Gigwalk Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Gigwalk Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Gigwalk is a company that was founded in 2010 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. It offers a mobile app to help the user to complete "gigs" posted by businesses that require specific services. In this way, you can earn money. You may need to take a photo of a product available at a certain store only, or you may be required to attend a local restaurant, have a meal and provide a detailed description of the service, food, etc. The application has been featured on CNET, CNN, and Forbes, and claims to be used by such companies as Red Bull, Ebay, Nokia, Chartis, and others. Gigwalk is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, while online reviews have a mixed character. The most common compliments include good customer service and effectiveness of the app itself in terms of earning money. There are some complaints too, including low payment and failing to get paid. According to the official website of the company, the company was founded to reinvent work in a mobile world. According to statistics, their app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times from the site and has been used to complete more than 1.2 million gigs. The app is available for iOS and Android.

There are two ways to use the services: as a business and as an individual. The latter is also called as a "Gigwalker". It means that you can apply for jobs ("gigs") that need to be done in your area. Any person over 16 years old and based in the U.S. can complete a gig, of course, if their skillset matches the employer's needs. To start using the app as an individual, you will first to download it at first, sign up for an account, and fill out your profile (e.g. date of birth, name, skillset, education level, etc.). Don't forget to enter your PayPal information to be able to accept payment after a gig has been completed. After your account has been set up, you can start searching for gigs. To do this, you will need a Google map of your area with red pins signifying a gig that needs completion. Click on an individual pin to check the gig's details with instructions like, "Verify the parking situation" or "Take a pic of the restaurant's menu". You will also see how much money you can earn by completing the task. If you want, you can also see gigs in list, by-pay, and by-task formats. Continue reading this review for more details.

Customer Reviews - Does Gigwalk Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the application and the company behind it online. The individuals like the fact that the official website of the company describes in detail how to work with the gig. Thus, to start working the gig, for instance, you will first need to be within a definite distance of its location. It means that you cannot apply for gigs in Los Angeles if you live in San Francisco. After you locate a gig from the list view or the map, click on it to see information about what you will need to complete. It is very easy and takes just a few seconds. If you are ready to begin, tap the green "Start Working" button and you will see all of the necessary instructions. Remember that you may need to download third-party apps in order to finish all of the gig's assignments. You can download PhotoSynth, for example. After you have done everything, upload any relevant files and press the "Submit Work" button. After your work is approved, your PayPal account will be credited within a week. The employer may give you "streetcred" which means that you have done a good job. After you gather enough streetcred points, you will be allowed to benefit from higher-paying gigs.

On the other hand, Gigwalk can be used for businesses. If you have your own business, you will simply need to post a gig via the Gigwalk website. A Gigwalker may accept and complete the job within a day or two. The company provides a lot of services to help you automate merchandising of your business and to boost your shelf compliance. For example, their Shelfwatch product will allow you to "track and fix retail execution." Beside the services offered by their app, the company also provides real time data that can be used to gain big insights into the functioning of your business operates, and the ways of improving these processes. According to the business owners who have left their reviews online, the process can be complex. You may need additional information that can be found on the official website of the company. Let us take a look at some of these testimonials.

"I like it Gigwalk despite the fact that not much is offered in my area. But when they are in my area, I always try to use the chance. I have never had any problems or issues with getting paid afterwards. I usually submit a lot of photos and I think this is the main reason why my gigs are never rejected. I would highly recommend this service to all of my friends."

"I have been using gigwalk as a merchandiser and I find it to be a good way to earn extra money when I am in the store. I accept only those gigs that are close to me and fit well my merchandising schedule. Every time I completed the gigs I have been paid for the work. I would definitely recommend this kind of business to everyone who wants to earn more."

"I love Gigwalk a lot. I have been using the app for more than a year already. I check it every day to check whether there is anything nearby. I there is anything suitable, I pick it up and get a few dollars to my budget. It is so easy. I have always been paid for a gig. The only complaint of mine is the lack of high-paying gigs in my area. sometimes I need to go in and alter my skill set to get more gigs."

My Final Summary

According to our research, Gigwalk appears to be a legitimate company that offers a completely legitimate service. Besides, it is a good way to earn some money, even though the payment is not too high. Remember that the amount you will earn depends on a number of factors, including the amount of tasks you complete, whether you are allowed to perform a task, how far you are required to travel, and many others. The majority of gigs range between $5 and $20, even though some are as low as $2.50, while others are as high as $50. If everything goes smoothly, you can earn $50-$60 per day. That's not bad, I must say.

There are numerous positive customer reviews about the service online. What people like most of all is an easy opportunity to earn money. Most customers claim that they have never had problems with getting paid. However, there are some complaints about people experiencing difficulty getting paid. In addition, some people get frustrated when they are kicked off gigs. This may happen when they haven't acquired much streetcred. Gigwalk is definitely not a scam. You will need some knowledge to earn a lot of money. If you are thinking about signing up for Gigwalk, go for it. I would recommend this service.

Gigwalk Pricing and Rates

Individuals can download the Gigwalk app for free, even though they will need to cover PayPal fees after being paid for a gig. When it comes to employers, they will need to pay a 50% fee for every posted gig. It means that posting a $10 gig will cost an additional $5 by Gigwalk.