Magic Bullet Blender Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Magic Bullet Blender Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet is a kitchen device designed to chop, mince, grind, blend, mix, or whip up your meal. It is a dishwasher safe equipment that comes with one year of warranty. Its power is 250 watts, its weight is 2.3 lbs. the device contains six cups and two blades in the same set. Its height is 6.5". You can find 3,600 positive reviews about this product on Amazon. Magic Bullet is produced by an American manufacturer that offers a number of other various kitchen devices, for example, NutriBullet. Many of them have become very popular lately. The company has its own official website that tells about the offered equipment in detail. The use of the system is very easy. Let's have a closer look at the procedure.

At first, you will have to add the desired ingredients into the cup. Start with solid ingredients such as carrots, spinach, and fruits. You may also add a little liquid such as juice or water. After having filled the cup, screw the cross blade to the top of the cup and twisting the cup to the right to lock it into place. To blend the components, just press down on the cup top. The time required for blending everything together depends on what you have put into the cup. The device needs 30-60 seconds to blend softer items such as spinach or banana. It may take longer forblending hard foods such as ice or carrot. When the components are blended, release the cup from the base by twisting the cup to the left. Then you will have to remove the cross blades which may have tightened during the procedure. You may pour contents into a portable cup that can be taken with you wherever you go.

Customer Reviews - Does Magic Bullet Blender Really Work?

There are many users reviews about the device online. Most of them carry a positive character but there are some complaints too. This machine is classified as a single serve blender, not as a juicer. Before buying this blender, you will have to consider two main factors. The first one is what you are going to do with the device. If you are going to blend ingredients such as frozen berries, ice, or carrots - it is better to look for a more powerful blender. If you think you will stick to softer items such as mango, bananas, or avocado, the Magic Bullet Blender will perfectly cope with the task. The second factor is the cost of the product. The average price of Magic Bullet is about $45. It is not expensive for a blender of this kind. If you love different kinds of smoothies, this model of a blender will make you happy. It is also suitable for making a soup. The combination of boiled onion, pumpkin, and a little garlic tastes perfect.

Cleaning the parts of the Magic Bullet Blender is very easy. Quarter fill your cup with warm water and add a bit of dish washing detergent. Pulse for a few seconds, empty the contents and let it dry. Even though the Magic bullet can blend frozen ingredients, it lacks the power to do it every day. I would recommend using this blender for softer products such as fruit and vegetables. This machine seems to be very capable for this goal. It has got a lot of successors on the modern market. But this one isn't costly at all. Be sure to have a look at least at some of numerous positive reviews on Amazon. Those testimonials are left by people who have bought the blender online and tried it in practice.

"I purchased the Magic Bullet Blender for making food for my baby. It is a full-size blender but I can find enough space for placing it on the counter in my kitchen (unlike other large blenders). This is a wonderful piece of kitchen equipment as it helps me a lot not only in making food for my little one. It has become so valuable for me that I cannot imagine my life in the kitchen without this device. It look fine and is easy to clean."

"MagicBullet Blender is a real brilliant for me! It is pleasing to use it. Besides, it comes with a load of accessories. So, I can choose a different one each time to meet any kitchen goals. The base of this blender houses a powerful motor, four mugs, two types of blade/blending attachments, a short blending jar and a long tall blending jar. Besides, there is a recipe book and an assortment of lids to keep my blends fresh. What I also like about this device is that it is compact and easy to wash!"

"The Magic Bullet Blender is the first in its league when it comes to making smoothies that I adore. It is ideal for making healthy juices, cocktails and other drinks. It is quite powerful taking into account its price. I like the practicality, its compact size and easiness to use and clean. This device doesn't take up much space on my worktop. Bullet blades can be rinsed quickly and easily, while plastic cups can be washed in the dish washer after use. Houmous and Salsa turned out to be extremely tasty."

My Final Summary

Magic Bullet Blender is a wonderful kitchen appliance for you to buy. It has a lot of advantages. Its first advantage is the small footprint. Unlike food processors and other blenders, the Magic Bullet doesn't take up much space. It has a vertical shape and a small round power base. This makes it very compact, so that you can easily place it into the cupboard. Another advantage of this blender is the simplicity of using it. There is only one setting. All you will need to do is to screw the blade cap onto the cup or jar you are using and hold it down for a needed period of time. You can control the process and release it when necessary. When it stops you can use the blend. Rinsing the blades has never been easier too. Just add some water and spin it for 10 seconds. That's all.

We have tested this blender by using big ice cubes which we blended with a drink. The Magic Bullet whipped through the ice and created a fine texture that looked like ice cream! It was a great milkshake. To make the story short, this is a marvellous little blender, suitable for small kitchens. Besides, you can get two for one through their official website or buy it through Amazon. The product comes with a recipe book that contains endless recipes of smoothies and drinks. The added screw tops are necessary for keeping your smoothies fresh. So, you can take your blends with you to work. Remember that home-made smoothies and cocktails are always more useful and tastier.

Where To Buy Magic Bullet Blender In Stores?

Magic Bullet Blender Set costs $59.99 plus free Shipping. This is a 17-piece high-speed mixing system that chops, blends, whips, and more. It also includes two blades, power base, two cups, four mugs, four colored comfort lip rings, two vented lids, two sealed lids, and a recipe book. It is a durable device with a high-quality construction. Cups and mugs can be used in a microwave oven and washed in a dish washer. Besides, they can be safely frozen. You can also buy a Magic Bullet Mini, High Speed Blender for only $29.99 plus free Shipping from Amazon.