QuiBids Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY QuiBids Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


QuiBids is a quite new online penny auction website that offers fast-paced and interesting auctions for numerous items across many different categories. They are known for their low prices that are then increased by a penny for each bid placed. This allows you to save a big amount of money. The company was founded in 2009 in Oklahoma City, OK, thus, it has been in business for eight years. It has been featured on CBS News, ABC, MSNBC, etc. QuiBids has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, even though it has over 1,200 closed complaints. The most common negative reviews cited allegations of shill bidding, confusing pricing structure, and difficulty winning items.

The company works similar to Unlock Your Luck and DealDash, other online penny auction websites. QuiBids claims to offer a greater number of items across popular categories such as gift cards, home and garden, electronics, sports and recreation, and more. No matter what you are looking for, all of these items are guaranteed to be factory sealed and brand new. You can sign up for QuiBids for free, but you will need to buy Bid Packs in order to place bids and win something. Every time you place a bid, the price of the item increases by one penny. Which is why these are called "penny" auctions. Besides, after you have placed a bid, 10, 20, or 25 seconds are added to the time remaining. It greatly depends on the auction type. As you become more accustomed to the website, you may notice that some auctions add money with the period of less than 10 seconds. It means that many users bid continuously.

Customer Reviews - Does QuiBids Really Work?

There are numerous user reviews about the company on different websites on the Internet. The customers highly appreciate the possibility to win something on this website. They report winning quite often. Unlike other penny auctions sites, QuiBids has a Buy It Now option for the majority of items. Thus, if you don't wish to continue bidding and are ready to pay the listed price, just click on this button. It should be remembered that if you buy an item for the given price within two hours of the finish of the auction, the value of your the bids you have spent will be credited toward the final buying price. If you are bidding on some auction but you need to leave your computer for a while, you can benefit from their Bid-O-Matic software. This program will bid for you while you are away. This is a customizable feature.

If you take a look at the QuiBids customer testimonials, you will see that most users consider the website to be extremely exciting, fun and at the same time competitive. You can encounter some great deals but be ready also to meet competitive people. Many people report in their reviews the helpfulness of the company's customer service. The staff is ready to make it right no matter what issue you have faced. Many people mention the name of Patsy in their testimonials. This representative is helpful, professional and supportive. She managed to resolve different issues within just 24 hours. This woman used to quickly take care of any problem with complete satisfaction. Other experts are also said to provide fast and efficient assistance! Thus, for example, one customer writes that he received a courteous and very quick response. His account was credited with the needed amount in just one hour. Another user asked for refund and the company returned his money without asking too many questions or giving him any bit of trouble.

There were many other people who praised the company for its awesome service. They mentioned that they felt confident when using QuiBits knowing that if they have a problem, the staff will respond quickly and handle the situation. Thus, one customer called the customer service to talk about a charge that was not his. The issues was handled right then. They are going to return his money to his bank account within a week. The man is extremely grateful for a prompt response and is looking forward to the refund. One woman has been on EBay for many years and then she tried QuiBids and concluded that it is better. At first, she didn't even know how it worked but in a few weeks she started succeeding. It is high time to read a few testimonials left by actual customers of the company online.

"I bought a $60 package when I signed up for QuiBids. Since then I have won two prizes - a sterling silver and ruby necklace and a $50 Walmart card! So I am looking forward to my next prizes as I am going to continue using this website. By the way, they have very good customer service. I have called them several times and they answered me immediately in a professional and polite manner. I think this explanation is enough for you to sign up for this site too."

"As soon as I signed up for Qui Bids I decided to cancel my subscription thinking that it would be useless. I was reluctant to call the customer service but I did. To my surprise the woman answered that she could easily perform my requirement but she advised me to try to bid at least once. So I did. Now I can say for sure that this is the best online bidding website. It comes with reasonable changes of winning. Auctions are fair and I have won many things already. I do recommend this site to everyone."

"I have been a customer of Quibids for several years already and every time I use its website I never regret. In fact, I have received so many things at a low price! I have never been disappointed but I made a mistake on a size of a shirt I ordered during my last session. I immediately called them and the guy who helped me was very helpful and polite. He corrected my mistake in a minute. Thanks for amazing service."

My Final Summary

With all the mentioned information it is necessary to say that QuiBids is not a scam? Nevertheless, there are some important things to remember before placing your first bid. The pricing structure of the company may seem confusing at first, but in reality there is nothing easier than that. Each item comes with an extremely low price and customers' bidding increases the price to the extent when the item achieves its true price.

Next, the company allows you to win some of the important items through the most popular auctions. You can get an item for a very low price. By the way, there are numerous strategies which you can use to win. Finally, QuiBids is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews. The users of the site seem to be pleased with the pricing structure, customer service, and certainly with the items they win.

QuiBids Pricing and Rates

One QuiBids bid costs $.60 each, but they are only available in packs, and can be bought using PayPal and major credit cards. Thus, the company sells 100 bids for $60. Active members can purchase additional packs of bids. Remember that bids have a three-year expiration date. Most items bought through the site come with free shipping within the U.S. QuiBids offers a 100% money back guarantee. All unused items come with a 30-day return policy. If the reason for your return is not due to the negligence of QuiBid's, you may need to pay a 10% restocking fee. For detail contact the customer service.