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Vacation Sooner

Vacation Sooner calls themselves a well-experienced company and promises to help customers and their families to create pleasant memories at lower prices. In addition, the company offers an opportunity of selling memberships to other people, which allows you to earn some income. Are their packages really a good deal? What benefits will you get if you become an independent representative? Let's dug into the facts to answer these questions. It should be mentioned that Vacation Sooner was founded by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in 2005. The company claims to allow you to create pleasant experiences and to check off your entire bucket list more affordable. To accomplish this, Vacation Sooner offers unique vacations including resort "takeovers" and private romantic getaways at discounted prices. It works in a similar way to popular low-cost retailers functioning on the basis of the group-buying concept.

The company allows you to purchase 5-star experiences from cruises, top resorts, hotels, theme parks, and even event tickets and sports, but at two and three-star prices. In addition, Vacation Sooner says that each of their packages comes with a high level. It means that all planning is done for you, including parties, hotel pre-check, airport pick up, and daily perks. Looking for vacation packages on Vacation Sooner website is very easy, as the company uses their proprietary Rovia Booking Engine with RateShrinker Technology. It allows you to look for rental car, your flight, or cruise, similar to many popular travel deals websites. The difference is that it claims to keep an eye out for lower prices all the time. It promises to automatically book the lower-priced deals for you.

Customer Reviews - Does Vacation Sooner Really Work?

Similar to other marketing companies like Herbalife, Amway, and others, Vacation Sooner provides an opportunity to sell your memberships to other people, and to earn money from the commission of each sale made by you. You will be required to pay an initial $99.95 activation fee, as well as a $10.99 monthly fee. Remember that if you refer any three customers within 4 weeks, you will earn $100. In this way, your membership dues are waived when they are active. If you refer six customers within four weeks, you will earn an additional $350. It should be kept in mind that the compensation structure can be rather complicated, so if you wish to sign up as an Independent Sales Representative, you are recommended to read through their compensation plan very thoroughly.

There are many reviews about the company and its services online. The majority of users are highly satisfied with what they receive through the company. Thus, one man writes that he has been a Vacation Sooner member for about a year and he has not been disappointed yet. He confesses that its deals are much better than those of other websites of the kind. The only drawback he would state is that one needs to pay for the entire vacation upfront while other websites allow their customers to pay at the hotel. However, this may change soon. The customer reports that all advertised benefits are true. Booking a flight through the company is really cheaper than anywhere else. He even received 150% in points on his account. The company mentions on its official website that if you find any of their "DreamTrips" vacations cheaper anywhere, you may request refund of the entire balance to the card. Besides, you will still be sent on the vacation.

Another customer writes online that his wife and he will be taking two cruises and stay in an Oceanview Balcony room on Royal Caribbean this year. They have just joined the vacation membership and are not completely aware of the details but they hope to have a great vacation. The company was recommended to them by their friends who have had the best experiences ever. The man is grateful to the Team World Ventures and Team Rovia for their hard work when making their membership. Some people may get confused with the products purpose, but it is so more than a vacation membership. This community of people seems to be genuinely careful about each other, enjoying and supporting each other. This is uplifting for many customers who want to have a better life. If you have any questions or concerns you can always share your experience with others. Here are several actual customer reviews left online.

"I like VacationSooner as this company has set fifty consecutive record setting months in a row. They offer not just a vacation; they offer a trip of your dream. I have been on three trips with this company and I do not regret any of them. They provide underpriced services compared to the rest of other companies. The people I met on these trips have become my life-long friends! I am a proud representative and member of the company that allows me to earn money. I plan to be with them all my life."

"Vacation sooner is a great company with great people. Everything they promise on their website is absolutely true and accurate. When I become a member of the company, I found out that I was highly appreciated by the people working in the company. These are just the best people in the world. I am happy to order different kinds of services from this company and I would recommend it to my friends."

"My husband and I love Vacation Sooner. This company allowed us to take trips to Disneyland and Vegas for about 40% of the cost. We were glad with our complete packages. We were provided with room credits and welcomed with a goodie bag. They also planned our free time and activities. Most of these people are true professionals. This company is a blessing, and we are going to travel with them again in future. Thank you so much!"

My Final Summary

Vacation Sooner appeared to be a reputable company selling a number of different services. However, before sign up as a member or an independent sales representative you would consider the following issues. Some of their vacation packages seem to be priced higher than those on other vacation deals websites (e.g. Hotwire, Expedia, etc.). Some of the customer reviews claimed that the company has higher prices than those through the providers.

The company allows its customers to earn points that can be then translated into dollars to be paid for your future trips. While you may have enough points to cover the cost of one person on the trip, one individual has the right to apply for only up to 450 points per purchase. You can book a trip to the most popular places in the world for less money. In order to sign up for the program, you will need to sign up for a membership first, though. The company has positive online reputation, thus it can be recommended.

Vacation Sooner Pricing and Rates

In order to become a Vacation Sooner member, you will need to pay a one-time activation fee of $199.99. There is also a monthly maintenance fee of $54.99. Once you get the membership, you will also gain access to their online mall with more than 900 retailers. Each DreamTrips dollar you spend will translate into one point that can be redeemed to pay for your next vacation. The company also offers weekly deals released every Monday at 11am Central Time and standard purchase DreamTrips, as well as, sponsoring more than fifty humanitarian trips every year. If you book a trip and find it at a lower price within a week, you will get a 100% refund, and still enjoy the vacation for free.