MacKeeper Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Apple MacBook is rather reliable when it comes to its functionality, but that does not mean that it will run well without any flaws. It also needs a refresh to improve its performance. Files and junks tend to build up over time, taking up more and more space. macOS consists of certain built-in settings responsible for cleaning up your Mac to make it work faster. But there are reasons to switch to a third-party app. MacKeeper is one of such apps. It is known for its usefulness just beyond its ability to clean and protect the operating system on your computer. MacKeeper can recover files that you have removed from your hard drive and encrypt your data. This app has received a lot of reviews from tech experts who back up the idea that this is a reliable Mac cleaning tool. In 2018 MacKeeper can do many things. It offers pre-paid subscriptions from $4, 95 per month. The 24-month prepaid plan will give you access to full features of the app, including 24/7 expert support and anti-theft tracking. To subscribe you will need to go to its official site, choose your plan and make your payment.

Today MacKeeper allows you to do a lot of things like removing duplicate files, cleaning memory, and un-installing files. One of the major functions of MacKeeper is the ability to remove duplicate files. These tend to take up a large amount of your space while building up over time. This can slow down your computer but the app intends to remove duplicate files with a single click. With MacKeeper, you can recover your files you have removed from your computer's hard drive. It is beneficial for those users who have done this accidentally. The app now includes the feature of encrypting your data enabling you to protect your personal files. Another vital feature of MacKeeper is its ability to clear memory. It means that it removes junk files as well as optimizes your RAM for better performance. MacKeeper allows to uninstall an app and remove all the leftover files due to its built-in Smart Uninstaller tool. If you have been using your Mac for too long, you can clean up the files you don't need on your Mac any longer.

Customer Reviews - Does MacKeeper Really Work?

There are many customer reviews about MacKeeper on third-party websites. The users appear to praise the app for many reasons. The app is incredibly easy to use. For instance, to remove duplicate files you will need to launch the app, select Duplicate Files option in the left and hit the Scan button in the left. MacKeeper will run a scan to find duplicate files. After that you will just need to hit the Trash button. To recover files, launch MacKeeper on your Mac, click on Files Recovery and hit the Scan button. The app will run a full scan of your computer and show all recoverable files. Choose the necessary files and hit the Recover button. To encrypt your data, fire up the app on your Mac, choose Data Encryptor and follow the directions to hide your files. To clear memory, open MacKeeper on your Mac, choose Memory Cleaner and hit the Clean Memory Quickly. To uninstall a Mac app, MacKeeper, choose Smart Uninstaller and an app you want to remove. To free up space on your Mac, launch MacKeeper, click Disk Usage and hit the Scan button. Let us take a look at wat actual users of the app are thinking about it.

The customers seem to love both the product itself and the people working for the company. One guy writes in his testimonial that he has been amazed at the high quality of MacKeeper and the person-to-person attention he has received. The man is not very good at computers so he was scared when he faced problems with his old MacBook Pro (2008!). the representative of MacKeeper, Andrew from Ukraine, nursed the man through the issues and educated him in the process. Then Harvey from Portugal set-up his Keenow Privacy/Security account and new MacKeeper account. The "Geek on Demand" guys are of great help in solving small problems. These people are patient and the man feels very grateful to them for their expertise, professionalism, and kindness. This real user's testimonial is reassuring and solid. Other users of MacKeeper also report that they are pleased with the work of the company's staff, which makes the app good investment. Many other customers mention helpfulness of that Andrew from the customer service department.

Speaking about other advantages of MacKeeper it is necessary to mention a guy who writes that he really likes its Duplicates finder. He says that when he works on his SMM projects he makes a lot of similar pictures for posts. It takes several days to clutter his Mac and makes it slow. The guy says that he actually can find and clear duplicates without the app, but it will take more time. MacKeeper shows him the list of duplicates and the user simply deletes those he doesn't need. He also uses the app to find and stop memory-consuming processes which make his Mac slow. The guy loves how fast and easy it is. One customer says that he did not know what Mackeeper was; however, he stumbled upon the app when he was downloading software. At first, he was very confused but a technician with Mackeeper, Andrew, helped him with everything. The guy accidentally got Mackeeper from software. He was astonished by his professionalism and helpfulness. He helped the man to solve all problems he threw at Andrew. The user feels thankful to Mackeeper for hiring this perfect technician. It is high time to read the actual users' testimonials.

"I am very happy with MacKeeper. This app totally saved my computer. I lost a lot of photos I took from my big trip. I accidentally deleted them even from the trash. It was Andrew, my expert from this company, who explained me what to do step by step. I did not believe him first, because recovering files seemed impossible to me, but the app did work! I am in love with MacKeeper. They have helped me several times already. Every time the issues seemed to be difficult to me! I do recommend this append the company."

"MacKeeper has excellent technicians. The one who helped me was an absolute star. He stayed with me for about an hour while I was going through the setup process on various devices. He helped me to follow directions and answered all of my questions. I have never met such great customer support. That guy was dealing with many queries from other users but I did not suffer from lag time. Excellent experience with an excellent company!"

"MacKeeper's technician named Basil just finished helping me with cleaning some viruses off my Macbook air. He described every step he was taking and consulted me on the phone while I was restarting my laptop to make sure that everything launched properly. He also made sure that the problem apps were removed from all folders. I am satisfied with the customer service and the professionalism of MacKeeper staff."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about MacKeeper, there is hardly anything bad to say about it. This app is multi-functional and beneficial for each Mac user. It helps to clean, cache, delete duplicate files, and tons of MB which you don't need on your Mac. The app is easy to use and is associated with many positive online reviews from satisfied users. They say that this app hasn't caused any issues to them and their computer. It they faced any difficulties, they addressed the company's customer service. The technicians working for the company are highly professional, helpful and kind. Today, MacKeeper is a more reliable cleaning tool for your Mac than it used to be several years ago. If you wish to uninstall the app from your Mac, the process is very fast and easy. Taking into account all pros and cons of MacKeeper, I do recommend this cleaning tool for Mac.

MacKeeper Pricing and Rates

As it was mentioned at the beginning of this review, MacKeeper can be downloaded for free from the official website by clicking the button. It is a trial version, which means that you will need to pay money to be able to use it further. There are four plans for you to choose from. One-month plan costs $14.95. Six-month plan can be bought for $59.64 ($9.94 per month). One-year plan is priced at $95.40 ($7.95 per month). Two-year plan costs $118.80 ($4.95 per month). The latter is the best value for money.