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Peter Piper Pizza

Peter Piper Pizza is a network of pizza-serving restaurants that has many locations across the United States. The first restaurant was opened in Glendale, AZ by Anthony "Tony" Cavolo, a WWII veteran and Brooklyn, NY native, on 11/28/73. Tony's vision was to create a neighborhood pizzeria that would serve high-quality food in a friendly atmosphere at reasonable prices. In 1976, Tony starred in the first television commercial that was used for over two decades. In that commercial, Tony was wearing a chef's hat and a trademark apron. His catchphrase was "come on over" and it became association with Peter Piper Pizza. In 1980, their first Tucson restaurant was opened, which was their initial venture beyond the Phoenix area. At that period of time, they also added games to their family restaurant. In 1982, their first Texas Peter Piper Pizza was opened in El Paso. At present, there are 49 restaurants only in Texas. By 1985, the Peter Piper Pizza concept had become popular with Baby Boomer families. Their 100th Phoenix location was opened on New Year's Eve.

In 1991, a restaurant south of the border in Ciudad Ju?rez was opened. At present, there are 48 restaurants throughout Mexico. On the 8 July, 2006, Tony Cavolo passed away at the age of 83, leaving his business to his family who still own and operate a restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ. In 2013, the company celebrated their 40-year anniversary by launching Peter Piper 2.0, which continued the evolution of the business to meet the needs of Millennial families. In 2016, Peter Piper Pizza expanded into new markets in Oklahoma City. Today, the company can boast having 46 years of experience in making delicious pizza with the use of original recipes to provide their customers with joy and fun. They believe that every pizza eaten with beloved people creates memories. The headquarters are based at 5005 State Highway 121, The Colony, TX, Their working hours are from Monday to Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm, Friday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am - 11:00 pm, Sunday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm. The company's official website is Their phone number is (702) 840-7500.

Customer Reviews - Does Peter Piper Pizza Really Work?

There are numerous customers' testimonials about Peter Piper Pizza on third-party websites with the majority of positive ones. The clients are pleased with a great variety of tasty pizzas in addition to other foods including wings, breadsticks, garlic cheese bread, pretzel sticks, salads (Chopped House Salad, Caesar Salad, Chopped Italian Salad, Mandarin Cranberry Salad), side of chicken, desserts (Cinnamon Crunch Dessert, Cherry Crunch Dessert, Soft Serve, Cone), drinks (Fountain Drink, Dasani Water), extras (sauces, dressings, side of pineapple, side of jalapeno). To know better how Peter Piper Pizza operates and whether it is worth visiting, let us take a look at some of the testimonials left by actual clients of the restaurant online.

One man mentions that he remembers this place from the times when he was young. It has grown within many years and now he finds himself in North TX, with his own family. The man remembers that this location would stand out for its cleanliness and he has come to the realization that the pizza at this place is the best one he has ever eaten. The restaurant delivers high-quality products that include not just pizza, but also salads, extras and drinks. The staff is friendly and the management is attentive. The customer's young ones had a good time. It has to be noted that Peter Piper does not have the circus-like atmosphere like Chuck E Cheese does. The man is grateful for that too. By the way, one can make an order over the phone. The associates working at that restaurant are the most generous and sweetest associates ever. Whenever you come to this place you may be sure that you will get the best customer service.

Another female customer says that her family and she love Peter Piper Pizza. The staff in this place is always kind and friendly. And the pizza is very delicious. The woman appreciates the fact that they have added more games for kids, so that they can entertain themselves when their parents are busy talking at the table. All of the games work well; unlike those at other places they have been too. The restaurant space is great because it is not overcrowded. You dont find yourself being squeezed from all sides. The restaurant is also clean; even in the restrooms. If you are looking for a comfortable, quiet place to spend a family evening at this place is just perfect. The woman feels thankful for great customer service and relieved only by the amount of her bank account at the restaurant. Her kids love the games and the woman loves the feeling of being too kind to yell at children of other people. Whenever the kids request Peter Piper Pizza, the woman's hearing will be affected, yet she enjoys seeing smiles of their faces. These moments should be appreciated by everyone. The customer also points out perfect customer service, especially the one provided by Pedro. Here are some more customer reviews available online.

"We had great birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. We decided to organize it for our 3-year old daughter after coming there for lunch one day. They have rather reasonable prices per child and our daughter had fun playing there. They met us with smiling faces when we arrived on the day of the party. We were immediately shown our tables. Our attentive hostess was able to help us with different issues and to answer our questions. As the children arrived, they played joyfully before eating. Then they were seated to eat pizza, birthday cake and ice cream. We ordered food for the adults too. Everything went off without any issues. We enjoyed our time and what is more important, my daughter felt happy that day."

"For me, Peter Piper Pizza is one of the best places not only for eating but also for having meeting with my friends and even making parties. This restaurant is always clean and the staff is professional and friendly. Even the manager was attentive and kind to us. Everything was well-maintained and what I appreciated was that the pizza was not greasy. It was fresh and delicious. The prices at this location are reasonable too. Thank you for a comfortable environment."

"Peter Piper Pizza serves the best pizza I have ever eaten and I have eaten so many of them from different places. Compared to the Chuck E. Cheese in Lewisville, Peter Piper has way better pizza. Besides, the place feels spacious and clean. I don't have that unpleasant "germ fest" feeling I usually have when I go to Chuck E. Cheese. All of the games here are working well, which cannot be said about other places of the kind. I like that my kids can have some entertainment while I am having rest at the table. This is a decent for children."

My Final Summary

Based on our deep research of Peter Piper Pizza, this restaurant net in the country seems to be really worthy. It has friendly and attentive staff at different locations across the USA. Their pizza is extremely delicious! Many people say that this restaurant makes the tastiest pizza ever. The places are usually spacious and comfortable. According to the majority of customer reviews, the restaurant is always clean when it comes to the tables and floors. They may have much fun making birthday parties for their kids there. No games are broken and children may entertain themselves while grown-ups are communicating at the tables. Since this restaurant network has been in business for over forty years, they have a lot of experience in cooking healthy and tasty dishes. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers other dishes and drinks. Many people have positive childhood memories associated with Peter Piper Pizza. The customer service is up to the highest standard. This is a perfect place for spending time with your family, children and friends. With these pros in mind, Peter Piper Pizza can be recommended to visiting.

Peter Piper Pizza Pricing and Rates

The prices of pizzas may vary a lot. You can also build your own personal pizza for $3.59. Medium Build Your Own Pizza costs $9.99, while Large Build Your Own Pizza is priced at $11.99. You'll need to pay $13.99 for X-Large Chicago Classic or $4.19 for Personal Chicago Classic. Medium Chicago Classic will cost you $13.99 and Large Chicago Classic is priced at $15.99. X-Large California Veggie can be ordered for $17.99, while Personal California Veggie is priced at $3.99, and Medium California Veggie - at $10.99. Large California Veggie costs $12.99. X-Large New York 3 Cheese is priced at $14.99, Personal New York 3 Cheese - at $3.99, Medium New York 3 Cheese - at $13.99 and Large New York 3 Cheese - at $15.99. Personal Werx costs $4.19, Medium Werx - $13.99, Large Werx - $15.99. X-Large 5 Meat Supreme is priced at $17.99, Personal 5 Meat Supreme - $4.19, Medium 5 Meat Supreme - $13.99 and Large 5 Meat Supreme - $15.99. X-Large Hearty Hawaiian can be bought for $17.99, Medium Hearty Hawaiian - $13.99, and LargeHearty Hawaiian - $15.99. The company also offers wings, including boneless wings, Party Size Bread Sticks, Garlic Cheese Bread, Pretzel Sticks, Salads, Desserts, Drinks, Extras (sauces, dressings, side of jalapeno, side of pineapple).