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Headway Capital

If you need money to make your business, but you are afraid or tired of working with merchant cash advance providers or banks, there is a way out for you. It is the company called Headway Capital. It offers both lines of credit up to $35K, as well as small business loans, which will allow you to get money whenever you need it. The procedure is very fast and you are expected to receive your money by the next business day. You are free to use your funds for any legitimate business purpose, including payroll, bills, marketing, etc. Unlike other lenders and banks, this company takes a "holistic view" of your business not just your credit score. As a result, they can evaluate your application more correctly. Besides, Headway Capital allows business owners to select from a few flexible repayment options. As soon as you repay the borrowed money, you can draw it again.

According to the official website of the company, Headway Capital offers a simpler and quicker way of receiving money when compared to the competition. Their small loans can help move your business forward faster and more effectively. In this way, you won't feel like your hands are tied when you need money. Taking out loans has never been easier with this company compared to traditional banks, where criteria are very strict, and cash advance lenders with too high interest rates. Let's try to insure whether Headway Capital is really a good place to take out a loan by looking at their rating and customer reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Headway Capital Really Work?

Headway Capital offers a line of credit to the owners or small business. Taking a loan from this company you are enabled to buy new equipment, order more inventory, cover expenses until your receivables are paid, or improve the situation when business is slow. What most clients like about the company is that their line of credit is flexible, which means you can be approved the next working day and draw money immediately. You can also choose to make monthly or weekly repayments based on your budget. The team of specialists at the company is always ready to help you in your financial needs. Headway Capital provides lines of credit to businesses in such states as Arizona, Alabama, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

TrustPilot gave Headway Capital an average rating of 8.7 stars, which is a quite high result. Common compliments revolved around kind customer service personnel, smooth and easy application process, as well as quick funding times. Lendio.com showed that the company had a 5-star reputation at the time of our research. You could find similar compliments on this website. Headway Capital held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There were no closed complaints at the time of this research. Actually, this company is a subsidiary of Enova International, who owns Cash America Inc., a short-term lender. By the way, Headway Capital was founded in 2011, which means that the company has a significant experience in the field already. The clients like this company because its personnel conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner throughout the whole process. They deal with individual information very thoroughly and attentively. It is just impressive how fast they work for their clients to receive money as quickly as possible. It is obvious that the company highly appreciates each client of theirs. Most people who have used their services would recommend them to any small business owners who may need such services. However, it would be a wise decision to take a look at the actual users' testimonials left online. Here are some of them.

"Headway Capital is probably one of the best online lenders that provide the easiest and fastest process of receiving money I have ever had. The entire process was straightforward and smooth, as well as did not take too much time. My information was verified by the company, then they took my banking information and that's all. I have tried many other companies but they could not even complete with Headway Capital. I would like to have a long-lasting relationship with this lender."

"I liked the entire team of Headway Capital, who always were courteous, whenever I spoke to them. I was impressed with their patience when explaining the process to me. I especially liked cooperation with Justin Rothblat who stayed with me through the whole process until I got the funds. The specialist was available on the phone all day long from early morning till late night. He was of great help because I live in California. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an immediate capital for the development of their business or funding any other needs."

"I have cooperated with Headway Capital for quite a long time and I have to say that this company was easy and straight forward to work with. They quickly processed my personal information and funded me. The money was directed to my bank account the next day after application. The personnel is very responsive and attentive. This is an easy company to deal with. My business loan was easier to get than the new lease. This lender performs in a timely manner and is always helpful for my business."

My Final Summary

As a matter of fact, after reviewing many other business lenders, it is fair to say that Headway Capital seems to be fairly upfront about what it promises and what it makes. Their lending criteria are a bit different from those of other companies but the services tend to be much better when compared to other lenders available on the market. With this company you are expected to pay lower rates and fees but receive the funds faster. Headway Capital evaluates your application in a different manner than a bank would. The company needs your bank information and some personal data.

Based on what we do know your personal credit score does not really matter in whether or not you will be approved for a loan from this lender. What they pay attention to is how your business operates at present. As practice shows, even if your business is subjected to some crisis, your loan will most probably be funded in just a few days. So, you will be able to meet the needs of your business and overcome any difficulties. Headway Capital appears to have a positive online customer reputation. People are happy working with them for many reasons. Taking into account all pros and cons of this company, I can recommend them to anyone who wants to raise their business.

Headway Capital Pricing and Rates

The company's lines of credit range from $5K to $35K. There are no details on the types of interest rates; but Headway Capital's payment calculator is based on a monthly interest rate of 5%, which means that an annual percentage rate is 60%. You can choose a repayment schedule for each draw, which will be subjected to a 2% "draw fee". Some states will require a minimum draw amount of $5K.