VPI Pet Insurance Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY VPI Pet Insurance Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

VPI Pet Insurance

Every family member deserves proper health care, even if it is your four-legged friend. This is the reason why so many pet health insurance plans have been created lately. They give you the freedom to use the services of any vet, specialist or emergency provider available in the country. VPI Pet Insurance is one of the best companies that is designed to protect the health of pets. With this company you may be sure that your dog or cat won't be left without coverage, no matter how old they are. By the way, current Nationwide members can save 5% on a pet insurance policy. Any caring pet owner wants to be sure that their pet can always receive the best care possible. The company allows you to choose from several levels of coverage. The first one is Complete Coverage. In fact, it is the best pet insurance for your cat or dog. It involves medical and wellness protection in one plan, as well as 90% back on vet bills. This coverage highlights surgeries and hospitalization, accidents and illnesses, prescriptions hereditary conditions (no waiting period), chronic conditions, wellness exams and tests, vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention. There are no age restrictions and the plans start at $64 per month.

The second level of coverage is known as Medical Coverage, which is a budget-friendly pet insurance plan that comes with a dependable coverage for common medical costs. It highlights surgeries and hospitalization, accidents and illnesses, prescriptions, some hereditary conditions (after waiting one year), chronic conditions. Plans start at $34 per month. The third kind of coverage is Wellness Coverage, which is suitable for just the essentials. It is meant for common wellness to keep your pet healthy. The coverage highlights wellness exams, flea and heartworm prevention, and tests, and vaccinations. It has no age restrictions. The cost of plans starts at $22 per month. In order to understand whether VPI Pet Insurance really works, it would be a great idea to take a look at what real customers of the company think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does VPI Pet Insurance Really Work?

There are numerous user reviews about VPI Pet Insurance on the Internet. Most of these testimonials carry a positive character, as most users appear to be satisfied with the services provided by the company. On customer reports that he has been visiting his veterinarian for many years even though he lives out of state. According to his words, whenever he comes into the clinic with his pets, he always stays satisfied with the help. Their cat came with them for summer vacation and needed medical help after that so they addressed VPI Pet Insurance again. The treatment wasn't expensive and the vet did everything possible to bring the cat back to happy life. The man and his family are grateful to the company.

Another person claims that she has used VPI Pet Insurance services for a few years already and she has always been very pleased! They have unbeatable price ($90 for a female cat spay with pain medication +$25 for general treatment). The company's surgical website looks great and is easy to use. The woman highly recommends this company, saying that their staff is compassionate. Many other customers agree that the veterinary services are reasonably priced compared to local clinics. Most customers initially come to the company for a low-price spay, but as soon as they get pleased with the service, they come back again. Another advantage of VPI Pet Insurance is the helpful and professional staff despite being very busy. Probably this is the reason why you are expected to walk in with an appointment; however, there are some exceptions, for instance, if your pet needs blood work done.

One of the customers tells that he brought his older cat with difficulty breathing to the clinic. The news turned out to be not so good, so the doctor delivered it with compassion and explained everything in an easy and easy-to-understand manner. The man was grateful to everyone for their support and care. The doctors working in the clinic are very experienced in the field. Let's read a few actual customers' testimonials about their experience of working with VPI Pet Insurance.

"I am pleased with the services of VPI PetInsurance. My 13 year old dog has always been nervous nature, so very few vets could cope with him. I brought my dog for a dental cleaning and I was surprised that the service was not too expensive. At the same time it had high quality. So, if anything else happens to my dog, I will address them again. By the way, the vet was great with my dog. Unfortunately his teeth were bad and they extracted more than 1/2 of his mouth. The office called me to inform me about his teeth and that he was awake after the procedure."

"I am very pleased with the whole experience I had with VPIPet Insurance, including the office staff and technicians. All of them are friendly and professional. They are always smiling and trying to help as fast as they can to get everyone handled. My older cat suffers from diabetes and after the treatment he is doing much better. The vet prescribed him a special regime. I would certainly recommend them to my family and friends."

"VPI Pet Insurance pet hospital is a wonderful place. I have taken my dog there for a few years and I really like how they treat my pet. I always see positive results. This is the greatest way to support the health of my dog. The staff there is very knowledgable, patient, and kind! I am happy with my experience and I do recommend this company to all pet owners."

My Final Summary

VPI Pet Insurance is a great place where you can get a pet insurance quote, whether you are looking for coverage for the some illnesses and accidents for your pet, or you want to cover completely everything to enjoy total peace of mind. It is recommended to see policy documents before stating to cooperate with the company. It is necessary to mention that premiums vary depending on the species of the pet, state of residence and plan type. Wellness plans are available not in all states. Policies in California are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. Insurance plans are underwritten by National Casualty Company. Terms and availability may vary by state and discounts may not be applied to all coverages.

The company is associated with a positive overall customer reputation online. People appear to love the staff that is always ready to serve them quickly and to the highest standard. All of the workers are compassionate and friendly. They demonstrate great patience and enthusiasm when dealing with pets. Thus, if your fur baby needs examination or treatment, hurry up to address VPI Pet Insurance. They fees are not too high. Taking into account all pros and cons of the company, VPI Pet Insurance is recommended to usage.

VPI Pet Insurance Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, VPI Pet Insurance involves three levels of coverages including Complete Coverage, Medical Coverage and Wellness Coverage. All of them were described in detail higher. The minimal cost of Complete Coverage plans is $64 per month. Medical Coverage plans start at $34 per month. And Wellness Coverage plans cost at least $22 per month.