SpyFly Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE SpyFly Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you want to find information about your old friend, a relative you haven't seen for ages or your new neighbor, you can benefit from SpyFly that claims to perform public record-based background checks easily and quickly. This includes address and contact information, financial information, criminal records, and related individuals. Does this service really provide solid information worth your hard-earned money? Let's look for the facts and check what can be said about it. In general, SpyFly promises to provide you with up to date, accurate, and complete background checks about any person in an easy, fast, and safe manner. This can be accomplished by using the latest technology that can aggregate millions of public records to help you find almost any individual you haven't contacted for a while, find out public records about you and learn more about your new neighbor.

Besides, SpyFly promises to assist you place sex offenders in your neighborhood, or in any part of the U.S. This will allow you to get email alerts every time a sex offender gets into your area. The service will give you an opportunity to monitor up to four people at a time, and to be informed when any changes occur in their public record, such as a divorce, marriage, arrest, etc. In addition, SpyFly official website says that personal Emergency Response Profiles (ERPs) for all of your family members can be stored. These profiles can be emailed to authorities quickly if anyone goes missing. To start using the website, you will need to simply enter a person's first name and last name. You can also enter the state on their homepage if you know it. However, it should be remembered that information received through SpyFly cannot be used for consumer credit, employment, or other similar purposes. This is what the Fair Credit Reporting Act claims.

Customer Reviews - Does SpyFly Really Work?

In fact, you can find a great number of consumer opinions about SpyFly online, even though the company is quite young. It was founded in 2012 and is based out of San Diego, CA. SpyFly holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are no complaints over the past three years at all. If you take a look at the customer reviews about the company online, you will notice that most of them have a positive character and the customers appear to be satisfied with SpyFly services. It should be considered that the company's URL was registered in 2012, while their website appears to have been working only since the beginning of 2014.

One of the customers writes in her review that she was pleased with the service even though it seemed to be incomplete. The woman did the trial offer for seven days that cost her only $2. She said that she had no trouble logging in or getting the information. The woman found information about the people she was looking for right and sufficient; however, when she ran her own name the information was incomplete. Nevertheless, she didn't expect much for $2. She found out some helpful data that was completely worth $2. The woman claims that you should be aware of the fact that some information can be lacking.

Another customer wrote in his review that he was happy to find and use SpyFly. In fact, he says that he has been dreaming about similar service for more than twenty years! The man finally found his dad's side of the family, as well as he found out the person he had been looking for quite long. That person died one year before however, the man felt satisfied. They have email address that was convenient in order to contact the necessary person without seeming like a crazy person. It took the man to search only two days before he found his father's side of the family. He felt very thankful to the service and the company in general. It is high time to take a look at what real users of the website think about it and what kind of experience they used to have.

"I was very happy to find the necessary information about my relatives and acquaintances on the SpyFly website. It provided me with an incredible amount of data that was both accurate and complete. The site even showed details of the criminal and financial spheres. I also checked someone that I suspected to be a royal scumbag. It proved to be really so! I would highly recommend this service to my friends and all people who need information about any person."

"I used Spy Fly yesterday for the first time and I liked the website. I paid only $2.99 for a seven-day membership. I had to look up people whom I don't really know but they want to be my friends. It turned out that they have a good life story and can be trusted. The information was abundant and accurate. Even though some information was quite old, I would still recommend this service to everyone who needs to know more than they are allowed."

"What I like about Spyfly the most is that this website has always been there whenever I needed it. And I never had any problems with logging in. From my personal experience, I can say that I have received everything I was promised I would get. And in addition, if you have any problem you can contact the customer service. The staff of the company will fix your problem as soon as possible. Other companies of the kind take up to 24 hours before you will have your problem fixed."

My Final Summary

With all this information, I can say without any doubt that SpyFly is a worth company to spend your money on a membership with? According to numerous customer reviews, the website mostly contains complete information. It means that you will be provided with criminal information for a person who is known to have a criminal record. You will be able to get information on bankruptcies for those who have undergone the issue. In addition to the opportunity of receiving detailed information about an individual, you are not obliged to pay much money for the service. Membership fees are not high.

Due to the SpyFly test search we have performed, it was found out that before viewing the report, you will need to enter credit card details. The company gives an opportunity to order a 7-day trial for only $1. With a number of positive online customer reviews, and good results of a search process, I am satisfied with the company. Taking into account all of its advantages and disadvantages, I can certainly recommend SpyFly to everyone who needs to find information about anyone else. Log in, you will not regret.

SpyFly Pricing and Rates

The company offers several different membership options that tend to be automatically renewed from time to time. These options allow the user to run an unlimited number of background reports. Monthly Membership costs $29.97. Quarterly Membership costs $39.97. Semi-Annual Membership costs $49.97. Annual Membership costs $59.98. No matter which membership option you will choose, you can sign up under a standard version or a 7-day trial. The 7-day trial costs $1, but if you cancel the trial before the week expires, you will owe nothing else. No refunds are available for memberships. In order to cancel your subscription, just contact their U.S.-based customer service by calling at 800-831-9235.