Sapira Mattress Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Sapira Mattress

Sapira Mattress is a new product made by the well-known company called Leesa. It should be mentioned that Sapira Mattress is a sister company to Leesa Sleep. It is based out of Virginia Beach, VA, and has an average "A" BBB rating. This mattress features a combination of performance foam and exclusive pocket springs that are claimed to deliver a perfect sleep experience. The product will be shipped to your home in a box as soon as you order it. Sapira's high-performance foams and luxury pocket spring core provide ideal support and at the same time bounce, along with a comfort you have always been looking for. According to the manufacturer, this mattress uses only high-quality materials made in American and is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning and demanding buyers. At the same time, Sapira Mattress remains affordable for most customers. It is claimed to be the only luxury hybrid mattress.

The mattress' weight is between 75 and 142 pounds, depending on the model and size. Each unit contains five layers. Pocket Springs are located in the center of the mattress. Premium grade steel pocket springs run to the edge, delivering proper body contouring, support, and zero motion transfer. Stabilizing Layers are located above and below the pocket springs. These are 1" layers of 2lb high-resiliency foam that provide a transition to memory foam and performance layer. Memory Foam is located above the upper stabilizing layer. It is 1.5" thick. This 4lb high-performance memory foam is responsible for relieving pressure. Finally, the Performance Layer is located on the very top. It is 3.75lb high-density foam 1.5" thick. It has a cooling and bounce effect.

Customer Reviews - Does Sapira Mattress Really Work?

There are numerous testimonials from true users of the mattress online. Almost all owners of this product are highly pleased with its performance. They say that the Sapira mattress is very durable. As it sis more responsive than latex, there is no need to get a pillow top or topper. The users are also amazed with the cover of the mattress that is made from a single knitted length of fabric. It is tailored to hug the mattress and is manufactured in the USA. The Sapira Mattress is made, wrapped and shipped from Mississippi. It arrives in a 16.5" x 16.5" x 43.5" box (17.5" x 17.5" x 45" for King and Cal King versions). The box has several handles to make maneuvering around your home easier. This is another advantage of the product highly appreciated by the buyers.

The Sapira mattress is made to be placed onto a flat, firm, sturdy surface. It can be a solid base (solid box spring, platform, etc.) or a slatted base. As soon as you unbox your mattress, you will need to get rid of the outer plastic and unfold the product into position. Cut the plastic on one side and the mattress will take the necessary shape in less than a minute. The users say it is interesting to observe how the springs pop into place. Most customers say that they are generally satisfied with the product. The customer feedback for the Sapira Mattress is quite positive. For instance, Sleepopolis gave this mattress an overall rating of 4.9 stars. It is claimed that the combination of coils and foam offers all the benefits of these materials at a time. The users like that the coils are zoned to provide you with maximal support. These coils are tightly packed along the edges for better support.

The cover is made of a blend of lycra and polyester. This material can be commonly found in performance sportswear. It is breathable and cooling, as well as thin and elastic. One the firmness scale, the Sapira Mattress has a 6.5-7 rating (medium firm), with the average motion transfer that is never annoying. People like an exceptional design of this mattress, its performance, and build quality. However, some users wished it were a bit softer, but this mainly depends on personal preference. The mattress features one of the best edge support offered by mattresses available on the modern market. It should be mentioned that some people find the Sapira mattress heavier and thicker than a typical boxed mattress. But I think these are the signs of high quality. The mattress looks great and provides not much sink. It would be a good choice for people who are looking for support, pressure relief and average bounce. Let us have a look at some of the real users' reviews.

"My experience of using Sapira Mattress is very pleasant since, this product has helped me to get rid of pain in my back. I had suffered from the issue for many years and couldn't find a suitable mattress for sleeping. It is really very supportive and comfortable for sleep. By the way, the order arrived rather fast after I formed my order online. I received the mattress in just five days. It expanded immediately after unboxing and became perfectly "square". My wife is also very pleased with how she sleeps now. It's much better that a traditional mattress. My wife never notices when I toss or turn at night. I am sure it willserveus for many years."

"My wife and I are side sleepers, so we have been searching for a suitable mattress quite long. Finally, we found the Sapira Mattress and decided to give it a try. This mattress is comfortable and supportive enough for us to sleep wall all through the night. The coils are effective when we are on our side. I think that this mattress will be also suitable for back sleepers. It may feel firm at first, but as it contours to the body nicely, you don't feel trapped. This mattress reduces my back pain and helps me to wake up well rested in the morning."

"I am a stomach sleeper and SapiraMattress is just fine with me. I can enjoy my night's sleep completely. It is firm enough, so my belly never sinks deep into the mattress. I don't feel trapped or anything of the kind. But it is not like sleeping on a board. It keeps my spine in the comfortable position while I am sleeping on the stomach. I have never had any pain in my shoulders, back, or neck. By the way, this mattress is perfect for intimacy activities. The foam does not bounce back too much, which makes sex more enjoyable."

My Final Summary

Having a proper mattress is very important, since we spend a third part of our life sleeping. I like the Sapira Mattress based on such factors as motion transfer, edge support, coolness, bounce, price, and more. However, it is up to you to decide whether this mattress is right for you. This is a luxury mattress associated with great feedback from different websites. There is no need to worry about the quality of the product, as it comes with the 100-night trial period. You can get your money back if you are not quite satisfied with the product.

The Sapira mattress is designed for those who appreciate the high performance, the best material quality, and overall sleep quality. I believe that a number of positive comments demonstrate the reputation this mattress absolutely deserves. People highly appreciate build quality, design, and exceptional performance of the mattress. Just few users would like this mattress to be bit softer. However, in this case, it may lose some of its amazing stability and support. Taking into account advantages and disadvantages of this mattress, I would recommend the Sapira mattress to usage.

Where To Buy Sapira Mattress In Stores?

Sapira Mattresses is available in different sizes. Its models are priced as follows: Twin (38" x 75" x 11") costs $975; Twin XL (30" x 80" x 11") costs $1,075; Full (54" x 75"; x 11") costs $1,275; Queen (60" x 80" x 11") costs $1,475; King (76" x 80" x 11") costs $1,775; Cal King (72" x 84" x 11") costs $1,775. You can contact a Sapira representative by calling the customer support at 844-473-7472.