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Racing Junk

Racing Junk is one of the largest online motorsports marketplaces in the world that has been sold with two affiliated motor-sports websites to Internet Brands, located in California. The other two websites are and All three sites are managed and staffed from their base of operations in North Adams. The experts are sure that the sale of Racing Junk to Internet Brands is going to bring it to the next level. The chief executive officer and president of Raceway Media, Osmin Alvarez, agrees with this opinion. He says that becoming part of the Internet Brands network of sites will give Racing Junk and the other two websites good growth opportunities in terms of membership and branding. Since the offices of Racing Junk will stay in North Adams, there will appear new opportunities for website development and job growth. The sale of the site was linked to some shift of resources and the offices. A number of resources were added to continue the growth that has been seen over the past several years.

Racing Junk was created in 1999 by Ryan Maturski of Pownal, Vt., and Paul Renaud of Clarksburg. In 2003 it was bought by Raceway Media. It provides free online classifieds with about 70 million page views on a monthly basis. There are over 600,000 registered members. This website has inspired the two other sites, and, which offer free online classifieds for the buyers of powersports equipment as well as collector-car enthusiasts. Internet Brands owns over 200 sites, including 125 automotive-related websites, with more than 90 million unique visitors each month. The company was founded in 1998 and was listed on NASDAQ for over three years. It became private in 2010 and was acquired for about $640 million by Hellman and Friedman Capital Partners VI, an affiliate of private equity investment firm. The general manager and vice president of Internet Brands, Alvin Fong, said that they we were excited to add the Racing Junk properties to their Automotive Group. The site continued the creation of a world-class classified platform loved by thousands of car enthusiasts all over the world.

Customer Reviews - Does Racing Junk Really Work?

We have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Racing Junk on third-party websites, but we are going to discuss only those found on Trustpilot. This is one of the largest platforms in the world providing objective consumer feedback on many different products and services. On this site, thousands of people leave their experiences for others to read them and make an analysis. In the case of Racing Junk, we have found both positive and negative testimonials and have decided to provide you with examples of some of them. Overall, it seems that this marketplace can be trusted, since the majority of users are pleased with it saying that it is a great community for buying or selling performance products. Thus, for instance, one man reports that he listed his sprint car as a featured advertisement after trying to sell it on other websites for two years. But on Racing Junk the man had a buyer within just one week. He has sold his car for good money and recommends this site to anyone who wants to sell a race car or performance products.

Another customer writes in his review that he has been buying and selling cars and automobile parts for many years on Racing Junk and he considers it to be the best venue for tools, race cars, automobile parts and race-related gear. He checks RJ automatically every several days. He says it is a great website that has helped him to get many cars sold. The site can be useful due to many other great items being sold. The man claims that he can spend several hours looking through this website! However, another customer complains that people are minimized by reducing their Honor Payments to a twelve-month cycle. He says that he does not sell a lot, yet he is downgraded because he doesn't sell enough within a definite period of time. He asks the developers of the site to be fair to those who deserve this. They can certainly monitor the amount of ads the users place vs when these users have no Honor Payments. The second category can be punished, but the one who pays the bills. What is the best feature of Racing Junk is that it does contain plenty of wonderful cars for sale.

Many other customers think that the site offers excellent service for both car people and racers. It is easy to list items but it should be remembered that if you don't sell it pretty fast, it goes to the bottom. The reason is that many people use this website to sell their stuff and post their ads about every minute. It is also not difficult to post and edit a classified ad. All transactions go well for all parties. One guy reported that he sold stuff on Racing Junk and received quick responses. The site is valuable for him and he would recommend it to all enthusiasts. Another user who has had only positive results from using the site says that it has worked well for him for several years already. The man always makes his honor payment, saying it is worth it. For many people, Racing Junk is the best website where they can buy high-quality cars and parts from good people. There are only loyal users on the site, which has contributed to its long operating. Let us take a look at some other customer reviews found online.

"I really like Racing Junk. It is a wonderful place to buy and sell cars and automobile parts. I have bought so many items through this site. And recently I made a very beneficial sale due to the ad that I listed on this site. I am going to continue shopping on The site has a great format to attract the right people and to get your junk sold! I do recommend this site to everyone!"

"RacingJunk offers awesome service with awesome exposure! If you sell or buy something, I advise you to donate a small sum of money to keep this website free for everyone to be able to buy and sell our stuff. The classifieds work well. I had more than 2000 views within a couple of months. I even bought my Renegade MH on this site almost thirteen years ago. Thank you, Racing Junk, for the opportunity to buy and sell stuff!"

"I am grateful Racing Junk because I can use it for free. Craigs List is absolutely free and it is so good. I know that this site reaches a lot of people in the world. I always contribute some money when I sell an item and I inspire you to do the same. There is no listing fee; the site works on human donations. To keep this site strong, we should donate when we sell anything here. And I have sold some items already."

My Final Summary is a legit website since its trust score is reasonable. Scamadviser algorithm reviewed the site with a score that is based on forty different data points. The site has high customer reputation online. The users highly appreciate the site for the opportunity to use it free of charge, and to buy and sell different things through this site. However, you are encouraged to make small donations to enable the website to continue its existence and development. The website is used by a great number of people from all over the world. It is not a scam website; it is fully automated, which makes it more reliable. The website's owner is a reputable company that can be trusted to the fullest. Trustpilot and other websites rate this site quite positively. It is receiving a lot of traffic and it has a SSL certificate. This is the certificate used to secure the communication between the site and your computer. If your not a dealer, this site may not be the best option for you. Many of those people who have left their testimonials online, have used Racing Junk for many years already, have bought and sold a lot of stuff and have never had a negative experience. Since there are so many users pleased with Racing Junk, we do recommend this website to usage.

Racing Junk Pricing and Rates

Basic account is free of charge. Club Racing Junk Membership costs $6.95 per month or $49.95 per year. There are also Business Accounts. Dealer Level 1 is priced at $50.00 per month (2 Ad Positions). Dealer Level 2 costs $125.00 per month (10 Ad Positions). Dealer Level 3 is priced at $225.00 per month (20 Ad Positions). Dealer Level 4 costs $350.00 per month (50 Ad Positions). You can get one Gallery Ad 10 Photo Gallery for $15.00 or Premiere Ad Life of Ad for $20.00. You'll pay $20 for two weeks, $30 - for four weeks and $40 - for twelve weeks. Featured Ad costs $25.00 per week. Newsletter Ad is priced at $25.00 per issue. One Super Sized Ad costs $5.00. One Show a video will cost you $10.00. there are many Repost Options. To repost a current ad for four additional weeks you'll need to pay $10.00, for eight weeks - $20.00, for twelve weeks - $30.00. Automatic Repost Monthly costs $100.00 per month. Automatic Repost Weekly is priced at $150.00 per month, while Automatic Repost Daily costs $250.00 per month.