Spark ProCam Reviews - What Is It?

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Spark ProCam

The Spark ProCam is a motion-activated camera that doubles as a USB charger to offer HD recordings. This security camera looks like a simple device; however, it has many functions that we will talk discuss in this review. There is a camera on the front and a microphone on the back. It has to be mentioned that it was manufactured by Shop Modern, a company that sells a wide variety of other electronic devices that range from a personal air conditioner to an electronic pain relief patch and a smart backpack. Is the Spark ProCam really as cool as claimed by the manufacturer? In the next several minutes we are going to learn how it works, what real users are saying about it, its pricing and the return policy. To understand how this security camera works, we had to read through the user manual of this device.

When your camera arrives, you will need to unpack it and plug it into a wall socket. Connect the device to your computer via a USB cable. You will see it as "SD card" or "USB Drive", according to the manual. At this point, click on the icon of the device. When it opens on your computer, set the resolution for recording and download the videos to your computer. In order to set the resolution, you will need to click on a document titled "TAG" or "SETTIME". You will find resolution setting there. Choose the one you want and replace the current setting with that one. If you opt for the motion-activated recording, it means that your camera will start recording when it senses motion. Don't worry, it will not record all the time. It will shut off three minutes after the last motion it senses. According to the company, the camera is highly sensitive and cannot distinguish between a one-time movement and a number of movements. To download recorded video, you will need to connect the camera to your computer, click on its icon and choose "Record" or "Video". You can watch a video by clicking on it or drop it onto your desktop to save it.

Customer Reviews - Does Spark ProCam Really Work?

There is a limited number of online customer reviews about the Spark ProCam. In general, it has received mixed feedback for its usability. Many people have reported that the product does provide good audio feedback and video quality. They have also been glad with the fact that the video camera helps them to monitor their homes and people that they want to. For instance, some parents have used this camera to ensure the safety of their houses and children. Thus, most users think that the secretive nature of the camera is quite appealing. At the same time, some people have expressed their concerns over the ethicalities of using this camera. For example, it is unethical to spy on other people with the camera. This could be a cause for concern.

However, there are also negative opinions about the Spark ProCam on third-party websites. The first one concerns its functional aspect. Some users confess that the product does not work as it should. Another huge issue with this device is its storage. According to the representative of the company, the camera comes with a built-in 8 GB Micro SD card able to hold up to one hour of 1920x1080p video. This is a drawback because it limits your ability to do prolonged recording. Motion-activated recording is limiting too, since you will only be able to record, for instance, twelve five-minute increments of video. If you want to monitor a babysitter, this storage space may not be enough, but if you wish to monitor your home while you are away, it could be enough. It should be remembered that the device will start deleting older videos to create space for the newer ones.

Another common complaint is that the instruction manual does not provide any directions about how to change the built-in card. They probably do not want you to do this. If you need to increase your recording time, you will have to go into the camera's options and compromise the video quality. There are also many complaints about the customer service of the company. It is said on the official website that the customer service can be contacted by emailing Their team operates Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM EST. however, many customers reported that the customer service reps are unresponsive and completely unhelpful. If you have realized that you have got a damaged or defective product, you have the right to request a full refund. Unfortunately, many customers reported that they failed to contact the customer service for doing so. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"To tell you the truth, I expected more from Spark ProCam, especially taking into account its cosmic price. This cam is too expensive for what it offers. There are much cooler options available on the market for the same cost."

"Spark ProCam is a funny device - it doesn't even look like a camera. Even if it was made as a "spy" camera, it's still ridiculous. This product features too little storage place. Its only advantage is that it does not require any batteries for operation."

"Spark ProCam This is not a useful cam for security. It has a number of drawbacks, the major one of which is the amount of video it can record. That's too little! Despite it is compact and easy to use, I cannot recommend this product!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Spark ProCam, it seems that this product is very disputable. It seems to have plenty of editing scope, a wide range of filters and an ability to import video, but at the same time, it has a lot of drawbacks. Based on real customers' feedback, it does not always work as claimed. The big downside of this product is that its storage capacity is very weak and there is no way to upgrade this camera's memory. The reason is the built-in Micro SD card. It means that this camera can be a good option for those who need video and audio recordings, but not for those who need continuous recordings. The camera features only one-hour memory capacity, which is only suitable for a small number of short clips. You will not be able to do long recordings with this camera.

Besides, the Spark ProCam is very expensive. There is cheaper and more functional competition over there. In this way, if you are looking for a secretive security camera, you will need to continue your search. Fortunately, the modern market has much to offer. But if you need a camera to do short recordings, you can buy this one. Taking into account all strengths and weaknesses of this camera, I cannot recommend Spark ProCam to purchasing.

Where To Buy Spark ProCam In Stores?

At the time of writing this review, the Spark ProCam varies in price based on the number of units you purchase. One camera costs $57, two cameras can be bought for $104.50, three cameras are priced at $142.50, four cameras cost $171, and five cameras are priced at $204.25. in this way, the more cameras you buy, the bigger discount you get. For example, one camera costs $57, while you can buy a five-camera pack paying about $40.75 per device. According to the fine print on the official website, you can only return your cam if it arrived damaged or defective. You will have to do so within thirty days of your purchase by emailing customer support at You cannot return your camera simply because you don't like it or have buyer's regret.