Stove Ranger Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Stove Ranger Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Stove Ranger

Stove Ranger is a residential system that needs to be installed over your stove top and buried within the hood with the purpose of protecting your family and house against fires. When the system senses a fire, it immediately releases an agent to suppress that fire and prevent it from spreading. Within this period of time, you can call a fire department. This protection can save money and, what is more important, human lives. The system is claimed to prevent cooking fires, which may threaten the safety of your close ones. As the promoters of Stove Ranger promise, this device is promoted as an effective fire suppression system. But is it really able to detect a fire and instantly release a non-toxic substance to calm down the fire? This question needs to be answered further in this review. The hype revolves around the ability of the device to put the fire out. It is said to feature built in sensors to make the system react automatically as soon as it detects the grease or oil fire too.

The Stove Ranger is said to have a patented design that can be conveniently located above any electric stove or cook top. Easy installation is another advantage of this unit. You will not need any special tools, as the manufacturer says. This product is claimed to be able to reduce property damage and, thus, reduce your insurance rates. Whether the unit can prevent injuries and deaths we will find out further in this review. At least, the official website of the product claims that the heat sensing technology will automatically extinguish fire. In case of a fire, it will produce a dry chemical retardant. In case of a cook top or stove fire, the heat sensitive mechanism will release the siliconized mixture of sodium bicarbonate in a cloud. This cloud is intended to minimize the chance of re-ignition. Nevertheless, you are highly recommended to call proper fire services. Unfortunately, there is no information about the company behind Stove Ranger, so it is difficult to say whether the device can really be trusted.

Customer Reviews - Does Stove Ranger Really Work?

Stove Ranger can be used in apartments, dorm rooms, houses, and condos; however, there is a number of warnings for you to take into account. This product is meant for electric ranges, not for gas fired ranges. The unit is designed to suppress flames on top of your stove. It works by extinguishing the flame. I case with a gas burner, it will fill the kitchen with gas and make the situation even worse. Ensure to read the instructions before installing the device, otherwise, it may cause harm. Do not open or refill the disposable extinguisher units. Avoid disassembling the device, immersing it in water or in any cleaning solution. This system is meant only to help stop the small fire and you are advised to call 9-1-1 and follow all the necessary safety procedures in case of a fire in your home. Adults over 65 years of age are at the highest risk of fires, as well as those who have poor vision or/and hearing, or have health issues linked to mobility.

It is recommended to replace the Stove Ranger every five years, or after it has been deployed. At the period of replacement of the unit, the fire retardant should be dry and sealed within the extinguisher unit. Don't do it yourself. It is better to get a replacement instead. The retardant is said to be a non-toxic chemical, so you are not expected to suffer from any adverse effects if exposed to it. After it deploys, you will need to any clean excess fire retardant using a broom, brush, or a vacuum cleaner. You can remove residual material with warm water, a clean cloth, and soap. This retardant can be thrown away in the trash due to its eco-friendly nature. What differentiates the Stove Ranger from competitors? Probably, the major thing is the price point for this system. It is quite high when compared to other devices of the kind. Stove Ranger is a new product, so it cannot be trusted completely yet. There are many doubts that it provides the same protection of your home and commercial property as other systems available on the market. The set you will receive includes one unit, two extinguishers, and springs of different sizes for different range hood depths, a color-coded measuring tape, and self-adhesive mounting plates. Since this is a relatively new product, the concept is associated with a number of concerns. Since we have not used the product on our own, it is difficult for us to give it a valid evaluation. For this reason we decided to carefully study real users' reviews. These are some of them.

"I decided to try Stove Ranger because of the risk of a cooking fire. I have been afraid of fire for many years but I felt rather confused due to the great variety of other comparable products available on the market. To tell you the truth, I am not satisfied with the fire suppression system I chose. I regret believing the success stories about its residential design. It is not worth the money it costs."

"It was really difficult for me to install the Stove ranger, even though it was reported not difficult to do. I did not like the quality of this security system, so I am not quite sure that my family and home are well protected from fire. However, there is no way back and the system is still there above my stove in the kitchen."

"StoveRanger is not a worthy product. My wife and I are the owners of Shutey Income Properties, so we have walked into more than one of our rentals to find out what catastrophic things happened in the kitchen without our knowing. We decided to place Stove Rangers in all of the properties to provide to be sure that our properties are protected. We haven't had negative incidents since then but we don't trust these devices completely."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything that is known about the Stove Ranger, we don't think that the product is worth a try. Its cost is very high when compared to the competition, but the quality leaves much to be desired. The unit is new on the market and has not been checked by enough users to say with confidence that it can prevent fires and protect human lives and properties. The product has not received reliable feedback yet, even though the idea behind the product is quite effective. It is really easy for a grease fire to start and spread quickly and it is very important to have a way of dealing with this event quickly. Unfortunately, the Stove Ranger cannot be used for gas stoves. There is no evidence that the device can perform its function well. It is not known on what basis it was brought to the market. If you need an effective product ensure that it has passed all the necessary inspection and testing. At present, the Stove Ranger cannot be recommended to buying.

Where To Buy Stove Ranger In Stores?

The product is available on the official website of the company or at a number of retail stores. The cost of one unit at is $99.99 plus $30.00 shipping. So, the total price will be $129.99. Stove Ranger can also be found for sale on Ebay and Amazon. You are expected to pay $99.99 when buying it from the promo website plus shipping. The product can be found for the cheapest price at Amazon.