Magic Jack Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Magic Jack Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Magic Jack

Magic Jack includes the USB extension cord and the power adopter. This item installs in about one minute and stays on all the time. All you will have to do is to plug the Ethernet Cord into magicJack. Plug the other end of the Ethernet Cord into a router or a modem. Connect the Power Adapter to the USB stick of the item and plug the Power Adapter into the wall. You can plug a or cordless any regular phone into the magicJack. It can be used with or without a computer - it is up to you to decide. Each item comes with an Ethernet (internet) cable. But you can plug the magicJack directly into a computer's USB port. There is also a USB extension cord which can be useful for people who travel with the Magic Jack.

Beside offering free long distance and local phone service throughout Canada and the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that will stay on all the time. The current customer phone numbers can be transferred to their magic Jack. It should be notes that you will need to pay a $19.95 charge to transfer your phone number. This payment will be stable thereafter ($9.95 per year). At present porting is available in the U.S. only. Each item includes a free new phone number so if you do not want to transfer your existing phone number, you can use a new one. Magic Jack includes free: Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Directory Assistance, Call Forwarding, and emergency 911service.

Customer Reviews - Does Magic Jack Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product on third-party websites. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase. They are pleased with its excellent performance. People appreciate the fact that they can have more than one phone number to use with magicjack. You can plug a cordless base station into the item and use several cordless handsets in your house. The item can be used with a phone splitter and many corded phones plugged into the Magic Jack. You might use a powered USB hub if several phones to generate more power from the USB port. The quality of the item is said to be fine. It allows making and receiving calls. And having it plugged into the router (which is on all the time anyway) without having to use the computer is great. Most users do not have any issues getting it working. You have to plug it into a computer, and then you just move it to a port on your router. The process may take some twenty minutes. After it starts running you don’t have to touch it anymore. One user reports that he has four cordless phones in his house that rely on just one wired base. The latter is physically connected to the magicJack. Everything works great, according to this user's words.

Another customer reports that he has been using the item for over a month and is impressed so far. Initially he had a lot of questions about this product, but then everything cleared up for him. The item allows him to save money on the phone service. The device really works. You have to register by plugging it into your computer's USB port. You plug in your router, power, and phone. The sound quality is reported to be about half way between a regular land line and a cell phone. There may be a slight delay but usually people do not notice this when talking. Many users are happy with the news that magicJack can fax? Just tested it using your computer fax modem, and you will see that it works. You can easily transfer your old phone number after setting up the tool with a temporary phone number. You will be requested that your old number be transferred to your service for $20. If you want to use your old phone number do not cancel your old phone service. The voicemail works in an easy way. After four rings, a call can be transferred to another number or be sent to voice mail. To use an answering machine, set it for three rings. This will not give you much time to answer the phone, but you will be able to leave a long greeting on the answering machine, so that you will have an opportunity to pick up during the greeting. The mail will send a notification on newer phones, as well as the message in the form of a WAV file to one e-mail address. If you want to send the e-mail to many e-mail addresses, you can create a dummy e-mail address on your ISP. Set the dummy e-mail account to forward incoming messages from Magic Jack automatically to many addresses.

When it comes to international calling you will need to pre-pay for this service. Most countries are $.02 per minute. You will need to dial the normal international phone number. Calls work well to all countries including China. Most users are satisfied with the customer service offered by the company. If you can use a computer and a router, you are not expected to face any issues when getting Magic Jack working. The tool should also solve the USB problems because it directly connects to the router. For the magicJack to work properly you will need a good internet connection. Some small problems with an ISP might not influence the browsing of web pages; however, they may influence a real time phone connection.

If we take a look at the actual customers' reviews, we will see that most of users love their Magic Jack. They like the fact that they don't need to triple play with cable companies. Using the tool costs only $40.00 a year. The tool features conferencing, voicemail, remote voicemail access, and long distance access. The device itself is very reliable. One guy writes that he is using his Magic Jack with Comcast Performance (25Mbps/5Mbps) and it works like a regular landline. At present he is using it without a PC. It is plugged into wall outlet and to his home phone and router. Set up and registration on computer took the man only five minutes. The user says that the first year service is absolutely free. He still enjoys clear sound calling out and receiving calls, ability have home answering phone machine take voicemail or to let Magic Jack take voicemail. The man hasn't tried any other features but he is satisfied with the device completely. However, he says that it is not worth buying if you have unreliable internet service. Here are some of the actual customers' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"I have used my Magic Jack for about six years already and I upgraded it about eight months ago. It helps me not to keep my computer running 24/7 to have a phone. I just plug it into the router directly and everything is perfect. It can do anything any other phone can. I also keep my fax plugged into it. There is a wireless v-tech 4-phone setup at home and the base phone is plugged into the magic jack. I don't have to worry about running phone line in my house or physical phone lines. Magic Jack functions pretty well. I recommend it to everyone I know."

"I received my Magic Jack as a gift from a friend who travels all over the world several years ago. This is a great way to contact him with just a local number. It helps to save money on long distance phone calls, especially if there is free internet in the hotel he stays in. It can be plugged into a computer or a router. We can talk as long as we want without having to pay for international calls on the land line."

"I am pleased with Magic Jack! I have a fast internet connection and I see no sense in spending more money for phone service. I am satisfied with the quality of the product. This tool also works well for a home phone. My cell phone was ported over to my house phone so I don’t have to run to grab the phone since both of them ring. It is important to have a battery ready. When the power goes out the tool will not work. The same may happen if your internet goes down. By the way, a battery back up on your computer is a good place to plug this into along with your router or modem from the cable company. Do a DSL speed check and if it is below 1.5 meg. it won't work. You will need a new ISP."

Magic Jack Pricing and Rates

You can order the tool directly from the official website of the manufacturer. It is also available on retail stores. The cost may vary from store to store. For instance, Amazon offers one unit for $64.99 plus $4.99 shipping.

My Final Summary

Magic Jack is one of the best home VOIP solutions available on the market today. This tool is very durable and can work for more than five years without any issues. The users highly appreciate its simplicity and affordability. It is very quick and easy to set up. The device works well and has a lot of nice features (email, voicemail and call forwarding). It requires good internet connection, though. If you face bad connection, just hang up and call back. The customers are also satisfied with the price of the product, especially taking into account the fact that it eliminates all phone charges. Sound quality is like that of a normal landline. Porting a number is simple and quick. The company has a chatroom where you can ask any question and have it answered only in a few minutes. With all this in mind I do recommend Magic Jack to buying.