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Perfect Cooker

If you are fond of cooking on-the-go and are looking for a convenient cooking solution, pay attention to Perfect Cooker. It is a compact and portable cooker that will allow you to cook inexpensive, fast, and healthy meals. Besides, the device can be taken with you wherever you go. Perfect Cooker features One-Touch Smart Technology that does not require doing any programming. The built-in Thermo-Sensor selects the precise temperature and cooking time for each meal you cook. When you are finished, the cooker will keep your food warm until you come. This is another reason for it to be named a personal chef! The Perfect Cooker also has a non-stick coated removable pot that can be washed in a dishwasher. You will also benefit from a cool-to-the-touch, insulated outer case, a removable lid, and special heat distribution plate technology.

There is a convenient carrying handle for you to operate the device more comfortably. Its small size will make storage easy. This is another "As Seen on TV" product manufactured by Fusion Life Brands, a division of ASOTV giant Tristar Products. They manufacture many other As Seen on TV products, including Xcelerator, Clear TV, Fusion Juicer and Perfect Fusion Styler, etc. The company offers some other popular slow cooker models, including Power Pressure Cooker XL and Power Cooker. What differs Perfect Cooker from other cookers? Is it really worth buying? We will be able to say after taking a closer look at how the device works and what reputation it has among its users.

Customer Reviews - Does Perfect Cooker Really Work?

The product has hundreds of reader reviews online with the average rating of four stars. Most compliments cite the high quality and good performance of Perfect Cooker. However, you can encounter some complaints citing mainly negative customer service experiences. The company itself, Tristar, had an A+ rating at the time of our research with the Better Business Bureau. In this way, most people seem to be pleased with Perfect Cooker and its work. The concept of cooking in this product is quite simple. You will just have to put the necessary ingredients into the cooker's inner container, locate the inner container inside the outer casing, and cover it with the lid. Turn the device on to the temperature between 190 and 250 degrees, and leave it for a definite period of time.

As your food is being cooked inside, the moisture in its components remains in place, because the cooker is well-sealed. Neither the flavor nor the nutrients will escape, which means that you will get juicy, tender, healthy and delicious food. The idea of an electric slow cooker has been around for about forty years, so it's no surprise why the modern market offers so many options for you to choose from. Perfect Cooker has a number of advantages over other models available on the market. Besides, it is associated with hundreds of positive testimonials from real users of the product. Let us have a look at some of them further.

"Perfect Cooker is really perfect! I bought it last spring and use it every day. I simply fell in love with this product. I purchased another unit for my mom who loves hers as well. I had no problems neither with the cooker, not with the recipes. This stuff knows when to change from cooking to remaining warm. The food comes out so tender and well-cooked. Most of all, I like cooking chicken and rice for my family. My little ones often ask me to cook something in this cooker and I gladly do because it is so easy!"

"I am a happy owner of three PerfectCookers. Don't ask why so many but I need each of them. I use my cookers every day, either for breakfast oatmeal or for brown rice for dinner, which can be successfully combined with legumes. I do not try to cook gourmet entrees, just wholesome food. Each of the devices works flawlessly. One great feature is that I can take the cooker to my girlfriend's house who does not care for rice. She likes to eat shrimp or fish alone. It is a wonderful product when used sensibly and I recommend it to each family."

"Perfectcooker cooks rice very well. It is so important for me because I am Chinese by nationality. I haven't tried to cook any other food in this device yet but it is just perfect for cooking rice. I am going to use for preparing other foods, just have to study the recipe book thoroughly. I am a 20-year old student, you know. I bought the three-cup model which is suitable for my serving of rice. I would like to get a five-cup model in future."

My Final Summary

Perfect Cooker promises to cook some foods in just a few minutes and it is really so, as seen from numerous users' reviews. Some people buy it to use as a rice cooker or a traditional slow cooker, but it can perfectly cook many other foods too, including meat, fish and vegetables. Another advantage of this cooker is while it might cook food faster, it does not mean that your food will lose its flavors. On the contrary, all the flavours and nutrients are safely sealed inside the pot. A full-size model will be a great solution for families with children.

Another advantage of the Perfect Cooker is that it is extremely easy to use and does not require programming. It makes it a suitable solution for elderly people. Besides, nothing will happen to your dish if you forget to turn it off. The device will mechanically stop cooking it and will simply keep it warm until you come. The Perfect Cooker will provide you with tasty, juicy and nutritious meals every day. Many people say that they like the design of the device. It will perfectly fit into any kitchen interior. The product is not very expensive and can be afforded by almost anyone. Just go to the official website of the product and place your order. I do recommend Perfect Cooker to buying!

Where To Buy Perfect Cooker In Stores?

This kitchen appliance is available in red, black, or white, however, the color does not influence its price. Thus, one Perfect Cooker costs two payments of $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, or one payment of $49.97. During checkout, you can buy a second unit for additional $9.99 shipping. You can get a 4-year limited warranty for $14.98. No matter which option you choose, you will get free access to online recipes. Perfect Cooker comes with a 60-day refund policy. It means that you can return the product within sixty days if you are not satisfied with it. In order to request a refund, contact Tristar Products by calling their customer service at 973-287-5161.