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Hazuki Glasses

Hazuki Glasses promise to improve your vision in many ways: they provide 1.6x magnification without distortion, they block UV light and blue light. Besides, these glasses come with a wider viewing angle when compared to the average pair of glasses. It is interesting to know that more than two million of such units have been sold only in Japan, according to the official website of the company and the infomercials on TV. It should be taken into consideration that the glasses are quite expensive: one unit costs about $100. They can be ordered over the phone, online through HazukiGlasses.com or Amazon. Hazuki Glasses are being mainly marketed to people who are over 40 and suffer from vision problems with nearby objects. This condition is known as presbyopia. The glasses have a number of vital features.

They claim to offer 1.6x Magnification, which will be beneficial for those with mild vision problems for them to see words on prescriptions, recipes, phone screens, etc. In fact, there are two magnification options, including the 1.6 magnification (good for reading or sewing) and 1.32 magnification (suitable for working on laptops or computers). Hazuki promises that their glasses magnify things without distortion on the lens. The glasses offer Panoramic View as the lenses extend across your entire vision. You will perfectly see straight ahead and from all angles. Due to the Non-Slip Nose Grip in the center of the glasses they won't slip easily. The glasses claim to fit over your current glasses or contacts, as well as fit any size of the face. The product is also very durable and sturdy, so that you can even sit or step on them without damaging them.

Customer Reviews - Do Hazuki Glasses Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product online on different websites. The overall customer reputation seems to be very positive, probably, due to the variety of features Hazuki Glasses offer. For example, the users highly appreciate crystal-clear vision in any light provided by the latest optometric technology. At the same time, they can see everything brighter and bigger. Compared to traditional glasses, this model claims to offer edge-to-edge panoramic vision that allows the user to see up to two pages in a single view without any distortion. According to the manufacturer, Hazuki Glasses are not only great for reading, but their 1.6X magnification can be beneficial for such tasks as sewing. The 1.32X magnification is perfect for work with computer. Due to the soft nose pads, lightweight construction, the ability to block 99% of harmful UV light, filter blue light, and an attractive design that can fit any face size, Hazuki Glasses can be worn all day long. They can also be used over your current glasses or contacts. These glasses are almost indestructible, so you don't have to worry about damaging them by accidental sitting on them or anything.

Another advantage customers appreciate about Hazuki Glasses is that they don't need a prescription to purchase them. The reason why these glasses provide such a wide viewing angle is that they feature a wide, single, flat lens, compared to two curved lenses that most reading glasses have. This flat design provides mild magnifying power that is enough for performing major everyday activities, including reading and sewing. These glasses will not be suitable to people with serious eyesight problems. The majority of modern reading glasses don't offer the same "unbreakable" feature as Hazuki, which makes these glasses much better in quality but more expensive in cost. Most customers are satisfied with the price of the glasses, though. They claim that the product is worth the money it costs. Amazon contains a number of customer reviews all of which praise the quality and functionality of the glasses. Thus, the product comes with a 5-star average rating. The customers also referenced a better ability to read with no need to squint. However, one user admitted that the price was too high. Taking this feedback into consideration, let us take a look at the samples of the reviews about Hazuki Glasses.

"I like my Hazuki Glasses. They came well packed and when I opened the box, I saw that the glasses were of good quality. I am happy because I can read without squinting now. It is not only easier for me to read but also to see everything around. The glasses make small objects look larger. Even though they may be a little costly but I suggest getting a pair if you have any problems with your eyesight."

"I love my Hazuki Glasses. Now, I can enjoy working in projects that involve small objects and require a bigger vision. The only thing I didn't like with these glasses is that it took a little longer to get them by mail; they were in the Canadian border security for some time. In general, the glasses have a superior quality, their lenses make things easier to see and read even in low lighting. By the way, soft nose pads help to prevent getting that spot on my nose after wearing the glasses for several hours."

"I got Hazuki Glasses for my mother-in-law. She uses them for reading and sewing every day and she says she loves them very much! The glasses do not require any prescription. If you have problems seeing things, just order them online and enjoy! Their lightweight construction makes you forget that you are wearing glasses. My mother-in-law claims that they fit her face just right. I am happy that I pleased her."

My Final Summary

Hazuki address is listed in California: 7850 Ruffner Avenue; Van Nuys, CA 91406; however, the majority of their customers are from Japan. The glasses feature a number of advantages. Due to their versatile design they can fit any size of face you may have. They can be worn over your contact lenses or your regular glasses. They are comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Soft nose pads prevent sliding of the glasses. They are built to last long due to their sturdy construction. Nothing will happen to your glasses even if you sit on them.

The Hazuki glasses are able to block 99% of harmful UV light and provide high magnification levels. You will see objects 160% larger. In addition, the glasses work well in all light situations. The only disadvantage of these glasses is their $100 price tag; however; the majority of users claim that the product is worth this money. If your goal is to get an indestructible pair of magnifiers, you should take into consideration Hazuki Glasses. I do recommend them.

Where To Buy Hazuki Glasses In Stores?

These glasses are available on the official website of the company and Amazon. There are four colors for you to choose from including black, red, purple, and white, as well as three designs (compact, standard, and large), two tint options (clear or tinted) and two magnifications (1.6X or 1.32X). No matter which options you will choose, the price of one pair is the same - three payments of $33.33. The shipping is completely free. The product also includes a lens cleaning cloth and a carrying case. All orders come with a 30-day refund policy. To request one, contact the customer support by calling at 800-346-9034 or emailing service@hazukiglasses.com. You can buy the product from Amazon for $93.74 and save some money.