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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


TwinSpires is a highly experienced and respected horse racing company in the USA. It is owned and operated by Churchill Downs Incorporated, a main body in American horse racing. The company was actually named after the famous twin spires that decorate Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. is the official website of Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI), which is the owner of the Kentucky Derby and some other gaming properties and racetracks. CDI was officially formed in 1937 and their first racetrack was opened in 1875. The first Kentucky Derby was hosted on May 17th, 1875. Its reputation has significantly grown ever since. The famous phrase "the fastest two minutes in sports" came from this race. At present, the Kentucky Derby is most popular and the largest racing event in North America. CDI has become the strongest brand in horse racing nationwide with over a hundred years of betting experience and horse racing. TwinSpires is their official web property for watching live racing videos and online horse betting. The site is licensed by the state of Oregon and can be used for real money play in thirty states. The company has its headquarters based in the United States and is not associated with any risk of being shut down by the feds.

How does the company work? Well, covers numerous horse racing tracks not only in the country but also abroad. The list includes the most famous tracks in the USA, as well as racetracks in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, the UAE (Dubai), South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. You may log in to your Twin Spires account any time to see the tracks hosting racing events. Just choose a track and you will see a list of races. After that, you can choose your race and place your bet. Twin Spires often shows the race on the site in real time via streaming video. You can place any type of bet online, see the standard lineup of win, see your own bets and the usual exotics. Bets placed online are combined with the bets taken at the track, which increases the amount of payouts and the size of your purse. Let's find out how to earn more money through and what real players think about this kind of entertainment.

Customer Reviews - Does TwinSpires Really Work?

There are three different betting interfaces for you to choose from when placing your bets on the site. The first one is TwinSpires TV. This interface is a good option for those who like to watch races in real time when placing bets. This interface opens a new window split between live video and a place to make your wagers. It is designed to fit into a smaller window; however, it has all the necessary wagering options and even some betting tools to help you switch between on the screen. The Express and Pro shows drop live video as well as your betting options, the advanced racing program, latest news, pool totals, weight changes and more. You should use this interface if you are really going to make money. Classic switches you to the original layout that has a large and simple interface to simplify betting. This interface also has betting pools and handicapping tools but it has different organization than Express and Pro.

With many tracks and numerous wagers every day, the company promises to provide you with the most well-rounded horse racing experience ever. There is a latest trend where other racing websites like BetAmerica deal with fantasy sports betting, but Twin Spires deals only with horse racing and it shows these races. If you are interested in horse racing, is the best option for you. By the way, it is necessary to mention that this company has an interesting welcome bonus for new customers. As soon as you sign up for an account and bet about $500 within the first month, Twin Spires will give you $100. There are no strange conditions, terms, or catches. There is no need to "clear" the bonus like at other betting websites. You will just need to wager $500 and get the cash. What makes this bonus unique is that the size of your first deposit has nothing to do with the size of your bonus. It doesn't make any difference whether you deposit $20 or $2500. What matters is the fact that you place a total sum of bets equal to $500 during the first month. Other gambling websites offer larger bonuses, but is more valuable. Whenever other sites offer large $500+ bonuses, be sure there's a big clearing requirement that makes it hard to come out ahead.

TwinSpires has some state restrictions. It is only available in the following states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Montana, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming. The list of the states from which the company does not accept customers includes: Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, New Mexico, South Carolina, Utah and Texas. There is a great number of customers' testimonials about TwinSpires on third-party websites. Most of them are positive in character. The users of the site are pleased with how easy it is to make bets and win money. They like the speed of receiving their prizes as well as the customer service department the representatives of which are responsive and helpful. Let us read some of the actual customers' comments.

"TwinSpires offers great horse racing and betting app. It comes in a convenient format for you to read vital info here. You are also able to watch replays of previous horse races. It is especially important for me, since I work a lot. The app has many other good features. In general, it is simple and convenient to use. Using this app I can cut time in half when handicapping races. I do recommend this way of playing!"

"It is very pleasant to see your winning bet hit the board. TwinSpires app is nice because it allows it to happen anywhere. You can watch any race in the USA and many international races as well. It is easy to make deposits and withdrawals. I have never had problems with the app. I have been using it for over two years. It is not difficult to make a research for any race. Doing a few taps allows you to see the results of a race you are interested in."

"TwinSpires has a perfect app! I wonder why there are negative comments about it. In reality, it is a great company to do earn money with. I have started an account, created my profile, deposited my money and navigates a program with just several minutes. I have already won some amounts of money in horse races. If you want to benefit from this app and win money on horse racing, you should setup your account and deposit some money in a proper time-frame. It is your fault if you have a bad experience with this app!"

My Final Summary

Twin Spires is a legitimate, safe, and absolutely legal place to bet on horses. In fact, it is one of the few legal establishments for customers in the USA to play. There is an official website that is easy to use to see the tracks and live videos of horse racing, as well as to make bets any time you want. With the site you can watch live racing video on your computer in the comfort of your home. You are going to have your own account on The site offers a wide variety of tracks in the USA and other countries of the world. This is a reputable website owned by Churchill Downs. The company's headquarters are based in the USA. There are some drawbacks, though. There is lack of greyhound betting and customers from some states are restricted from playing. TwinSpires is a reputable horse tracking company that has no competition on the market. Based on what we have learned about it, we like Twin Spires. The company is 100% legitimate and runs a professional operation. This is the company owned by Churchill Downs who have great experience in the field. There is high chance of winning real money on horse betting. There is one thing that some people don't like about Twin Spires. It is their complete focus on horse racing. They don't deal with fantasy sports, greyhounds, or anything of the kind. They focus on online horse wagering only. So, if you need more activities, you might find better fits. But if you are interested in horses, you are recommended to go with

TwinSpires Pricing and Rates

One of the advantages of dealing with US-legal betting websites, including TwinSpires, is the ease of depositing and withdrawing your money. Banking regulations do not apply to horse racing, so there is nothing hard about funding your account. The site accepts the following deposit ways. Online bank transfer is often called the "EZ-Money" deposit option. You'll need to fill out the information online, take an amount between $10 and $1,000 and click the "submit" button. You'll see the money immediately credited to your betting account. There are no fees. If you have a bank account supporting online bill-pay, use this feature to send funds to your account at In this case, deposit limits are from $1 to $500. There is no fee. MoneyGram is a cash transfer service through which you can send finances to anyone you want. This method is suitable for loading actual currency into your online account. There are many MoneyGram stations in the country with the most common locations in pharmacies, Albertsons and Wal Marts. Deposit limits are from $1 to $899. You can use VISA and MasterCard-branded credit and debit cards or non-branded ATM cards. Just type in your card information and select the sum of money you want to deposit. Deposit limits here are from $1 to $500, while the fee is $5. The next option is Walk-In, which presupposes your bringing money to Churchill Downs in Louisville, the site's call center in Lexington, KY or Scioto Downs in Columbus, OH. In this way, you will fund your account in person. Maximum deposit is $10,000. the next option is Check or Money Order, according to which you can send a money order, personal check, or cashier's check to Twin Spires by mail. You can deposit this way for free but there is a waiting period of up to five days. Maximum deposit is $10,000. The final option for you to choose is Wire Transfer. This method is perfect for huge deposits. It is free.