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Vacations To Go

If you have ever had an irresistible desire to pack your bags, take a cruise ship, and sail somewhere far away, you may like the idea of Vacations to Go. This is the company that claims to provide you with discount cruises, so that you will be able to save up to 82% on last-minute cruises from any destinations, cruise companies, and ports of departure. Does the company really make the process as convenient and easy as claimed? Do they really provide the best deals in the country? Let's drop an anchor and check the details. Vacations to Go is a bonded and fully accredited travel agency ranked as one of the largest travel agencies online. It employs more than 700 employees, and has already served to over four million customers by finding a great deal on their cruises. The company has been selling cruises and serving customers since 1984. They feature more cruise counselors than any other company in the world. Their personnel are friendly, fast, professional, and eager to help you find the right cruise for you.

According to their official website, they provide last-minute deals from each cruise line on the planet. The deals can be accessed in one of several ways presented on their site. The first one is 90-Day Ticker that provides a list of last-minute cruise deals that depart in less than three months. Manual Search can be used to look for cruises based on region, date, cruise lines and ships, port of departure, length, and destination. One can search based on discount type (e.g. teacher, military, 55+, law enforcement, and more). Find a bargain Tool can be used to book cruises beforehand, while still gaining two-for-one deals, great discounts, and cut-rate promotions. No matter how you will find your cruise on the site, the average availability is less than seven days, according to the company. However, some listings sell out in a matter of hours. Thus, if you find a suitable deal, you may want to book it immediately. Besides the possibility to search on their site, there is also a weekly e-newsletter depicting some of their recent cruise deals.

Customer Reviews - Does Vacations To Go Really Work?

The company has been in business since 1984 and is based out of Houston, TX. It has been working online since 1999). Vacations To Go holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, even though there are about 50 closed complaints. Most of them reference booking process issues, poor customer service, and undisclosed fees. Nevertheless, it appears that the company responds to complaints as soon as possible in order to resolve any problems. There are about 20,000 recent reviews about Vacations To Go posted on different websites on the Internet. Besides the BBB, the customer reviews carry a mixed character. There are both positive and negative testimonials. The most common complaints cite switch sales tactics, high pressure politics, agents who do not respond to customers' emails, booking mistakes and unlisted additional charges and fees.

One customer reports that he has been booking a trip to exclusive resorts via Vacations To Go for more than 10 years already. He has had nothing but great service from all of the company's agents he has dealt with. Everything they have offered to him has been ideal including transportation. I received an email with the necessary confirmation information and another email before his departure. They even sent the man an email to find out how his experience was. He has always had a good experience with Vacations To Go. It made his travel easy and fun. Thus, this customer certainly would recommend the company to anyone. Another client of the company reports that she has booked four cruises with Vacations To Go over the last several years. At present, she is getting ready to book another trip. The woman has always enjoyed the service provided by the staff, as well as emails before her cruises. She has checked prices with other companies and ensured that Vacations To Go has the best prices; however, they may change. One more customer booked airline tickets to Jamaica. But at that period of time there were horrible storms in Atlanta. These caused thousands of cancellations and the customer was notified by a VTG representative that the flight was delayed. The man was glad that he went for a vacation a few days later, when the storms stopped. Let us take a look at the actual user reviews online.

"I have been traveling with Vacations Togo for more than 10 years already. I have always been completely satisfied with both everything; the prices, customer service, and my vacation as well. At present I am scheduled to have a land trip. I am looking forward to my next excellent experience. I highly recommend this company to everyone who is fond of travelling."

"My husband was willing to book a cruise online but did not know which company to choose. Fortunately, his friend recommended Vacations To Go as he has worked with them for a few years. It was the first time my husband booked a cruise and we were pleased with just everything. In fact, that trip was going to be a gift for our Anniversary. Our agent was wonderful and he did his job perfectly on each stage from booking the flights to organizing the cruise. We do recommend him to help you with your trip."

"I have used Vacations ToGo a lot of times for cruising and have been happy with it each time. I have already traveled to China and liked the service they provided. I also visited the Mediterranean and Alaska. Several times I had to cancel my bookings and they quickly did the necessary cancellations. I like their website a lot too. The only drawback for me was that instead of answering questions about upgrades they sent me back to the travel agent."

My Final Summary

Vacations To Go appears to be a worthy company offering booking a cruise to anyone. However, you should keep in mind that it is a sales-driven company, which means that its employees are usually paid on a commission-only basis. They are expected to close a certain number of sales, thus, they are interested in pleasing each customer to the highest standard. This is the reason why the company intends to help you find the best cruise deals and to provide solid customer service.

Vacations To Go is associated with numerous customer reviews that claim that the clients of the company are happy with the cruises booked through them. If any issues or mistakes occur, you can always address the customer service and have your issues quickly resolved. Considering their positive customer reputation, great customer service and numerous other advantages, I can certainly recommend Vacations To Go to everyone who is interested in booking cruises.

Vacations To Go Pricing and Rates

In order to look for cruise deals on the company's website, you will need to sign up by entering your name, country and email address. Registration is free of charge. The prices on cruises can vary a lot, just like refund policies. You will need to submit a down payment of between $100 and $1,000 when you book your trip and pay the remaining balance between 45 and 120 days before the departure. Vacations to Go focuses on last-minute cruise deals mainly, which means that you will most likely be required to make full payment after booking. In order to cancel your cruise before the departure, you will need to contact the customer service by calling 800-338-4962. The less is let to your sail date, the less money you will get as a refund.