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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Jet's Pizza

Jet's Pizza is a fast food restaurant chain offering mainly pizza of different sizes including small, medium, large, extra large, and party tray. You can also choose from a wide variety of crust flavors such as Poppy Seed, Cajun, Sesame Seed, Butter, Shredded Parmesan, Garlic, Turbo Crust, and Romano. In addition to pizzas, they also offer chicken wings, sub sandwiches, boneless chicken, salads, cinnamon stix, and the boats (sandwich pizzas). The restaurant has reasonable prices and we will discuss them further in this review. In fact, their prices are similar to those of other pizza chains, but what makes this restaurant unique is that it offers a party tray sized pizza that contains thirty pieces. Jet's Pizza originates from Michigan. It was founded in 1978 in Sterling Heights by brothers John and Eugene Jetts. At present, it has more than 400 locations in twenty states of the USA. The first Jet's Pizza restaurant opened 41 years ago, which is quite a term for a company like this. It means that this restaurant chain has enough experience to provide high-quality service and delicious dishes. The original location of the restaurant was a vacant party store. The main distinction of their pizza is its square deep-dish Detroit-style shape. The company has trademarked an 8-corner pizza, which is actually two rectangular pizzas put together. Is this pizza worth trying out. Does it really taste as well as advertised by Jet's Pizza? To answer these questions, we will need to take a look at what actual pizza eaters think of this restaurant and their foods. For more details, you can visit the official site of the company

Customer Reviews - Does Jet's Pizza Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reports about Jet's Pizza on third-party websites with most of them of the positive nature. People say that they are happy with the quality of pizza and the customer service. The staff is professional and friendly, so that customers can hardly get disappointed. People are pleased with the wide variety of pizzas offered by the restaurant as well as reasonable prices for them. The restaurant gives an opportunity to build your own pizza. You can also choose crust: Hand Tossed Round, Deep Dish, NY Style or Thin. There are also specialty pizzas. You can also order Jet's Bread, add bacon or pepperoni to any bread, Boneless Chicken, Jet's Wings, Salads (Antipasto), Jetzee Subs, Desserts, Sides, Sauce and Beverages (Soft Drink, Aquafina Water).

One customer reports that his family loves Jet's Pizza, especially the addition of the cauliflower crust. They ordered cinnamon sticks and a four corner pizza. All pizzas are delicious. The restaurant really serves awesome food and never disappoints this client. The man also noted that the delivery was pretty fast, so that their pizzas were still warm. They had thin crust and were made in a perfect way. The man recommends this restaurant to everyone who wants a good pizza. Another man told in his testimonial that he decided to organize a pizza night with his son. He ordered a Jet's deep dish eight-corner pizza and both of them were amazed with their pizza. The sauce had an awesome taste as did the toppings and dough. All the other menu of the restaurant is reasonably priced and contains dishes that will meet the taste of any customer, including wings, breadsticks, salads and so much more.

One woman said that she has wonderful experience with Jet's Pizza. She said she was craving pizza so much that she wanted to find ideal pizza. God himself has led her to that place. According to her words, this is the best pizza she has ever had in her life. It tasted like home-made pizza with plenty of cheese, sauce and toppings. The woman recommends this establishment to all of her friends who love pizza and they all do. She also ordered a Caesars salad which was delicious and satisfying. This is just a surprising places offering unusual pizza! The woman was pleases with the size of her dish, great flavor and reasonable price. She is going to order pizza from this place again in the future. She adds that their largest pizza is ideal for a crowd. Once she tried this pizza on vacation. They cooked and delivered the pizza really fast. It was a perfect meal after a day at the beach.

Many other customers agreed that Jet's Pizza makes great pizza and provides quick delivery. Thus, one young man reported that he ordered two pizzas from the restaurant by phone, as well as cheese bread with sauce cups. He was surprised that the food was delivered to their hotel in Destin so quickly. The man also noted that the phone conversation was pleasant as the rep on the other side was polite and kind. Tasty food arrived in the hot state directly to their threshold. According to the man's words, the prices are a bit higher than those at other pizza places but the food is worth it for sure. The next customer shared her experience of eating at one of Jet's Pizza restaurants. Even though it is little but still it is very cozy and quiet. They ate there twice - the first time they ate pizza, garlic sticks and wings. The second time they ate wings. They liked them very much and plan to visit the restaurant more. All food is fresh and delicious. Let us take a look at some more real customers' testimonials available online.

"We ordered a hand tossed, vegetable specialty pizza from Jet's Pizza. It was very large and was enough for a family of three. They cooked it really fast - we picked it up in just twenty minutes. Pizza was very tasty with white cheese and many vegetable toppings. Even our six-year son appreciated it a lot even though he is a picky eater. After such a delicious lunch we decided to sign up for their telephone text program. We are going to get $5 off our next order. We also expect to enjoy some other discounts later."

"Jet's Pizza makes marvelous pizza. Yes, it is not the cheapest pizza in our town, but its quality is much higher than that offered by other pizza restaurants. We are also pleased with fast delivery. I missed the first call from the delivery driver, so he left me a message and came back in just a few minutes. Destin is very busy on weekend and it may take an hour for delivery, which is why it is better to plan the delivery ahead. Thank you for great service and excellent food."

"Our family is pleased with Jet's Pizza. My husband and children decided to try pizza from this place about a month ago. We ordered for delivery and our pizza arrived within an hour. It had perfect tasted and the dough was also super delicious. Our children loved the boneless chicken tenders. All food was very fresh so do not be afraid of buying it for your kids. My husband liked the Jet-10 with Turbo crust most of all. Since then we have gone to Destin several times just to order pizza from them. This is the best go-to pizza place I have ever been been to."

My Final Summary

Jet's Pizza is a popular restaurant chain selling pizza across the country. The first restaurant was opened in 1978 and now it has 24 company-owned locations in twenty states, as well as 312 franchises. The company has restaurants located in Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Virginia. Jet's is known for its unique square pizzas including the eight-corner pizzas. When the store first opened, this was a true novelty in the region. The original Detroit pizza recipe came from the Jetts' mother. It has not changed since 1978. The restaurant has positive customer reputation with the majority of people highly appreciating the freshness of their foods, affordable prices, good quality, and fantastic customer service. The company's staff are all friendly and work very fast to provide you with tasty pizza. You can order it on the phone and then pick it up or have it delivered to your threshold. The only complaint from customers is that food from Jet's Pizza is so delicious that you can't quit eating it. Since the majority of customers absolutely enjoy every bite of food from this restaurant chain we can certainly recommend it to everyone. If you are looking for a delicious fresh pizza, you should give Jet's Pizza a shot.

Where To Buy Jet's Pizza?

Since there is great variety of pizzas offered by the restaurant, the prices may somewhat vary. Premium Mozzarella Cheese costs $7.99 (Small), $9.99 (Medium), $11.00 (Large), $13.998 (Corner), $33.00 (Party Tray). Specialty pizzas are also numerous. They also vary in price. BBQ Chicken costs $11.26 (Small), $14.16 (Medium), and $16.07 (Large). BBQ Chicken Eight Corner is priced at $19.96, while BBQ Chicken Party Tray can be ordered for $48.21. BLT costs $11.26 (Small), $14.16 (Medium), $16.07 (Large), $19.96 (Eight Corner), and $48.21 (Party Tray). You can order Chicken Parmesan for $11.26 (Small), $14.16 (Medium), $16.07 (Large), $19.96 (Eight Corner) and $48.21 (Party Tray). Hawaiian pizza costs $11.26 (Small), $14.16 (Medium), $16.07 (Large), $19.96 (Eight Corner) and $48.21 (Party Tray).

Super Special Pizza can be bought for $12.35 (Small), $15.55 (Medium), $17.76 (Large), $21.95 (Eight Corner), $53.28 (Party Tray). All Meaty Pizza is priced at $12.35 (Small), $15.55 (Medium), $17.76 (Large), $21.95 (Eight Corner), or $53.28 (Party Tray). There are also such pizzas as Veggie, Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Ranch Chicken, and Italian Sausage Supreme. These pizzas have the same prices. Jet 10 costs $13.44 (Small), $16.94 (Medium), $19.45 (Large), $23.94 (Eight Corner), or $58.35 (Party Tray). You can also order toppings at the prices of $1.09 (Small), $1.39 (Medium), $1.69 (Large), $1.99 (Eight Corner), $5.07 (Party Tray). There are some Specials including Bold Fold (Premium Mozzarella Cheese and Bold Pepperoni NY Style Pizza) for $12.69 and Deep Dish Duo (Premium Mozzarella Cheese Small Pizza and One Topping and Deep Dish Bread) for $15.07.