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Posit Science

If you want to improve your mind, BrainHQ by Posit Science promises to help you do this using a wide variety of brain training exercises that have been clinically tested and proven to help you focus better, think faster, and remember more. Besides, the company promises that these exercises do not only improve your mental skills, but can also boost the overall health of your brain. But do these exercises really work? Is there any science behind these claims? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a closer look at quick facts about the program. Similar to Lumosity, which has been created by a team of highly-experienced neuroscientists, Posit Science is based on your brain's neuroplasticity, its ability to learn new things and to adapt to new events. The program works by providing your brain with real-world experience and benefits. Actually, the company uses a special set of brain-building exercises to improve the most vital functions of your blain making it think faster. You are expected to get better memory, improved vision, sharper listening skills, quicker reaction time, elevated mood, boosted self-confidence, and more.

Unlike other companies of the kind, Posit Science doesn't work with your memory only, but it claims to take a deep approach to boosting your brain function as a whole, which entails six major areas: improved processing speed, brightness (e.g. mental clarity), increased accuracy, better clarity, boosted understanding and recognition, as well as improved recording (ability to learn). In this way, Posit Science features six categories of BrainHQ exercises: Memory, Attention, Brain Speed, People Skills, Intelligence, and Navigation. Besides, the company features Brain-a-Thon challenges specially created to help you meet definite brain goals, as well as to interact with other users more effectively. Actually, you can keep track of your progress by checking the results of other people, and by monitoring your overall performance and test scores. To better understand whether this system of brain-boosting exercises really works, let us take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Posit Science Really Work?

Posit Science is based out of San Francisco, CA. The company was founded in 2002 and, despite their 15-year experience; it is not rated with the Better Business Bureau. There are only three closed complaints within the past several years. You can find a great number of online reviews from individual users of their system on different websites on the Internet. The majority of customer testimonials appear to be very positive with the most common compliments referencing high effectiveness of the brain-boosting exercises, fast results and ease of completing them. At the same time, there are some complaints too. These appear to reference high price and lack of results. The latter may be due to the improper usage of exercises. There is a number of professional reviews about the system online. Most of them seem to be quite favorable, as well.

One customer writes in her review that when he 29 year old son left the hospital after getting a traumatic brain injury he had serious memory problems. As they were leaving the cafe he looked at her and asked when they were going to eat. He did not even realize that he had just eaten a meal. According to his brain surgeon, the guy had extensive damage and he would never be able to remember anything. The woman started researching the Internet and found the work of Michael Merzenich, PhD, with Posit Science. A few hours later she booked a flight to San Francisco to get the program. The results were amazing. Within just three weeks of using the program, Ryan experienced an ability to make memories. By the time he completed the program he was able to recite a 10 digit phone number. He started watching his favorite TV show, Friends, again. Due to the Posit Science combination of the Cortex/Insight and Brain Fitness programs, the young man started getting his life back together. His mother even provided many videos of Ryan's way to recovery. His family is very thankful for the great effort the company's team has put into their products. Let us take a look at some other users' reviews online.

"I found out about the PositScience Program from my audiologist. I went to him with a complaint that my hearing aids were not working properly, but he informed me that my brain was not processing sound differences correctly due to my age-related aggravations. I ordered the program and felt improvement almost immediately. It influenced my memory positively, as well as my hearing abilities. I can enthusiastically recommend this program to anyone with memory problems."

"I was in my late 50's and suffered from many "senior moments" that influenced my business a lot. I was forgetting appointments, had a slight hearing loss, I was also "losing" keys very often. I have been using the Posit Science brain improvement program for three years. As a result, I felt certain improvements in my attention and hearing. Now I can confidently speak to others in crowds and hear them clearly enough. Thank you for this "gym" for my brain!"

"I just completed my third time of the 40 sessions of Positscience's Brain Fitness Program. Within only one year my improvement has been obvious. I can read and study well again. When I had any questions or concerns, I called the customer service and its representatives consulted me in a polite and professional way. They are helpful, responsive and friendly. Don't pay attention to the cost; the product is worth even more! I recommend it to people with mental and vision problems."

My Final Summary

There are enough positive online customer reviews regarding Posit Science to prove the effectiveness and high quality of this program. People appear to be very pleased with their purchase and the results they receive. Professional reviews seem to be fairly positive. The popularity of this brain-training program continues to grow, mainly, due to the evidence of its ability to improve memory, focus, concentration and intelligence. The program is very applicable and easy to follow. With this in mind, it is true to say that Posit Science is one of the top brain-boosting programs available on the market. If you want to improve your overall mental abilities, this system of exercises may be very helpful for you. Taking into account the reasonable cost of the program, I would recommend using Posit Science.

Posit Science Pricing and Rates

The company gives the chance to try some of their exercises for free. To do it you will need to send your request. But in order to access the full website you will need to sign up for a subscription plan. In this way, you will have two options. Yearly subscription will cost you $96 ($8 per month), while monthly subscription costs $14 per month. Whichever option you choose, remember that your subscription will renew automatically until you cancel it. If you cancel your membership mid-term, it will expire automatically at the next renewal. The company provides no refunds.