely satisfied with the changes he made to my policy as well as with his suggestions. In general, the company has a very friendly staff, all of whom are professional and kind. I definitely recommend this company."

"Good2GoAuto Insurance has excellent customer service. It was real pleasure to work with this company. It follows the highest standards in the field. We are especially grateful to Victor Arteaga, an agent who works in their office. He did not only provide us with high quality service, but he also demonstrated his sincere desire to help us. If you need this kind of service, be sure that you will enjoy it with Victor."

"Good2 GoAuto Insurance offered me great customer service. The staff was notable for their professionalism. One of the company's representatives took care of me and my making the process effortless and smooth. It was my first insurance company and I do not regret my choice. Besides, they offer reasonable prices with flexible policies. I liked their friendly and speedy services."

My Final Summary

Good2Go Auto Insurance is a great company that offers you an ability to obtain auto insurance rates through their official website at lower prices. Even though the company's basic services can be seen with other websites, this one has certain benefits over the competition. With Good2Go Auto Insurance you are not going to get a ton of spam and sales calls.

So, if you are looking to get auto insurance rates quickly and easily, I would recommend this company. It offers a straightforward quoting process. Besides, the company is associated with a great number of positive reviews from real customers. Many people are highly pleased with the services of the company and the website itself. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Good2Go Auto Insurance, I would certainly advise using this company's services.

Good2Go Auto Insurance Pricing and Rates

According to Good2Go Auto Insurance, your auto insurance rates are guaranteed for the whole calendar year, and can be paid through three payment plans. The first one is Economy, according to which your first installment is due 20 days later after activation your policy, and your second installment is 17 days after that. The rest of payments will be due every 30 days. You can also pay in advance quarterly or annually. No matter which payment plan you will choose, you will get instant proof of insurance through fax or email. If you want to speak with a company's representative, just call at 855-646-4661.