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Kelly-Moore Paint

Kelly-Moore Paint is a company manufacturing paints. It was founded in San Carlos, California in 1946 by William Moore and William Kelly. It has many stores located in Texas, California, Nevada and Oklahoma. The headquarters of the company are based at 1505 S De Anza Blvd; Cupertino, CA 95014. Their phone number is (408) 253-9720. Business website is In general, Kelly-Moore is a major manufacturer of professional paints for contractors and consumers in the country. Its high-quality products are available at authorized dealers and company-owned stores in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. The company makes environmentally friendly but at the same time long-lasting interior and exterior paints, wood stains, enamels and different supplies you may need for your project.

The state of California has given the Kelly-Moore's plant in San Carlos five awards for its eco-friendly initiatives to minimize manufacturing waste and pollution. The company's official website offers a number of useful online tools. You can use the myColorStudio tool to select the necessary shade from 1,721 colors. This tool will allow you to choose from a variety of specialty palettes and even to create your own palette with different colors. Try the myColorVisualizer tool to use stock photos to view your color choices or to upload photos of your own rooms. Well, Kelly-Moore Paint sells professional-quality paints, supplies and stains at authorized dealers in the western USA. The company accepts credit cards but does not accept Google Pay. To find out whether their paints are really as perfect as claimed on the site let us take a look at real users' testimonials found on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does Kelly-Moore Paint Really Work?

Whether you need interior or exterior paints, Kelly-Moore Paint provides high-quality solutions to help you make all your painting project exceptional. Every paint from the company is made with the use of high-quality raw materials for you to be sure your paint applies smoothly and looks ideal afterwards. In addition, all of their paints feature an advanced coating technology due to which you will get a professional, even cover no matter what kind of surface you are painting. The company is committed to making your painting projects worry-free by providing you with a wide variety of premium paints including Interior Paint (DuraPoxy, Premium Professional Interior, AcryPlex, Magnum), Exterior Paint (AcryShield, Envy, Premium Professional Exterior), Interior /Exterior Paint (DuraPoxy HP, Epic).

During our deep research we have encountered a great number of testimonials from actual customers of Kelly-Moore Paint and most of them are positive. They are pleased with great service and attentive staff. Ii is always a pleasant experience to buy paints at Kelly Moore. Every rep is helpful and friendly. Such company's representatives as Patrick R., Cisco and Gabi are always ready to patiently help you with color choice and offering you numerous color samples. The stores across the country are said to be bright, modern, and to have nice floors. Thus, one customer says that Kelly-Moore paints have always been the best for his needs. He has used them for over thirty years. Their paint covers perfectly well and lasts very long. The customer's only dislike is that it is rather expensive, even though it is worth the money. You won't need to to paint your room twice with this paint because one coat will cover the surface pretty well. Kelly-Moore has high-rate tools too such as rollers and brushes. The store in his location has a large room full of professional gear. You can even choose a cute little painter outfit for your wife: a hat and shorts. They've got everything you may need for a painting project.

One man says in his online review that he placed an order for a specialty deck waterproofing system but not on Kelly-Moore Paint official website. He ordered the product from a vendor of Kelly-Moore. He needed that product on a definite day but the shipping was delayed one day. There was also a problem with the color because the vendor did not give the company the formula. These two problems made the man very disappointed. None of these problems were K.M.'s fault but the staff of the company made everything possible to satisfy their customer. This is where the customer saw true professionalism of the company. He went away with his painting needs completely satisfied and with a positive attitude to Kelly Moore Paint. Special gratitude goes to Everett for working miracles that day. It should be emphasized that they have the best paint in the area. The man proises he will never return to companies selling cheap paint. Kelly Moore Paint has enough body to cover the surface with only one coat. The company also makes the best enamel called Dura-Poxy. It is water-based but it is equivalent to oil-based enamel. There is no need to use oil-based enamel anymore with all of the solvents and fumes. Dura-poxy has excellent durability and finish.

Many other customers recommend Kelly-Moore Paint saying that their paint is simply the best. Some of them have bought paint from the company for dozens of years and remain very pleased with it. The paint is not only efficient when applying it to any sort of surfaces but it also stays well when stored for a long period of time. It maintains a consistent color. This is the reason why many professionals purchase a lot of this paint for their businesses. The company can boast having highly-experienced experts for matching color. Whenever choosing paint you are advised to bring a photo of the surface you need to paint. This will help an expert to choose the right shade of the paint. In some cases there is a necessity to mix two shades. Sales team members are usually very patient, helpful, and responsible. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"Kelly-Moore Paint offers great company and high-quality paint! I recently bought paint from the company to paint the gym where I work. I was impressed with their customer service. Everyone was helpful and friendly in finding the paint of the right color for me. There is a wide variety of paints for you to choose from. Even if they don't have the color you need in stock, they can mix it up right away. This is a great company providing fast service."

"Kelly-Moore Paint carries high-quality wood stains and paints. They have a lot of samples to select the colors for the actual wood. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. The young man actually saved my back by helping me with some extra paint tools I needed for my deck project. Their prices are higher when compared to other stores; however, their products are better too. I am very thankful to the staff."

"I know the names of most of the employees at the Kelly-Moore Paint store in my location. They know me too. Whenever I need paint I call them and they have my paint ready before I arrive. All I need to do is just sign a receipt and take my paint. The members of the staff are all easy to deal with. What I really appreciate is that they always have the necessary colors in stock. There is just enormous selection of paints, painting tools and sprayers. But even if they don't have the shade you need, they will make custom colors. The customer service is perfect. What I don't like, though, is that they don't carry industrial paints there."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Kelly Moore Paint, it turns out they produce and sell the best paint ever. They have a great selection of colors and offer only the highest quality of the products for construction, for your business and home remodeling. The company has high customer reputation online. They say there is just unlimited color selection, so you can get almost any color you want. The company uses environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, which is why it was awarded by some states. Kelly Moore Paint company has experienced color consultants who will gladly help you to find anything you may need. Even is they don't have some color in their store they will mix it specially for you almost instantly. It is worth mentioning that they have perfect customer service no matter which location you attend. You can also order paint online in a fast and convenient way from Their products include Interior Paint (Magnum, AcryPlex, DuraPoxy, Premium Professional), Exterior Paint (AcryShield, Envy, Premium Professional), Interior / Exterior Paint (DuraPoxy HP, Epic). So, if you have some special decorating needs, Kelly Moore Paint will certainly be of great help to you. Taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages of the store, we can recommend it to everyone.

Kelly-Moore Paint Pricing and Rates

The Kelly-Moore Paint company allows you to choose from more than 1,700 colors in semi-gloss, eggshell, flat, and satin finishes. Prices range from $30 to $60 per gallon. DuraPoxy is a popular collection of super-premium interior enamels meant for use on trim, walls, and accents where a washable and durable epoxy-like finish is required. AcryPlex high-quality interior paints, primers and enamels are designed to provide a perfect, self-priming finish in a 100% acrylic. These can be used on trim, walls, and ceiling surfaces in commercial and residential applications.