Shoe Slotz Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Shoe Slotz

Shoe Slotz are space-saving units used to stack shoes in a vertical position to organize them neatly. The official website of the product is It was registered in June 2015. These space-saving storage items promise to double your storage space as your shoes are placed one on top of the other. These units organize your shoes in such a way as to make them easy to find. So, you won't need to spend precious time on finding the pair you want. These items are suitable for all types of shoes from stiletto heels to size 14 sneakers. They can be used to organize men's, women's, and children's shoes. These will be ideal units for anyone who needs more space at home. Shoe Slotz works on in cabinets, shoe racks, closet shelves, and on the floor. They are made from durable poly resin with slip-resistance surface. The manufacturer claims that Shoe Slotz are easy and convenient to use. Besides, they will hold the shape of your shoes. By the way, the company behind the product is reputable and well-known in the country. To find out whether this product really works well let us take a look at what real customers are saying about their experience of using the product.

Customer Reviews - Does Shoe Slotz Really Work?

This As Seen on TV product tries to solve a problem many people didn't even realize that it existed. It may seem to be strange, but still it does work well. Shoe Slotz solves the problem of shoe storage very effectively by keeping your shoes well-organized in a more efficient space. Each unit has a simple design: instead of placing shoes side by side, it stacks them in such a way that one shoe is displayed, while the other is hidden underneath. The material from which the item is made seems to have good quality to perform its function properly. Shoe Slotz has a few competitors which also promise to solve the problem of shoe organization. Shoe Slotz started appearing in stores in late December 2015 after a short television campaign. But what are actual users saying about the product? Well, the majority of buyers appear to be satisfied with their purchase saying that the product uses a great concept that will be especially appreciated by people who have a large collection of shoes. If you have limited storage space on your shoe rack, this product is definitely worth giving a try. It allows you to double the number of shoes you can place on a rack or shelf. The major principle is that one shoe is placed on top of the other. It also gives your shoe rack a cleaner look since you won't need to use different-sized shoe boxes from different brands scattered all over the place. According to the real customers, these units work better for low-heeled shoes. High heeled (4" and up) shoes may be difficult to slide into the slots. Each item features a tab that prevents the top shoe from sliding off.

Another benefit to using Shoe Slotz is that you can see all of your shoes and can easily find the necessary pair. This saves your time! They are made from hard plastic and seem to be very durable. According to the majority of customers, these items work exactly as described. Many of them are pleasantly surprised at how much room these shoe stands save. Similar units from a less expensive brand are good, but Shoe Slotz work better and have better quality. One woman reports that she needed more space for her shoes and thought these items would increase her capacity 50-75%. The woman studied different suppliers but most of them were cheaply made, had tricky assembly and were not suitable for some shoes. These Shoe Slotz had a great number of reviews, so the woman decided to order one box of six. They arrived in a week and the woman started using the items the same day. It took her several seconds per unit to insert the heel stop. She had a wide variety of athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes and higher ankle shoes. The product worked for all of them. Her husband looked at it, liked it and ordered four more boxes.

Another customer also found the product just awesome. The woman confessed that the slots helped her to organize her closet in her new place. The woman's last closet was much larger. These items helped her to save a lot of space and make the closet more functional. The Slotz themselves are well made and fit all of her shoes. The woman says that she wears a men's size 12 and they fit in the items like a glove. According to her words, if there was a thing she would add it might be a grip on the bottom of the units so they don't slide around. If you have many shoes you may need to order two or three sets of these units to organize your closet. If you have really high heels, they might not fit into the items. But all of your running shoes, sandals, and flats will fit just fine. Another woman says that she is in love with these shoe slots. She is going to buy an additional set. Earlier she had been placing her shoes on each other, but they could change their shape. However, these slots make it so much easier to place each pair separately and take it out whenever it is needed. It is very convenient to have these slots near the door and in the closet. This "As Seen on TV" product is actually terrific! You can double your space even in a tight closet. The product will allow you to see all of your shoes easily. People say that their orders arrived promptly.

"At first I was thinking whether I really need Shoe Slotz. I wanted to get my closet well-organized and I decided that this product would help me to display my shoes. I was right! These slots allowed me to organize my shoes in an aesthetic and pleasing way. Now my shoes look so much more attractive. It is much easier to pick a pair I would like to wear every day. My shoes are kept in good condition."

"I love my Shoe Slotz. I like all of my items to be well-organized, including my shoes. These slots are perfect for organizing my shoes. I should say that my closet has slanted shelves for my shoes, so it is very convenient to place all of my shoes. I ordered six sets and they work just perfectly. I do recommend buying these items to everyone."

"My Shoe Slotz are perfect. I can get twice the number of pairs in my closet as I could before getting these slots. They have high quality and are very easy to use. At first I ordered two boxes because I was not sure about the quality of the product and then I reordered it twice. The shelves in my closet look well-organized. These are flat, so they are convenient for storing shoes. They don't slide forward due to the rubber surface. If you want, you can glue a piece of thick balsa wood on the back to store heeled shoes."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Shoe Slotz, this product turns out to be really worth attention of everyone who want to have their shoes well-organized. It works well even in a small closet; however, it needs a fair amount of vertical space. The shoe slots are beneficial for some other reasons too. They will provide you with twice the number of pairs on the same shelf. They are manufactured from high-quality plastic and are easy to use. The closet looks much neater and the slots themselves are not too expensive. They can be afforded by any household. They are suitable for different kinds of shoes even low boots, short ankle boogies, wedges and flats. We took a look at the actual users' testimonials available online and most of the users turned out to be very pleased with their purchase. The customers love these things as they make their closet look very neat. This is a great idea and I definitely recommend Shoe Slotz to buying.

Shoe Slotz Pricing and Rates

The product can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer. One 6-pack set of Shoe Slotz costs $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping. It can also be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $15. Amazon sells a 6-piece set of Shoe Slotz at the price of $14.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.