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Soma Water

Soma is a company that produces aesthetically pleasing water filters to fit many different containers. The list of products is rather small, so you won't be too confused about the offered options. The major goals of the company focus on a simple yet attractive design, so that consumers can treat the pitcher and carafe as another addition to their kitchenware. It is more than just another method of getting clean water. The official website contains many instructional videos to demonstrate users how to wash and rinse all pieces of the filter, while other websites do not provide any recommendation for their water filters. The Soma Water Carafe is a filter with an hourglass design, which holds 48 ounces of water. It is shatterproof and comes with the option of either prepaying or receiving an automatic charge for filters every two months for replacements. It is very easy to take care for the carafe. All of its pieces can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Soma carafe comes with one glass Soma carafe; 1, 6, or 12 filters (depending on your order), and one donation to charity: water with every filter. The Soma Pitcher features coconut shell carbon and a plant-based casing that is able to hold up to 80 ounces of water. There is also a white-oak handle. This filter needs to be hand-washed in a delicate way. You will also need to apply mineral oil to the handle, so that the finish won't come off. Your order will include one BPA-free plastic Soma Pitcher; 1, 6, or 12 filters (depending on your order) and one donation to charity: water with every filter. The company also offers a number of replacement filters. The filter needs to be replaced for every 40 gallons of water that passes through it. When you need to change your filter, you can either buy a new filter or you can wait for your regular delivery of new filters every two months ($12.99). Every company's filter meets 42 requirements for the reduction of taste, chlorine, and odor. Each product is certified by the NSF/ANSI Standard.

Customer Reviews - Does Soma Water Really Work?

The Soma water filter consists of quite simple ingredients with the purpose of minimizing carbon footprint of the company and consumer. While other companies tend to use petroleum-based plastic filter cartridges, the Soma filter is natural since it uses coconut shells to create the absorbent carbon. There is no need to go to the store to buy new filters; as every package is delivered directly to your threshold. You will be offered free delivery for filters. When you fill the pitcher or carafe, odors and chlorine are removed, as a result, you receive absolutely clean water. The process of using the Soma water filter may seem complicated, but in reality it is not. All you have to do is open the top of a container, fill it up, and let the water flow through the filter, into the container. If you need some fresh water right now, just pour it out into a cup or glass. You will need to change the filter approximately every two months.

You can find a great variety of customer reviews about the product on different websites on the Internet. The majority of people are satisfied with the filter saying that it works as advertised on the official website. One customer writes that she likes her new water filter because it is made of glass, not plastic. It is also able to filter water rather fast and hold a big amount of water. Besides, it allows keeping water at room temperature, so it can be drunk any moment. The woman confesses that she likes to pull the filter out and pour water directly from the glass while the water is still being filtered. Make sure that the filter is sealed in tight every time you leave the filter. Another user emphasizes the fact that Soma Water filter has a very nice design and can fit into any interior of the kitchen. This is another reason why the product received so many compliments from its users. The filter can be used every day. Water tastes really good. The product is made in USA and consists of organic components. It feels a little heavy because it is glass! Let us take a look at the opinions of people who have used this excellent filter in their own life.

"I am so happy to find Soma Water filter that drains water into a glass container. I don't like anything made of plastic in the kitchen and I try to use as little plastic as possible. I like the fact that I always have fresh water of the room temperature. It is wonderful to have ready to use water. It is easy to fill and pour. The item works well for me. To my mind, it copes well with the task of removing the chlorine and odor from water. My water taste great. I would certainly recommend this filter to everyone."

"I have always wanted to buy a worthy water filter. Finally I found Soma Water and I feel really pleased. There are two things I like most of all about this filter. First, it has nice design. It is made of glass and looks well in my kitchen. Second, the purifying dripper can be easily removed. It means that I don't have to wait until the batch seeps through to pour. I love this product very much. I have had a ton of different filters, but every time I either didn't like the water's taste or anything else was wrong."

"At first I was hesitant about buying SomaWater but as soon as I received this water filter I realized that it was the right choice. I do not regret purchasing it for a few major reasons: it removes the chlorine from my water; it is easy to fill while the lid is still present, and it is not too heavy for a filter of this kind. The only disadvantage is the necessity to re-fill it from time to time as the filter does not take a lot of water at a time. The pitcher version is said to be bigger."

My Final Summary

Soma Water filter is a nice product created by the company that intends to improve human life by providing tasty and clean water. They offer sustainable and organic filters that make water delicious and healthy. Their filters are convenient to use on everyday basis. The company's staff believes that clean drinking water is one of the main human rights. That is why every time you buy a filter from Soma, you donate to charity projects. Soma Water filter has a smart design as it is made of German-engineered glass. The product is able to keep water fresh and crisp. It is also shatter-resistant and can hold 48 oz (6 cups) of fresh filtered water.

Each Soma filter is effective for 40 gallons, or about two months. The Soma core group is made up of eight team members. The makers intended to create a filter without plastic or any chemicals. Their water filter is not only beautiful, but it is also functional and easy to use. The makers were driven by the desire to make the environment safer and to help people have a well-hydrated healthy life. The major designer of the filter is David Beeman who has been involved in the production of filters for such companies as Peet's, Starbucks, and Keurig. Taking into account these positive moments, I do recommend the Soma water filter to buying.

Where To Buy Soma Water In Stores?

Each Soma water filter has a different price depending on the size of the product. The Soma Carafe costs at $49, and it is reusable. The Soma Pitcher is priced at $39.00. It is also reusable. The lowest cost of a replacement filter is about $10. Enrollment in subscription can save your money. There are no shipping fees when you reorder filters.