SprezzaBox Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription box providing clothing, fashion, and grooming items for males. Usually, those items include pocket squares, socks, ties, sunglasses, etc. You can get five or more items per month, as well as discount offers for brand retailers of men's clothing, such as cufflinks.com. Subscribers are also expected to receive coupon codes. Each month has its own theme specially designed to inspire clients to try something new and fashionable. They are also able to buy luxe gift boxes. One can choose to pay a one-time payment of $28, or start a monthly membership at $25 to pay less for an annual subscription. You can benefit from free shipping in the continental U.S. By the way, the company ships to 28 other countries. Each box guarantees to deliver a retail value of more than $100. If you choose the monthly subscription, you can cancel it any time within your billing cycle. This will prevent delivering of the further boxes.

The SprezzaBox official website contains a traditional shop front with previous collections being displayed. You can purchase signature box items, such as tie clips pocket squares, socks, and lapel pins. Most items are reasonably priced and have high quality. For instance, designer socks cost from $12. Actually, this monthly subscription service offers a combination of 5-6 men's lifestyle and fashion accessories, coordinated by in-house stylists. Your purchase is delivered directly to your threshold each month. The founder of the company is Philip Sblendorio who confirms that each box contains items needed for work of an average corporate man. Receiving such boxes each month will ensure that you are aware of how to looks great. This is the online Guide that complements the boxes together to make them the most valuable. You can buy separate fashionable accessories from SprezzaBox online store.

Customer Reviews - Does SprezzaBox Really Work?

You should understand that SprezzaBox is a men's accessories and fashion subscription service. What sets them apart from other services of the kind? Does this one deserve your money? Let's explore these questions by taking a closer look at the company and its features. It is important to say that the company was founded in May 2014 by Philip Sblendorio, who has about 430K followers at present. Several years ago this guy decided to start posting menswear content to his account every day. The account has gained traction with a big audience. Today, SprezzaBox offers a wide variety of stylistic choices. However, in his 2015 interview, Philip said that customers shouldn't be looking for something too daring. According to Business Insider, this fashion-centered service is especially appealing to men who like a bit of class. Their boxes are perfect for those who are inspired by the life of James Bond.

There are many customer reviews about the company online. Most clients are highly satisfied with SprezzaBox services and items available on their official website. One customer admitted that he was pleased with the expert he talked to when calling the customer service. He found items' quality to be very good. He wasn't disappointed with the ties or socks either. Like any other subscription service, some items may not match the tastes and preferences of the customers. So, what you will receive is always a surprise. There are a lot of testimonials from people who left them on subscription-oriented blogs (for instance, My Subscription Addiction). These reviews claimed that the orders included a good mix of items and shipment. Most customers like both the casual and seasonable accessories as well as lifestyle items. They are mostly pleased with the overall value of the offered consistent collections.

SprezzaBox provides a lot of upfront clothing and accessories for gentlemen who are looking for new inspiration in how to accessorize their outfits. They may buy everything from watch straps to pocket squares. The company's staff focuses on the smallest details in order to pull an outfit together. The customers claim that they receive a great companion box containing men's clothing and fashionable accessories. Each box features five or six items that follow a theme and invite a receiver to try a new color or pattern. Let's take a look at what real customers think about their experience of using SprezzaBox services.

"I received a nice pocket square that met my personal preferences, and I also appreciated the ties. The colors varied from burgundy to brown. These are gentlemanly colors. The ties are easy to wear. By the way, I liked the geometric tie clip. If you like layer textures and patterns, SprezzaBox will be a great option for you too. It is really an affordable way to try something new, modern and more youthful. I would recommend this box to my friends who want to find their own sense of style. Thanks for a brown leather wallet."

"What was noticeable about Sprezzabox is their attention to detail. The items I received followed the current theme of men's accessories; all items in the box were absolutely unique. My last box featured a classic color or print, just what I like about the man's style. I particularly appreciated seeing different designs each month. This box can be used as a wonderful gift for a friend and will especially appeal students and young gentlemen."

"Sprezza Box sent me everything from embellished ties and funky socks to patterned pocket squares. Their staff seems to be excited about providing a modern classic men's fashion. They take care of each item they put into each box in order to follow the theme, as well as pattern and color topic. I can hardly believe that I just pay twenty bucks for such a wonderful collection of things. I like the feeling of being surprised with what I am receiving. If you enjoy themed boxes, this can be a good option for you too."

My Final Summary

SprezzaBox is an excellent online service that sells dozens of man's clothing, accessories and other products that complement their monthly boxes. The company offers a good Refund/Exchange Policy. Items are hand-selected by professional stylists and coordinated with the items contained in each box. The service also offers a lot of discounts and coupon codes to their members. You get a lot of upfront value, with about five items of the highest quality in each box. The only disadvantage is that coupon code partnerships are limited to one or two brands. The items are always different each month (socks, ties, and so on). The general presentation of the contents is well thought out.

It is important to be mentioned that the items bought through SprezzaBox's store can be exchanged or returned within 30 days. The company's customer service is claimed to be very professional and helpful, according to the customer reviews. It can be reached by emailing support@sprezzabox.com or via their support desk. Another unique service offered by SprezzaBox is their special groomsmen shop for wedding parties of more than four people. It includes boxes, customized pricing, and advice. Taking into account all pros and cons of the service, SprezzaBox can be certainly recommended.

SprezzaBox Pricing and Rates

The monthly membership will cost you $28. Twelve-Months Paid-In-Full Membership costs $300 paid upfront. For this price, you will receive boxes containing products with a retail value of more than $100. You won't get a duplicate item, but you might get the same type of item (a tie, for example) in a different color or pattern.