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Uber Visa Card

The Uber Visa Card is a ride-sharing credit card that combines rewards rates for cash back cards and the ability to redeem rewards for Uber credits and. This card's rewards system provides four levels of bonuses, following the standard in definite purchase categories and offering a level of rewards that are hard to find with tiered cash-back cards from Chase, American Express, and Discover. Before opening your Uber app and looking at the credit card application, take your time and think about what kind of credit card you need. Pay attention to the way how you spend your money, especially when it comes to traveling and eating out. If you answer these questions, you will understand why it is so important when considering this card. For you to understand how this card fits into your financial life, let us dedicate this review to such topics as rewards, benefits, customer opinion, rates and fees. We will also summarize the main pros and cons of the Uber Visa Card.

You can apply for this card from the Uber app. As it was already mentioned, the card offers four levels of rewards. Probably, the highest rewards rate on this card is the 4% cash back you can get on restaurant-related purchases. It means that if you spend $20 at UberEATS or a fast food place you will get $0.80 on your rewards balance. So, you can earn $4 in rewards for $100 spent on eating out. Think for a moment how much you usually spend on take-outs, restaurants, and delivery per year. According to statistics, the average American family spends $1,700 per year on eating out. Rich people may spend even $2,000 a month. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics' provides different numbers, which say that the average American family spends about $3,154 eating out per year. So, let's say that you spend about $2,500 on eating out, which means that you can earn 10,000 points or $100 cash. Let us take a look at some other benefits offered by the card, as well as at what real users think about their experience with this card.

Customer Reviews - Does Uber Visa Card Really Work?

Another perk of the card is the 3% cash back on airfare and hotel. According to the TD Bank survey, the average family spends about $2,000 a year on travel, which includes hotels, airfare, and rental cars. As a result, you can get $60 in cash rewards. Add this travel bonus to the dining bonus and you will get the total amount of cash rewards you can earn. Finally, there is 2% back on online purchases. This rewards rate sets the Uber Visa Card apart from other cards of the kind. Most cards reward customers for category purchases like groceries, travel, and gas. This bonus acknowledges that Americans tend to spend a lot of money online. The card also offers 1% back on everything else involving any purchases that don't belong to any of the higher mentioned categories. If you add all rewards, the average household could earn about $376 a year. But to earn this money, you will have to spend about $20,000 with your card ($200 in rewards). Remember that your bonuses are added to your balance the next business day after the transactions post to your statement.

The company tells a few words about the $100 up-front bonus on their official website. It sounds appealing but to get it you will need to spend $500 within three months of owning this card. $100 is promised to be deposited to your rewards balance. While most consumers don't have difficulties hitting the spending requirement, it is vital to note that the term starts from the day you are approved for the card online. There are two options to redeem your points. You can redeem them for Uber credits or get the rewards balance in cash. Uber integrates your Uber Visa into the Uber app to simplify the process of credits redemption, promising that you will be able to convert your rewards with just a few taps. Another bonus this card offers is $50 Streaming Credit, which means that you can get up to $50 in reimbursements for streaming subscriptions spending $5,000 during one year on your Uber Visa. Barclays applies the credit depending on how much you spent on subscription services during the year. For example, if you spent $30, you will receive a $30 credit. Here is a list of streaming services which can earn a credit: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Audible, Google Music, Netflix, Sirius XM, Hulu, Shoprunner, DirecTV NOW, HBO NOW, and Amazon Prime. The Uber Visa Card provides Cell Phone Protection, even though this feature is not unique about this card. It can be found in the Capital One Platinum, the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa and some other cards.

It is high time to take a look at the public opinion about the card online. It has been characterized by such tech websites as Engadget and TechCrunch. The latter took an informational approach, exploring what benefits can be enjoyed by this credit card's users. In fact, there is nothing special about dining and travel rewards which are widely spread in the industry. The closest competition for dining is the Capital One Savor as it offers 3% cash back to its cardholders. Let's read what real cardholders are saying about their experience of using the card.

"The Uber VisaCard is claimed to offer the Sign-Up Bonus if you spend $500 on eligible purchases within the first ninety days. They say you can earn 100 cash. I met this requirement but I still did not receive my bonus. It seems that I was fooled. I am trying to contact the customer service but in vain. Nobody responds. Can anyone help me?"

"I am not pleased with the UberVisa Card at all. I have had many other cards of the kind already and this one features very limited perks. Its "offline" cash back categories are minimal. This card is not worth getting. I definitely cannot recommend it."

"Personally I did not benefit from the Uber Visa Card a lot. This card is only suitable for people who love to travel a lot and to eat out. Unfortunately, I cannot expense my work travel with this card. This really sucks. I am going to close it."

My Final Summary

The Uber Visa Card is associated with a great number of drawbacks the main of which is that, for its high rewards rates, you can earn better cash rewards with other cards such as the Citi Double Cash (2% rewards rate on all purchases). The Uber Visa Card doesn't provide much cash back for Uber rides. There are no redemption bonus for Uber expenses, no intro APR for balance transfers or purchases or no Uber-specific perks. Even the greatest strength of this card (its rewards) fails sometimes. You can earn much more in cash rewards using another card of the kind. For example, the Citi Double Cash can bring you around $500 in cash rewards per year. Another downside of the card is the absence of a solid benefits program because this card is not a part of the MasterCard World Elite or Visa Signature programs. This card can be good for those who have higher-than-average spending habits at hotels, restaurants and airlines. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the product, we cannot recommend the Uber Visa Card.

Uber Visa Card Pricing and Rates

According to the official website, the card features an average APR. In reality, APR on purchases and balance transfers is 15.99%, 21.74% or 24.74%. There is a number of other fees associated with the use of this card. If you pay late or don't pay your entire balance you will need to pay late/returned payment fee that can reach $37. Cash advance APR is 25.99%, while balance transfer/cash advance fee is 3%. There is no foreign transaction fee or annual fee.