Nano Banshee Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Nano Banshee Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Nano Banshee

According to statistics, an American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds on an average. There are 321,500 victims aged over 12 each year in the country, which is really tragic for these individuals. Millions of women in the USA have experienced rape. In 1998, 17.7 million American women had been raped, especially young women. About 82% of all juvenile victims are female. How can these terrible crimes prevented? Well, one of the ways to prevent such attacks is with the help of personal alarm devices. The modern market offers a great variety of anti-assault devices, but which of them is really worth attention? Today we are going to discuss the Nano Banshee. This is an alarm system for personal use that is designed to keep you safe while you are in an unfamiliar place or just left alone.

This small device can fit in the traditional set of car keys and can be taken wherever you go, even in areas where other personal defense devices are not allowed. According to the manufacturer, the design for the system is based on that of a military crowd control device known as Long Range Acoustic Device or LRAD. The disadvantage of these devices is their loud work and only one direction of the sound. But the personal alarm device is less loud and directional. It lets sound out in all directions at once. The Nano Banshee can be especially useful for women and children, who need defense from animal attacks, assault, and other forms of violence. The system also includes an LED flashlight to light the way in and attract attention. Let us take a look at what real users think about this device.

Customer Reviews - Does Nano Banshee Really Work?

Even though the manufacturer reports that they have sold more than 100,000 devices already, it seems that there aren't that many reviews online for the product yet. We succeeded to find several reviews on different websites from users. Most of them claim that the system was "not as loud" as advertised by the manufacturer, but there were not enough of these to really be a considerable voice, according to our research. The company's page on Facebook contains only positive feedback on the device from several users, citing that it works well and that they are satisfied with their purchases. Let's take a look at the feedback on the Nano Banshee from actual customers online.

One unsatisfied user reports that it is a horrible alarm and its manufacturer does not stand behind their product. The purpose of Nano Banshee is to protect you. When this alarm is defective, it cannot serve its purpose any longer. This customer recommends looking elsewhere for an effective alarm and a reputable company that stands behind the quality of their alarm. If you need real protection, do not buy an alarm from this company! This is the advice from this customer. Another company's client has not even received any response from seller. He has tried to get in touch with the company but in vain. They simply do not respond to his emails, and do not forward his return address. This user was severely over charged, and he has even filed a complaint with his card company.

The Nano Banshee is said to be easy to use. To activate the device, you will need to press the "Easy On/Off" button that can be found on the side of the alarm. The system will then start emitting the 130 decibel signal until turned off. You will need to insert LR44 batteries into your personal alarm before turning it on. These need to be bought separately. The manufacturer does not tell on their official website how long the unit will last, which is bad since this is the last thing you would want to fail in the moment of need. Overall, the device seems simple to operate but is it really effective in preventing violence? Probably, the alarm can only be trusted if it can ward off threats reliably enough. This is a difficult issue, and effectiveness of the device is based on a number of factors, from the resilience of the attacker to the problems with batteries. The manufacturer lists many different scenarios when the Nano Banshee might be helpful, involving elderly individuals, college students, children and even hikers. The manufacturer of the device claims that the unit would be a good addition to a hiker's emergency kit, to signal if you become lost or to ward off hostile animals. Have ordinary people benefited from having Nano Banshee? Let's check by taking a look at the real customers' testimonials found online.

"I am disappointed with my Nano Banshee. I bought six of these units for my granddaughters, daughter, myself and my friend as gifts for Christmas. They were not loud enough, I must admit. The buttons stuck on some of them, and some devices never stopped unless you take out the battery. Within a month all of them had broken. I was mistaken that this alarm could protect my girls and guarantee their safety. I am happy that nothing bad happened to them, though. Doo not waste your money"

"I have some complaints about NanoBanshee. First, I tried the website they gave me, but I found out that there was no such website. I bought three of their alarms, but the sound could not be even heard from another room. They are too quiet. It is nothing more than a scam. I am going to return my purchase to them, but I doubt whether I will get my money back, taking into account reviews from other disappointed users. In this case, I will report about this company to our attorney general in Missouri. We must stop this scam"

"I bought three Nano banshee devices three months ago. None of the alarms worked as advertised, even though the batteries were good, and the light came on. These units are too expensive to have such a low quality. I requested them to send me the new ones but I was ignored completely. I need a good alarm since I walk my dog every night and need to protect myself somehow. If I don't get any response, I will leave a negative post on Facebook. Avoid this company!"

My Final Summary

Bringing everything together, there are many conflicts on the Nano Banshee. On the one hand, we haven't test the device on our own, but on the other hand, it appears to be a completely useless device based on all the negative customer reviews left on third-party websites online. It is only the company's Facebook page that contains positive customer feedback. The return policy is available to unopened products only, which is a red flag. It means that the company is not 100% confident in their product. Besides, there are many customer reviews reporting low quality of the device. These work very quietly. Some users complained that their units got broken really fast. That being said, the Nano Banshee is not worth your attention. You will never feel secure enough in dangerous situations. When it comes to personal safety you will need a really effective alarm from a reputable company. Thus, you are advised to continue looking for a worthier unit. At present, I cannot recommend Nano Banshee to you.

Nano Banshee Pricing and Rates

It looks that the Nano Banshee is available via the official website of the product only. It sells for $19.99 for a unit, but remember that you will need batteries to power it. They need to be bought separately. The necessary batteries are LR44 "watch" batteries. You can buy a 10-pack directly from the manufacturer for $9.99.