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The Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock is a portable medical device that attaches to any rail, door, or pole and provides neck pain relief in less than ten minutes. It is said to be FDA approved but costs less than one physical therapy session, according to the official website. The product accomplishes this with the help of mechanical cervical traction able to boost blood circulation, improve alignment, boost energy levels, reduce stress, improve posture and sleep quality. To enjoy all of these benefits you will need to just lie back and relax. Even though the device was created by a licensed physical therapist, this does not necessarily mean that it will really solve your neck pain. Before we dive in this question deeper, let us discuss the story behind the Neck Hammock.

Well, the product was originally launched via a November 2017 Kickstarter campaign, which managed to raise more than $900K despite an original goal of $20K only. According to the makers, the campaign was fully funded within just three hours. After that, they have gone on to raise $1.2 million through Indiegogo. The company behind The Neck Hammock, Inc. is based out of Santa Monica, CA. It was founded by Steve Sudell, an Athletic Trainer, Licensed Physical Therapist, and Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist. He is also owner of Prehab2Perform, a Venice, CA-based outpatient sports physical therapy service. The official website of the product is low-informative but it says that Steve's goal behind creating the device was to provide people with an alternative solution to mechanical cervical traction that costs a lot of money and needs to be completed at their physical therapist's office. Is The Neck Hammock really a convenient, affordable, and effective method of relieving neck pain? Let's find out by taking a look at how the device works.

Customer Reviews - Does The Neck Hammock Really Work?

It is important to explain that cervical traction is a method of realigning and stretching the spine. It is often used to provide pain relief from cervical spine injuries. This method is usually used in professional settings and is accomplished through several avenues: improving head posture, supporting the head, improving nutrition to cartilage, elongating muscles to boost blood flow and decreasing disc and nerve pressure. In a physical therapist's office, it is provided by big, expensive device with a harness that rests underneath the neck and pulls to promote traction. The Neck Hammock promises the same relief using a more affordable device. The whole process works over three steps. First, squeeze the strap between door hinges, wrap it around any railing, or hook it on a door handle. Second, clip the cord. Third, put your head in the cranial cradle to allow the temple cushions to wrap around your head. Don't forget to relax. According to the manufacturer, that hammock can provide mechanical cervical traction and relieve neck pain. The video on the official website advertises that the item will increase intervertebral space, boost blood flow and deliver more oxygen to the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When you are finished, the item can be stored in the included spandex bag easily. It is light, so it can be carried with you wherever you go. The device is said to be hand washable.

It should be noted that the se of The Neck Hammock can cause some side effects, based on a 2011 systematic review of mechanical cervical traction. The most common side effects may include nausea, headache, injury to tissue and even fainting. This method may also lead to temporary pain and muscle spasms in the treated area. The official website emphasizes that the unit shouldn't be used by people who have spinal instability or hypermobility, an acute cervical injury, neck tumors, osteomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or those who are less than 16 years of age. It should be remembered that the device is made to complement the benefits of massage and physical therapy. It cannot replace them, which is why it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before addressing your neck pain. As a matter of fact, there is a limited number of real customer reviews online; however, most of them are negative in character. People are not pleased with long shipping times, lack of effectiveness, high price and very poor customer service. Let us take a look at least at some of these testimonials.

"The Neck Hammock is just a rip off. I ordered my item in January and was promised to receive my purchase in February. I ordered it from the Dodgey Indiegogo website. I sent them numerous emails and was never responded. The delivery time was incredibly long, so I received the product only in mid-March. Don't waste your money; otherwise, you will get ripped off by these crooks. Their rating should be minus 5 but there is no such point. I had to put them 1. I would not recommend this product to anyone."

"I bought The NeckHammock a month ago in hope to get rid of my severe neck pain. I am not sure about the origin of this pain, but the first time I used it, I felt pretty well. I frequently suffer from tension headaches. I think this device has helped me reduce them but there is one issue. After using the device I often feel very nauseous. I have tried to research this issue but I can find no information at all. Can anyone help me?"

"The Neck hammock is not worth buying at all. I ordered the device on December 7th and I had been waiting for it to arrive to almost two months! I received my order on January 25th! I tried it out immediately and I can say for sure that it is complete bullshit. It is a cheaply made product. When I called the customer service they could not respond on any of my complaints. I came to the conclusion that this is a scam."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about this device during our research it is difficult to say that this is a worthier product. The Neck Hammock does not feature a unique design, since the modern market already has a number of products of the kind. It has a patented padding that molds to the contours of your head. It allows the user to control traction levels as they wish. The product seems to be easy to use; however, many people report experiencing some side effects wen sing it. The product is portable, which is good. The device is said to be FDA approved. The Neck Hammock website does not provide any refund or warranty details, or any way of contacting the company if the user as any questions or concerns. Many people reports experiencing difficulties with the customer service, as well as shipping times. The product appears to have much more affordable competition. Similar products available on the market prove to be much cheaper and no less effective. For instance, Headache Hammock costs $40. One can try Dr. Riter's Real-Ease Neck Support for just $32. Even though the official website claims that The Neck Hammock is made from the high-quality materials, this product still fails to improve the user's mobility, flexibility, and energy levels. With all this in mind, The Neck Hammock cannot be recommended to buying.

Where To Buy The Neck Hammock In Stores?

You can purchase the device from Indiegogo that offers a few options for you to choose from. One Neck Hammock costs $59, two hammocks can be bought for $99, while four hammocks are priced at $189. Each purchase comes with a free 14-day trial for the Calm App. The product comes with "The Daily Stretch" e-book. The website does not provide any details about the app's functionality or availability of the operating system, the e-book is claimed to teach you how to use the device correctly. The site does not outline any refund or warranty details too.