Pet Chatz Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Pet Chatz

Pet Chatz is the first of its kind greet and treat videophone that gives an opportunity to pet owners to interact with their pet whenever they want. It allows you to see, speak to, hear, provide a comforting scent and treat your pet using a computer or a smart phone. It features sound and motion detection, so you will be alerted of a motion or sound. The device will give you peace of mind that your pet is safe when you are absent. You won't miss a moment with this phone since it has a two-way video and audio. You can call your pet from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, talk to them and give them Pet Chatz treats. You will also be able to comfort your pet with calming scents. The unit has a durable and pet safe design. It is easy to use due to Wi-Fi connection. The product is made by the company called PetChatz.

Pet Chatz manufactures engaging cameras that will help you to be there by using your dog's senses. Each camera includes a virtual treat dispenser, two-way audio, games, and calming scents. The treats are suitable for both cats and dogs, your pet will relax when they see and hear you. You will also feel like you are at home. The manufacturer focuses on security and safety, uses high-quality materials and provides a proper shape that will be sturdy enough, even if your pet tries to paw at it to find out where you are. The camera can be used on silent mode for you to just keep an eye on what is going on when you are not at home. You can install the PawCall near the device so your pet can call you. The entire device is chew resistant. Just plug it into an outlet and connect it with Wi-Fi. There is no need to worry that your puppy can break or damage it.

Customer Reviews - Does Pet Chatz Really Work?

We have already mentioned the positive features of the Pet Chatz camera, but let us go in depth. You can be with your pet no matter where you are in reality. You can also give them natural and healthy treats. All you will need to do is set it in an outlet not far from your pet's water or food and they will be able to interact with the cam throughout the day. The device is easy to set up. After that you will just open it, screw in the back panel, place it in the wall, and turn it on. Your pet will be able to see you! It will do wonders for your beloved pet. The video quality is very good. In fact, it is similar to that of your computer!

The treat dispenser isn't the same as those that come with other pet cams available on the market. The Petchatz is designed to hold the dispenser upside down enabling your dog to have easy access. You can use Petchatz treats or your own treats as you wish. They need to be small. Calming Scents is another unique feature of the unit! Believe it or not but this camera dispenses scent. Some people may think that it is not important but they are mistaken. A dog strongly associates their owner with some definite scent. It does create a calming experience though. Pet Chatz comes with a Smartphone App. If you have an Android you won't be able to use this device. But it is supports by any IOS device. The app can be installed for free. You can download it on your laptop too. Just log in and get started. In just five minutes, you will be able to see the video.

There is a great number of real customers' reviews available online. Most of them are highly pleased with the quality of the product and its functionality. They are also happy with the fact that the device can be used for both dogs and cats. It should be mounted at a dog or cat level for your pet to see and hear you clearly. One customer reports that they have theirs mounted on the wall but it can be easily moved as needed. The woman says that she can see her pets just fine. She rings the musical chime, and they come to the camera and eat their treats. One can see the area around well too. The woman claims that Pet Chatz is the best product in this category. She bought it because of the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If she didn't like it, she could return it. The woman loves her unit a lot. Another customer tells about his pup Boots who has some separation anxiety issues. The man uses a calming essential oil to make is dog relax. Boots was very easy to train with this videophone. Boots no longer cries when the man leaves for work, she sits by the Pet Chatz and waits for her owner's call. When he calls her at noon she comes running to the phone when she hears the ringtone. The man would recommend the device for all pet owners. This puts his mind at ease when he is away.

Not only is this a wonderful product, but the company behind it has not been affected by a decline in good customer service. One buyer reports that she had some issues getting her Petchatz camera to connect to their server. So, it took some time for them to figure out what the problem actually was, but after the company's crew identified the issue, they still stuck with the woman to help fix it! They provided email addresses and direct phone numbers so that the woman could follow up. She was blown away with the kindness and helpfulness they provided. Then, they sent the woman's dog, Stella, a birthday gift in the mail! The customer had pleasant experience working with the company. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews available online.

"Pet Chatz is an incredible little machine. The peace of mind it gives me makes it worth every penny it costs. My dog is blind in one eye, and it is so nice for her to sense some specific scents and to get treats. She always responds to my voice. The company's customer service is great. I have always had good outcome. The treat dispenser works well. Every pet owner should have this device at home."

"I bought my Pet Chatz about six months ago and am pleased with it! My family loves being able to talk to our dog anytime from anywhere. I travel all over the world and feel connected to my dog and home I general. I can communicate with my pet 24 hours a day. I like to dispense treats to him. My daughters also love connecting with our dog. The device has high quality."

"Pet Chatz is a great invention! I have a rescue cat who can get a bit anxious when I leave the house. After getting this device I noticed that checking in during the day made Jaxxy much calmer. I can keep an eye on her any time. Packaging was intact and the product had high quality when it arrived. It was also easy to setup. I think it will serve me for a long period of time. Their support team is great as well."

My Final Summary

Taking into account what we have learnt about Pet Chatz, this product seems to be very precious for its buyers. Based on the customer feedback online, the majority of users are completely blown by the device. They say that it gives them the desired piece of mind that that pet is safe and happy. You can see and treat your dog or cat whenever you wish. It is especially important for people whose pets feel anxious when left at home alone. The device includes two-way camera, dispenser of treats, no sharp corners to chew or power chords. People who work long hours are happy with a chance to communicate with their pet. They also report that the company's customer service is great. This device can be used for cats as well. The screen provides high-quality video for your pet to see you clearly. The scent can calm down your pet too. This product is not expensive and proves to be worth each cent it costs. It is also very durable and will serve you for many years to come. Taking into account positive customer reviews I do recommend Pet Chatz to every pet owner.

Pet Chatz Pricing and Rates

Pet Chatz Greet and Treat Videophone can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer. It is also available on some retail stores such as Amazon. The latter sells one unit for almost $300 plus free shipping. The device is available in white or black.