Green Chef Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Green Chef

Green Chef is one of the low-priced meal-delivery services in the USA. Its meal plans boast containing USDA-certified organic ingredients to maintain a well-balanced diet. Instead of wondering through crowded grocery store aisles after a hard working day, you can go home, where you have everything needed for a fast and healthy dinner. With this service you are promised to be able to prepare a delicious, nutritious dinner in just 30 minutes. Cooking food has never been easier. This meal delivery service is associated with two types of plans: a two-person plan and a family plan. Food recipes cater to certain dietary restrictions, including carnivore, omnivore, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian options. This makes Green Chef one of the most comprehensive meal delivery services available at present. This company offers meal plans including USDA-certified organic ingredients. Subscribing to the paleo or keto meal plans, you may be sure that the ingredients are certified gluten-free.

After setting up an account on the official site of Green Chef, you'll need to pick a delivery day and a plan. Picking a plan is not confusing or difficult, since you just make your choice based on your personal preferences. The company offers five plans, namely Vegetarian, Omnivore, Vegan, Carnivore, Glute n-Free and Paleo. All plans have different price points, so you can choose the one that meets your budget. After you have chosen the plan, say, the Omnivore plan, you can't simply add a Paleo or Vegan meal to your menu. Instead, you will need to switch to that plan. There is lack of flexibility, which can be very frustrating. You can have all three meals of the chosen plan. However, the Omnivore plan does have some low-carb and vegetarian options, even though they are not as many. If you subscribe to the service, you will receive one box with three two-serving meals inside. If you wish to receive more meals you will need to order another box. It means that if you want four or five meals a week you will get six. Since each meal serves two persons you will need to order another box of three meals. It should be remembered that shipping is charged per box. To see if the Green Chef recipes are really as easy, healthy and tasty as they are claimed by the company let us take a look at the details and what actual dieters are saying about the service.

Customer Reviews - Does Green Chef Really Work?

There is a great many of testimonials from true customers of Green Chef. They are mainly positive in character. The customers are satisfied with the meals they receive from the company, as well as with the delivery of the products. The meals can be delivered every day except Sunday; however, the delivery days may vary from one subscriber to another and depend on the subscriber's location. Once you choose your plan, Green Chef will deliver your order. The boxes is expected to arrive any time between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. The contents are promised to be still cold. All meals come with healthy recipes. One positive thing about the service is that it makes cooking a no-brainer. All recipes are designed with healthy nutrition in mind. While other meal delivery services contain cheesy pastas, juicy burgers, sandwiches and casseroles, Green Chef tries to use whole grains, meats, and lots of veggies. If you are on a diet and you want to reduce the consumption of such components as cholesterol, fat, and carbs, you can greatly benefit from Green Chef.

There are numerous recipe options for you to choose from based on your plan. If you opt for the Omnivore plan you will be able to choose from eight recipes, five of which are gluten-free and two are vegetarian. The recipes are actually variations of the a bed of vegetables with protein set on top. The flavors range from Asian (bibimbap or coconut curry) to Middle Eastern (falafel). If you don't like the recipes in your plan, click "View Other Menus" to see other plans. What is bad is that you cannot just choose one meal from any of the plans, you will need to commit one plan for one week and select three meals from it. You can see the photos of each recipe with quick information such as"heart-smart," "gluten-free," or "chef favorite." As you click on the picture, you will see nutrition facts, cook time, and ingredients. To see the entire recipe click "recipe card." You will also be able to even download this recipe and print it out. Each recipe on average takes 30 minutes for cooking, some are faster and others are a bit longer. This is the fact that customers of the service appreciate most of all.

Each Green Chef kit comes with recipe cards with step-by-step photos, so that you can even see how to dice small things or what they should look like in the end. In some recipes you may need to provide certain items from your cookware collection or pantry, which is easy to figure out. You will also see additional nutrition information such as the calorie count. Unlike other meal kit delivery companies, the Green Chef company doesn't have a blog or an app. But you can freely use the informative official website that is easy to use and can be perfectly navigated even on a phone. This company prides itself as an eco-friendly organization. Its packaging does not differ much from the rest companies of the kind. The kits arrive in an easily recyclable cardboard box. Each box is insulated with ClimaCell, a plant-based curbside recyclable material. You can just toss is in a recycle bin as there is no need to drive it to the clothing recycling center. However, it is encased in film plastic, which is recyclable in some areas of the country. The ingredients inside the box are bundled into recyclable paper bags. These bags can be kept in the fridge until it is time to cook. Green Chef packages the meats between large ice packs separately to keep them cold. Inside each paper bag, some ingredients are wrapped in plastic bags. Sauces and condiments are packed in plastic pouches, which is typical of most meal kit companies. These bags are recyclable in many areas. It is high time to read some of the actual customers' testimonials online.

"I am truly satisfied with the Green Chef meals. I always get my orders in a timely manner and everything I prepare based on their recipes is very delicious. One thing I am curious about is why do the menus differentiate a lot between two-person meals and family meals? One of my friends tried my meals and wanted to get more than two servings. Then I made the meal that wasn't an option for him. Nevertheless, thank you for food. I totally recommend Green Chef."

"Love the Green Chef meals very much! They come flavorful, fresh, and innovative! I often get new options, and each recipe is less than thirty minutes to prepare on my own. We never eat the same food every day! Their meals are really tasty; however, we would like to have the portion a bit larger. I like that all of the ingredients are natural and good for the human health. They usually include vegetables and proteins, the most important foods for the human body."

"Green Chef sends me great food on a regular basis and I truly enjoy it every time. The staff of the company are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They have lots of choices, but would like to be able to pick meals from different categories for the same week. They have good price for delicious meals. As I take care of the environment I appreciate the fact that nearly all wastes can be recycled. I suggest, though, to change the frozen bags into water without chemicals. Thank you!"

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is important to admit that Green Chef offers quite beneficial meal delivery service. They use certified organic ingredients sourced from the territory of the USA, so they are 100% healthy to consume. Their recipes contain a lot of vegetables and are low on saturated fat. The company offers several plans for specific diets such as vegetarian and vegan, keto and paleo, omnivore and carnivore. All meals are fast to prepare, cooking usually takes up to thirty minutes. They are also easy to cook by anyone. The cooking process involves minimal preparation. The recipes come with pouches of condiments and sauces, so prep work usually involves slicing or dicing two vegetables. The recipes may require a few pots and pans. Cleaning up won't take much time either. According to the customer feedback available online, most customers are happy to receive Green Chef meals. They never have the same foods every day and enjoy their meals a lot. If you are a busy person, yet you want to eat flavorful, fresh and high quality food, Green Chef may be a great option for you. Based on what we have learned about the service, its advantages and disadvantages, we do recommend Green Chef.

Green Chef Pricing and Rates

Green Chef pricing depends on the type of plan you choose. Vegetarian is $10.49 per meal, Omnivore is $11.99 per meal, Vegan is $11.99 per meal, Carnivore is $13.49 per meal, Gluten-Free is $13.49 per meal, and Paleo is $14.99 per meal. Two-person Vegetarian plan is $62.94, Omnivore is $71.94, Vegan is $71.94, Carnivore is $80.94, Gluten-Free is $80.94, Paleo is $89.94. Family Vegetarian plan is $83.92. Family Omnivore is $95.92, Family Vegan is $95.92, Family Carnivore is $103.92, Family Gluten-Free is $107.92, Family Paleo is $119.92.