Wallet Buckle Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Wallet Buckle Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Wallet Buckle

The Wallet Buckle is a special wallet that can function as a belt buckle and as a wallet. It is enough for five cards - either identity cards or credit cards. This item is claimed to be an excellent alternative to a bulky or purse wallet, which can be difficult to take out of the pocket of tight trousers. With this type of wallet, you are expected to take out your identity and credit cards almost instantly. The wallet allows you to attend events where you need to have free hands. It can be used as a belt, if you have no pockets. The wallet is specially designed to hold cards and fits securely, since it has a special tapered built-in holder. It can hold from one to five cards at a time. A few prototypes were used before creating this design. The wallet is made in such a way as to ensure that identity and credit cards do not fall out of it.

The Wallet Buckle is said to help to prevent theft, because it is unexpected to a pickpocket. So, a pickpocket will hardly access it. It is hard for pickpockets to reach the wallet unseen. The product is suitable for individuals of any age group, including housewives, office workers, students, businessmen, and retired people. It can serve as a good way to carry cards by virtually everyone. You will be offered a large number of designs to choose from. You can buy a wallet that would suit every aesthetic sense and taste. The variety of designs available allows the buyer to choose the one that will suit their individual dress sense. Probably, the most popular design is a rustic American flag design. There is also black crystal, antler designs floral skulls, and roses. These designs are constantly being updated. The company is planning to offer custom-printed wallets with any image a customer chooses.

Customer Reviews - Does Wallet Buckle Really Work?

There are limited customer reviews about this wallet online. Their character is quite mixed, which means that while some users are satisfied with their purchase, others are sometimes even displeased with their experience. Let us take a look at what they liked about the product. The first one is the fact that the Wallet Buckle is concealed. It looks like a normal buckle, but it is almost impossible for others to know that it is carrying important cards. It can be easily attached. There is special mechanism that secures the wallet to the belt. It is easy to understand and to do. Once Wallet Buckle is in place, it is very secure. You can also easily detach the wallet when needed. The product is also weather resistant, since it is designed to protect your cards from harsh weather conditions in any season. It can be purchased as a gift, because it is a unique novelty item. There is a wide range of designs for you to choose from, based on the specific preferences if the person who is going to get the gift. It is decorative and useful, which makes it an original gift.

But not all people are pleased with their purchase. Some of them report that the Wallet Buckle does not function as claimed by the manufacturer. It is also a very costly product. It can cost between fifty to a hundred dollars, which is a high price taking into account the cheap materials used for manufacturing the product. Still, it may not suit everyone's budget. This is actually the price for some high-quality wallet. There are some warnings for you to consider before ordering the product. Take into account the thickness of your cards. According to the manufacturer, the wallet can contain five cards, but it may be impossible if some of the cards are thicker than the others. However, we are used to carrying about twenty different cards in our wallets. It can be concluded that the Wallet Buckle is too small. Let us take a look at what real users are writing about their purchase.

One guy writes in his testimonial that his attention was grabbed by the successful advertisement of Wallet Buckle. In the video, two guys stepped on stage and described the product in a very convincing way. The customer says that in reality he hates carrying a wallet because he needs to maintain mobility while going to a show or doing work. He has broken a lot of money clips, and it is not uncommon for him to smash his credit cards, driver's license, and cash into a traditional black binder clip and just go with that. So, the man ordered the wallet. The product turned out to be what is expected: you can store your cards and ID. The opening on the left side of the wallet has a taper forming tension, so the cards won't fall out. Each wallet can hold four cards at a time (not five, as claimed by the manufacturer). Even if you put there only two or three cards, they won't fall out while you are shaking or dancing. But still the product is not worth the money it costs, according to the customer. He says that the wallets can hold only up to four cards, which is a too small number for a modern person. So, you will still need another wallet to store the rest of cards in. It may be handy for some people but not for everyone. The product itself is made from cheap materials. It is high time to read actual customers' reviews about Wallet Buckle.

"My Wallet Buckle arrived broken and I felt extremely disappointed with my purchase. I called the customer service immediately and returned the product. A friend of mine ordered this kind of wallet too, but he decided to send it back too late and did not receive his money back. Be careful with the return policy."

"WalletBuckle is an unusual belt buckle that needs to be attached to your belt. My complaint is that the sticker chipped off after about two weeks of using it. I contacted the company and they wanted me to ship it to them. I had to pay $25 for re-adhering the sticker. I didn't think that an adhesion process would cost me that much. I decided not to spend half the cost of the wallet on a sticker! I can live with the brushed."

"I ordered Wallet buckle about a month ago and in two weeks I received my order. To tell you the truth, I was not pleased with the product. I didn't find it convenient. It is too thick and had no retention method to keep things in. so, I had to jam it full to avoid the stuff from falling out. I cannot recommend this product to anyone."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, I cannot say that the Wallet Buckle is a worthy product. It will not save your time or money. The wallet is made from much cheaper materials than it costs, according to many customers' reviews. It allows the owner to hold only four access credit and identity cards at a time. It is not sufficient for many customers. You will still need to carry another wallet or purse with you. With all this in mind, I will give you a wise advice. Do not buy Wallet Buckle. There are many alternatives available on the market today. Some of them are better and have lower prices.

Where To Buy Wallet Buckle In Stores?

The product can be ordered from the official website of the company where you can find about 100 designs, ranging from $49.95 to $94.95. There are many wallets for both men and women, so you are promised to find something that will fit your taste and style. Official website sells a wallet with Rustic American Flag for $49.95. This is one of the most popular designs at present!