Vice Golf Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Vice Golf

Vice Golf is a major brand in the golf ball market over the past several years. It is actually a German company that was founded in 2012. The company works directly with consumers, features clever branding, and has started to capture a share of an intensively developing category. We were interested in how their golf balls worked so we decided to deeply research this topic and the first thing that drew our attention was the technology behind the balls. There are three models of balls all of which feature a cast urethane cover with S2TG technology for better short-game spin, so you can choose the one you like more. There is three-piece Pro Soft with a low-compression core for a softer and more responsive feel. For comparison, the Pro has a 318 large dimple design for you to enjoy a stable flight. Finally, the Pro Plus four-piece ball features dual casing to promote longer distance and a lower flight of a ball, which is important for golfers who have high swing speeds. The manufacturer of Vice Golf Pro balls currently offers a tiered pricing structure online, which means that the balls have never been more affordable. In this review, we are going to take a look at some data we have collected during our thorough research.

Vice Golf is an independent golf ball manufacturer that entered the market long ago, thus it deserves credit. Their branding is of the highest rate because it is one of the most innovative marketing companies in the industry now. The specialists working for the brand have carefully measured everything and have created a large base of constant customers who appreciate their balls' performance. Their value proposition is similar to that of other direct-to-consumer brands - they sell online directly from their official website. They don't spend too much on pro contracts, instead they prefer to pass those savings on to their consumer by making their products cheap. At present, they offer five types of balls, which can be chosen with the help of their ball recommendation tool online. Vice Pro Soft is a ball with a three-piece cast urethane cover, for medium clubhead speed. Vice Pro features a 3-piece cast urethane cover, better for players with medium to high clubhead speed. Vice Pro Plus is a ball with a 4-piece cast urethane cover, for advanced players with medium to high clubhead speed. Vice Tour has a 3-piece Surlyn cover, good for players of all levels. Vice Drive features 2-piece Surlyn cover, for players with low to medium clubhead speed.

Customer Reviews - Does Vice Golf Really Work?

There is a great number of positive reviews left online by golfers who have tried Vice Golf Balls. They say they are really good. We have tested some of the balls including the Pro, Pro Soft, and Pro Plus. They are different but suitable for certain goals. The variety pack gives an opportunity to try out all of the balls for only $30. It includes two of each ball in the packaging. Vice Pro has SW Ball Speed of 86 mph, Total Spin of 7401 rpm, Launch Angle of 30.6 degrees, 105 Carry Yards and 111 Total Yards. Vice Pro Soft's SW Ball Speed is 86 mph, Total Spin - 7431 rpm, Launch Angle - 31.5 degrees, 104 Carry Yards and 109 Total Yards. Vice Pro Plus has SW Ball Speed of 85 mph, Total Spin of 7716 rpm, Launch Angle of 30.6 degrees, 103 Carry Yards and 106 Total Yards. Titleist Pro V1's SW Ball Speed is 86 mph, Total Spin - 7836 rpm, Launch Angle - 30 degrees, 104 Carry Yards and 109 Total Yards. Everything is rather close. I definitely want a little more spin with the SW so it looks like the Pro Plus was performing almost exactly the same as the Pro V1 for me. That seemed to be the right ball for me according to the data. It can be said that the Pro Plus is the winner among the Vice Golf Balls.

Another thing that customers appreciate about these balls is the fact that they are legit, which is why they have earned high reputation. Besides, the company is making high-performance balls for less money when compared to other golf ball companies. If you are looking for a new ball and save maximum of your money, you are advised to check them out. One real customer writes in his testimonial online that the first thing he noticed about the Vice Pro Plus golf balls was the way they felt off the clubface. They felt like a catapult off the clubface. It is a pleasant springy feeling that makes you feel as if you are striking the ball with lots of compression, and I like that. Another thing the man noticed about the Vice Pro Plus golf balls was the opportunity to use them in the greens. However, compared to the Pro V1x, these balls do not spin as much around the greens. The Pro V1x golf balls had more grab on short shots. Another customer says in his testimonial that taking on the ProV1 golf ball is a rather difficult task. According to the customer, three categories should be taken into account: image, performance, and price. In the first two categories the ProV1 excels, but in the third category Vice Golf Balls win, especially when they are manufactured by a well-known golf ball company. Vice is trying to carve out their place in the market. They have created high performance golf ball and are selling them at a lower price. Besides, they have paid attention to the image. The logo on the package shows that the ball can offer something better than a ProV1 but at a lower price. Let us take a look at what actual golfers are saying about their experience of purchasing and using Vice Golf Balls.

"I ordered a package of Vice Golf Balls from the manufacturer's website and it arrived pretty fast. The sample pack included three types of balls namely, the Pro, Tour and Driver ball. I liked the fact that all of them had my name printed on them. It was done not to prevent me from confusing my Vice golf balls with someone else's, but rather to demonstrate their ability to turn around extremely quickly in the air. Their packaging features creative designs and pictures which look really cool. The German company behind these balls is really knowledgeable and sells cool products. I received their Vice logo hat which I really like."

"I was easy for me to get Vice Golf balls on my recent trips to Florida and Hawaii as well as on my FlightScope X2 Launch monitor. There is a three-tier system of golf balls: Tour (similar to NXT Tour), Pro (similar to ProV1), and Driver (similar to Velocity). I prefer to play the Pro model during my rounds. It features the urethane cover. However, I also had great success with the Tour and the Driver models. I do recommend Vice Golf balls to each golfer."

"Vice Golf balls have a micromolecular structure of cast urethane, which makes them very soft but at the same time resistant. The special adhesion to the green and ultra-thin coating provides the player with on-demand and smooth feel of the ball as well as high degree of backspin due to the S2TG technology. The movement of the ball can be easily controlled. They have improved UV-resistance with BJ13 coating. As a result, we have an incredibly white ball: Vice Pro with maximized color (MxWhite). It is so sturdy, that I am sure it will last me for a long time in the future."

My Final Summary

Vice is a reputable and well-known golf ball manufacturer in the USA. They use a special technology in the production of their balls. Vice Golf balls can truly boast high-performance and durability, even compared to other premium models that are leading in the modern market. However, nothing is ideal in our world and this can be said about the Pro and Pro Soft models. They lack a little distance off the tee and on iron shots. However the positive thing about Vice Golf Pro Balls is their relatively low price. You can buy a dozen of golf balls for only $21.48. It is the German brand that stands behind Vice Golf Balls. They use a special management tactics to be able to reduce their prices. They sell their products online directly from the official website. The Pro range of balls has a wide-reaching appeal, since is offers three models designed to provide a different feel, an ample spin control around the greens and long-game performance. Vice Golf Balls are associated with high customer reputation, especially when it comes to the Vice Pro Plus golf ball. For many people, it is a favorite option because it offers high performance, has a reasonable price, and can promote success in the game. We have encountered a great number of positive comments from people who play a Vice Golf Ball. If you are looking for a good golf ball, the choice is clear. Our testing shows that Vice Golf Balls are more than competitive. They differ themselves with all-round performance, good durability, and availability in three color options. There three aspects make the balls a wise alternative at a low price, especially if you purchase in bulk. With all these pros and cons, Vice Golf Balls can certainly be recommended to buying.

Vice Golf Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, there are five types of Vice Golf Balls. All them can be bought directly from the official business site of the manufacturer. Thus a dozen of Vice Pro Soft balls costs $34.95. Vice Pro balls and Vice Pro Plus balls have the same price. A dozen of Vice Tour golf balls will cost you $24.95, while Vice Drive balls are priced at $14.95 per dozen. You can get significant discounts if you order balls in bulk quantities. The cost may go down to only $10.95 for the Vice Drive and $24.95 per dozen for the Tour-level balls. A dozen of five different kinds of golf balls will cost you about $48 at present. Vice Golf also offers some accessories such as carry bags and golf gloves. The Vice golf balls are cheaper than the balls from other famous brands for several reasons. The Vice company features a business model based on Direct-to-Consumer Sales, which means that they sell their products online directly to the consumers, allowing them to save some costs. The company has a small advertising budget, which allows then to keep more finances in the company. Finally, Vice has a tiered pricing structure, which provides an incentive to purchase more.